MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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"You guys are good players but I am afraid I already have a team with me so I am sorry"

"Piss off,"

"Unless you are Santi, I am not joining your team."

"No thanks."

"You are good but my team will beat you."

"You guys are obviously newbies in this game. I can also do the hard spikes you did and even better!"

Chiko and Yang have tried their best inviting players into their team but no one wanted to join their team.

A lot of them actually belittled their inexperiences while other players are too proud to admit their skills are inferior to Chiko and Yang's performance in their last match. While some players refused to leave their premade teams.

"What are we gonna do Yang? No one wanted to join our team!" Chiko asked Yang in worry. It is very important for him to get the athletic scholarship offered by the school mainly because of the monthly allowances that he can save while Yang just wanted to really experience playing sepak takraw in the official stage and not just playing alone in the woods hidden from people.

Yang longed to play with real pros in a bigger stage and be recognized as one of the best sepak takraw players in the world. An experience that an aswang like him could only dream of. Despite his hidden curse of Aswang in his life, Yang believed that it does not matter as long as he keeps it well hidden and get to enjoy his favorite game according to his heart and passion.

Chiko, on the other hand, is also motivated to get the spot as it is his first step to fulfilling his promise to reaching the international stage and get to know his real father according to his deal with Lolong.

"We should not give up. This is just the easy part, let's go find in other places!" Yang decided to cheer Chiko up and walked together out of the registration area when Santi walked in blocking their way.

"Here you are boys, I have been waiting for you!" Santi said loudly and confidently while walking towards Chiko and Yang. He was wearing a black sleeveless shirt and black stretchable short pants and red original Nanyang shoes.

The combination of black clothes and the red shoes and the domineering presence of Santi made a lot of players stare in envy and respect. Gerald also walked beside him wearing his black sportswear and white Nanyang shoes. It seems like Santi is also interested in the tryouts of the new players.

Seeing Santi and recalling his unforgettable encounter and the belittling stare of the latter, Chiko immediately walked in a different direction to avoid Santi while Yang was rotted in the ground and little confused.

Yang stood before Santi and pointed in himself with the right arm.

"Yo-You have been waiting for me?" Yang asked nervously. Before him is the so-called Legend of the Four Corners. Santi, the legendary undefeated champion of sepak takraw that can even take down a whole regu alone!

But today, the man whom he could only look in respect from the distance actually took the first move to invite him?

"Indeed, I am here to invite you and to be more specific, both you and that farm boy that was with you a while ago. Why is he avoiding me anyway?" Santi asked.

Everyone around had their mouths open unable to believe what was actually happening. It was every sepak takraw players dream to be recruited by Santi the legend of the Four Corners! But these two newbies actually got this huge opportunity to play with the legendary Santi!

Not to mention, one of them actually deliberately avoided Santi! Has that farm boy gone mad?


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