MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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"Please bring back my money sir. I worked hard a few nights selling balut to earn that." Chiko replied while puffing a lot of air. He is finally starting to get tired after all those difficult road and this guy seems to be incredibly proficient in park-hour!

"I know, that is why you need to catch me - that is if you can!" Gantes put more speed in his legs and like a wild beast, he rolled, jumped, slide and even cartwheeled his way down on the dangerous rocks!

"Okay.." Chiko replied seriously and his eyes started scanning the area. The place has a lot of big trees and branches with occasional small hills and mounds of green covers. His eyes glinted with clarity and his footsteps started to become lighter and silent at the same time. He made a swift turn and suddenly banished from Gantes's sight like a stealth plane suddenly plunging into the white clouds and completely dissapearing in his radar!

Alarmed, Gantes decided to increase his speed further pushing himself to the fullest and choosed an even more difficult path to shake off the chasing guy but his instict is telling him its all futile. He would only be more confident if he can see his chaser but its sudden shift to silent mode gave him a hard time estimating its real position so he can make the necessary adjustments.

Gantes decided to put his trust on his guts and senses now.

Suddenly he heard bustling sound from a certain direction and Gantes immediatly and decisively shifted in its opposet direction! In the next instant, another bustling sound of moving leaves came from his front! Gantes swiftly moved to his left as it looked like a tight spot to go through. He ran away whenever he hears or see something moving from the distance thinking it was the young man trying to catch him off guard! He started to feel pressure and sweated profusely. This time his confident smile is gone and was long replaced with frown and confusion.

Gantes suddenly made a turn that later ended up actually as a dead end. His sides are completely blocked by big trees and there is no way he can climb the high rocks that is sorrounding him.

Little did he know, Chiko was actually following him silently above the big branches of the sorrounding trees like a stalking monkey thanks to his incredible body control and familiarity with the place.

He made a plan to lead Gantes into a corner instead of chasing after him. He gathered small stones and small branches patiently while observing Gantes from the distance and throwing the stones from time to time on a specific spot to give Gantes an impression that he was coming in that certain direction. An excellent illusion made by throwing small rocks and twigs to the bushes!


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