MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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Shots fired, kicks and punches came out of nowhere and everyone was screaming. Everyone was in disarray and only the flashes of gunshots can give them a momentary vision of what's really happening.

"Hey stop shooting your hurting your guest!"

"I was aiming for Gantes!"

"You obviously did that on purpose!"

"Shut up!"

Bang! Bang! Bang!~

It quickly escalated to a gun feast as continues flash of gun flares illuminated the place. But every time they shoot, another one would get hurt or worse.

Gantes was very quick to respond and dodge their bullets making them commit numerous friendly fires. His erratic but quick agility made it even more difficult to catch him. He showed no mercy to everyone.

"Gantes stop! I am commanding you!" Jaguar tried to use his authority as a so-called father but the next thing he got was a choke to his neck. Seeing that Gantes did not listen to him, he pulled his gun and aimed it at Gantes's head.


Gantes dodged the bullet as it passed just beside his left eye. It left with a scratch about two inches long on his left side of his eyes. Gantes grabbed Jagua by the neck and released all his rage with brutal punches. With a scream full of hatred and pain, Jagua's life was ended by his own "creation".

The sound of pounding and agony can be heard across the room. A few minutes later, everything was shrouded in darkness and silence. An occasional groaning can be heard as well from dying men.

The gunshots rang too loud and it caught the attention of the residents nearby. It did not take long for the armed police authorities to come and surrounded the whole place.

The next day, shocking news of a mass massacre of two drug cartels brought shock to the community. Police reported that only one young man was able to survive their suspected "bloody conflict" between two drug lords who are both found dead together with their respective gang members. The presence of a dead body of the missing police named Ricardo Dalisay became a hot topic as well.

The only survivor who was a minor claimed that he was responsible for all the killings but the police suspected him to have hallucinated due to drugs and may have been lucky to have survived such brutal battle.

The news became a hot media topic for many months. Gantes, the only survivor had undergone rehabilitation and community service for two years for all his reported violations. No one believed regarding his claims of killing everyone. He decided to devote his life to realize his promise to Mr. Ricardo before he died - to start a normal life, get educated and stay out of trouble.

After three years of rehabilitation and self-study, Gantes was able to start a new life as a student thanks to Mr. Ricardo's contacts and help from the government programs to drug addicts. but due to his years of experience stealing and beating people, he struggled to remove such habits.

Gantes finished high school with great struggle. Seeing his bad records, college schools inside the city did not favor for his enrollment. He decided to leave the city and found himself finally accepted in a small community college in Bantayan Island.

Apparently, for some unknown reason, the school president approved his college application despite knowing his background. It made Gantes curious but the president declined to give him any explanation. He was only told that he deserves a chance.


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