MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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"You guys are late!" Mr. Gila told Chiko as they stood before the registration table. The tryout matches have already started about an hour ago and they are only going to choose three teams out of the twenty that are interested.

"We are sorry Mr. Gila, something came up that caused our delay. This will never happen again." Chiko pleaded as bowed.

"Of course this will never happen again. You guys have already failed!" Mr. Gila retorted in a very strict manner.

"Please, give us one more chance Mr. Gila." Chiko bent closer with an innocent face. He is desperate to get one of the spot to become an athlete and fulfill his promise to reach the international stage.

Chiko is firm in regards to his deal with Lolong as a requirement to meet his father aside from earning the scholarship and monthly allowance which he also craved. He is also very confident in persuading Mr. Gila as the latter knows how important this spot for him is.

After a long stare, Mr. Gila finally gave in.

"Alright, if you are that desperate for the tryout, then you must prove your worth. Normally, to get the scholarship spot, your team must reach at least top three in overall match later but... in your case -" Mr. Gila paused for a while as a smile crept out from his face.

"In your case, you can only be accepted if you reach first place or in other words, beat every other team present. Even if you get second or third, I will not accept you!" Mr. Gila added.

Hearing his condition, Chiko and Yang's eyes almost popped out in shock. They are aware that every team that has gathered today are no more newbies. These people came from various places with experiences playing in the regional and national meet.

Not to mention, there is also Santi who is dubbed to be the legendary King of the Four Corners which is equivalent to the title as the best sepak takraw player in the world.

Behind Chiko and Yang is Gantes who remained oblivious to the trouble their team is facing. He was busy watching the game in curiosity while poking his nose. It did not take long for his eyes to shine in amazement as he watched the players in the court fighting an intense match. He was absorbed by the flexible and powerful spikes done by the players.

"If you are afraid that you will face Santi, then fret not because he is never interested in joining our school. He has his own agenda and if I am not wrong, he might be scouting for potential players who would join him in his own team to play internationally." Mr. Gila said and hearing this, all the players nearby had surprised and joyful expressions. This only means that Santi is not here to stay long but actually here to scout for potential members!

In other words, this is their only opportunity to show off their skills in front of him in the hope of getting his invitation which the idiotic janitor and balut vendor swiftly declined! Everyone had an even more determined expression in their faces.

"I am interested to become a school athlete. Not to become his teammate. I actually do not like his attitude." Chiko said straightforwardly and it left the surrounding players to look at him in hostility. They felt like Chiko's words is a blatant disrespect for Santi's title as the number one sepak takraw player!

Chiko did not know, but his casual remark regarding Santi has actually sparked more hate from these players and it is actually because of these words that they are more than willing to crush Chiko and his team desperately!


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