MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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The alarm sound that signifies session ending echoed across the room. Gantes snapped out from his recollection of his past. He looked at the students that are standing up from their chairs and walked out cheerfully with the other classmates.

Gantes remained in his seat. He took a deep breath and gave another deep look to his surroundings. it was already eleven o'clock in the morning and everyone is walking out towards the cafeteria while some students remained in the room and started opening their lunchboxes in excitement.

Gantes was inspired by the life of Mr. Ricardo that he took criminology as his course in hope to become a police someday and have the opportunity to help a lot of street children or help those youths who are struggling with drugs.

The ray of light that passes from the windows brought a peaceful feeling to Gantes. He is wearing a white uniform that made him look completely normal despite the body tattoos seeping out of his sleeves.

He went out of the room to find something to eat outside since he could not afford the food offered in the cafeteria. He is looking for something cheaper as he doesn't have enough big budget for foods.

Aside from his struggle from his unintended snatching of phones caused by his years of experience in the street, his enormous appetite would cost him his monthly allowance to shrink just barely enough for a week.

Because of this, Gantes is desperate to find a part-time job to support himself. Just when he was about to out, he noticed the shining blue star in the sky.

He is very curious if that star that is clearly visible in the sky even in the morning is actually a new planet or something since he just started seeing it around three months ago. He has asked numerous people about it but he only got answers like 'Stop doing drugs' or ' You're just hallucinating'.

For Gantes, this bright blue star shining above is a sign that Mr. Ricardo is watching over him. He missed that person who actually brought an unexpected change in his life. That is why he would talk to the blue star pretending that it was Mr. Ricardo - his only family and friend.

Gantes was walking towards the school gate when he heard a lot of girls screaming in excitement. He saw that a lot of people are making a great commotion at the school's bulletin board. Apparently, someone famous was standing at the center of the crowd.

Gantes could see that it was the world famous Sepak Takraw player named Santi who actually enrolled in the school.

Gantes have obviously heard a lot about this Sepak Takraw prodigy as he was always been the source of every girl's gossip in the school. Gantes could not help but hear about how rich, cool and, famous this guy is that would leave a lot of girls excited.

Gantes envied this kind of people. They are rich, famous and has a lot of friends. He could not help but look above at the blue star. Right now, he only has this bright blue star as his 'friend'.

While staring above, an unfamiliar voice came beside him.

"Excuse me. Is the sun looking too beautiful today?" The unfamiliar voice came from the handsome young man named Santi. He has a very confident smile and stood proudly before Gantes.

(See chapter 47)


Later that time, Gantes have actually got into a little trouble and even unintentionally stolen another phone. Realizing that his usual habits are at it again, he immediately threw the stolen phone in the trashcan despite its expensive brand.

Gantes wanted to live normally and vowed not to commit any sort of crime especially stealing which he used to do a lot when he lived in the city.

Apparently, he was too ashamed to return the phone he stole so he just decided to throw it to the trashcan and let the thrash collector have it instead.
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    《MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners》