MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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Every throw of Chiko was timed in advance before Gantes made turns to eventually led him into a corner! He was actually under Chiko's control the moment the latter dissapeared from his sight!

Helpless, Gantes turned around towards where he came from only to see Chiko already standing there with a proud smile on his face.

"You do not have any more places to run. So please hand over the money. I do not want to complicate this so just please give it to me. Yang and I has still a sepak takraw tryout to attend to." Chiko said in a hurry. "Also, that money is for payment of the ball I broke, unless I paid my responsibility, I could never sleep peacefully." He added.

"You are not mad at me?" Gantes asked in confusion and Chiko just nodded in confirmation.

He was expecting the other guy to shout to him and threat him with cases or sorts of but this guy just wanted to settle this peacefully.

"I know you have reasons why you are doing this but..."

- Kurrrgghgggh

While Chiko was talking, a loud sound of a grumbling stomach from Gantes interrupted him.

Apparantly, Gantes was actually very hungry since he woke up this morning. He eats too much due to his extraordinary physic that his monthly allowance would barely suffice for his food demands for two weeks and just today, he was desperate for food but lacks the money to buy them. He was walking across the cafeteria when he saw Chiko and Yang walked pass him and Gantes's eye immediately spotted the five hundred peso bill that popped out from Chiko's wallet - immediately driving Gante's inner snatcher instict to steal it which later on ended into this chase.

"I see..." Chiko said in realization. "You could have just told me that you are hungry. I am more than willing to lend you some money know." Chiko told Gantes in a calm and respectful tone.

"But of of course with a little interest. Five percent well do." Chiko smiled creepily. His innocent smile brought a stark contrast to his seemingly unexpected business offer.

Gantes was a little embarrased by his grumbling stomach but he forced it away as he smiled to the young man before him. This man who looked poor was actually a kind and understanding man. Instead of berrating him and calling names, this person offered him his money unexpectedly instead.


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