MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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"I do not understand. You actually want me to join your team?" Yang wanted to be sure of what he just heard.

"Santi do not have to repeat what he said." Gerald immediately spoke.

He does not like the slow and confused look in Yang's face. He obviously knows how big opportunity it actually is to be chosen to become a team member of Santi.

The confused look on Yang's face and that farm boy that actually avoided Santi immediately has actually started pulling his little patience.

Yang stood on the spot pinching himself. A great opportunity to play with Santi is actually just before him right now! However, suddenly recalled that it was not just him who was invited but Chiko as well. However, the latter obviously avoided Santi right in the bat!

Knowing the huge event that happened a few days ago between Chiko and Santi, Yang was not surprised anymore with the latter action.

For some reason, Yang was actually impressed with Chiko's determined stand not to accept the million pesos check from Santi due to the latter's ridicule of his products even calling Chiko's balut products as stupid rotten eggs!

"Hey, Chiko! Where are you going!? Santi is actually inviting us into his team!" Yang immediately shouted to Chiko who was walking towards the exit.

"Him? No thanks." Chiko said in response.

Everyone who heard Chiko's reply almost chokes in their saliva. This farm kid actually ignored such invitation from Santi!? Has he completely lost his mind?

"Come on Chiko! It's Santi bro! We got a higher chance to be accepted if he leads our team!" Yang persuaded Chiko while Santi and Gerald have an ugly look in their face.

Someone actually dared to decline their invitation!

"Sorry Yang, maybe that is a good opportunity for you. But I do not want to do anything with an arrogant and disrespectful person. I admit he is good, but for me, one's character is far more important than skills." Chiko said as stopped to face Santi.

Gerald looked at Chiko with a mocking expression.

"You sound wise for a farm kid. Why don't you go back selling baluts?" Gerald sneered in contempt with Chiko.

Yang took a deep breath and started to think hard about his current choices.

Would he join Santi's team which would give him an opportunity and a great advantage to play in the international stage?

Or should he continue looking for a third member with his first ever friend who accepted him for who he was?

"You must be kidding me right? You are actually having a second thought in joining my team?!" Santi could not help but laugh a little with what's actually happening. A farm boy and a janitor would actually doubt the quality of his team? This is ridiculous!

"Santi, let's forget about that farm boy. I think this kid is good enough." Gerald told Santi impatiently. He hates Chiko's ignorance to the bone!

"So what do you say?" Santi asked Yang.

"I am thankful for your invitation Mr. Santi but I would like to join only on a condition that my friend could be recruited as well."

"But I am afraid that your friend is not interested," Santi told Yang.

"Then I am not joining."

Yang walked away following Chiko's direction. Him walking away have actually left countless nearby players in shocked expressions while Santi and Gerald were in disbelief! Mr. Gila and Mr. Ulysis have slight smiles in their face.

Two players have just declined Santi's offer! An offer that could change their fate forever!


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