MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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"Sepak takraw try-out? You mean that sport where you kick that yellow rattan ball? Although I do not have experience playing that but, What is it for me? Will that pay me my debt?" Gantes asked in interest.

"Don't worry, I am a newbie in this sports too but it is actually fun and exciting. As long as we do our best and train hard, we could do it too! Not just that! If we pass this try-out and get recruited by the school, we can represent the school for the regional and national sepak takraw meet while enjoying one hundred percent scholarship and a monthly allowance of five thousand pesos! Just imagine the money you can save!" Chiko's face was fully covered with anticipation and excitement.

"Five thousand pesos!?" Gantes was surprised to the amount of the allowance offered for the school athletes. He only have two thousand pesos as his monthly allowance and this scholarship and allowance would surely help him in his current predicament!

"It is really five thousand pesos!," Chiko repeated the amount in confirmation.

"That's a lot of meat!" Gantes shouted with his mouth drolling with saliva.

"Meat!?" Yang heard Gantes's shout and he could not help but picture and smell the scent of the meat. Instantly he collapsed while vomiting his guts out.


A while later, Chiko and Gantes walked out of the forest with confidence and a newfound friendship. Yang is being carried by Gantes in his shoulder effortlessly. Yang is still unconscious after the long run and an empty stomach after vomiting when Gantes mentioned the word meat to the vegetarian Aswang. Chiko also reminded Gantes of some things about him and Yang and the latter's sensitivity towards meat and his mysterious hair band.

"Welcome to the team, Gantes." Chiko said while the newfound team walkedmerrily towards the school.

"Thanks brother Chiko." Gantes has never been this happy in his life. He finally have some real friends. He looked at the blue star shining above the sky and smiled warmly.

Gantes believes that Mr. Ricardo is the blue star in the sky and is eagerly watching over him.

"Let's hurry up. The try out might have already started!" Chiko decided to speed up and his loud voice woke up Yang who is being carried lifelessly.

"Put me down..." Yang muttered weakly and Gantes put him down.

"You smell like grass." Gantes could not help but comment in Yang's scent. His sensitive nose could not carry it anymore. Yang glared at the intimidating and tall body of Gantes .

"And you smell like...." Yang could not finish his words. The man reeked of meat and he hates this smell the most.

"Hey guys! Hurry! The try out have already started!" Chiko shouted from the distance.

"Coming!" Both Yang and Gantes answered at the same time and followed after Chiko.

The three of them ran across the road full of vitality and excitement. They brought a cool and refreshing aura especially from Chiko who led them.

"Let's get that scholarship and money!" Chiko honestly exclaimed his intention while running.

"For the National meet!" Yang expressed himself as well.

"For the fluffy rice and unlimited meat!" Gantes responded and Yang immediately fell down unexpectedly.

****END OF ARC 3: The criminal's oath****
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    《MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners》