MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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Early morning next day, Chiko and Yang came to the school early to attend the athletic tryouts for Sepak Takraw. They both have excited expressions in their faces.

The atmosphere was still a bit cold and chilly when Yang and Chiko came. Yang wore blue sports attire with white rubber shoes and a blue bandana to protect his well-maintained hair while Chiko wore his usual white t-shirt covered by his red jacket, black short pants, and a heavy looking pair of black combat shoes. Chiko's eyes constantly scanned his surroundings as it is his first time to join such an event.

Despite the schedule of the tryouts being too early, there are already more than thirty people standing in line awaiting their turn for the tryouts.

Chiko glanced towards the front and found Mr. Gila and Mr. Ulysis conducting an initial screening to the aspiring athletes that would represent the school in sepak takraw events. Apparently, a lot of these players have actually experienced playing sepak takraw since they were in elementary while some of them even have experienced playing in provincial and national meets.

Scanning the players standing before them, Chiko could not help but gape to the players intimidating athletic bodies and domineering auras. Obviously, the incredibly high standards of players that wanted to join this school's team have something to do with the presence of a sepak takraw superstar - Santi.

While some players are busy stretching their bodies with full split and overhead bending, others are showing off their original converse shoes and their other expensive sportswear.

The quality of the players applying this time proves only that the bar has taken an extraordinary standard and this made Chiko got even more nervous while Yang could only fall in a daze with the expensive brands these players were wearing.

Seeing the two standing in envy with their body and sportswear they're wearing, these players raised their head in pride and even scoffed back at Chiko and Yang.

Mr. Gila noticed Chiko standing together with Yang and immediately waved at them. Seeing the organizer waiving at them, Chiko quickly pulled Yang with him to the front. The players standing before them were murmuring in the unexpected treatment of the two while others started grumbling.

"Where is your third member?" Mr. Gila asked.

"A third member?" Chiko asked in confusion.

"Aren't we supposed to be tested individually?" Yang also asked.

"Sepak takraw is not just about yourself, its also about working together with your team. Considering the huge numbers of a team that wanted to do the tryouts, I am afraid we have to test you not by individuals but by teams. Therefore having at least three members is a requirement for this tryout. If your team can outperform the other teams on the test match later, that will decide your fate. Your individual skills will be assessed later on since they can be trained easily."

"But we do not have a third member and we did not know we actually need a third one," Chiko said.

"You can try asking some players around. Find ways. That's a simple problem. Get one from the cafeteria if you have to. You can only register and do the tryouts in a team composed of three players. Now if you excuse me, next!" Mr. Gila called on the new teams in line for registration.

Chiko and Yang left the organizer's table hurriedly and started inviting players nearby in the area.


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