MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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Yang and Gantes noticed the fiery gazed towards their direction and knew instantly that they are in trouble. They looked at the complacent look of Chiko and murmured to themselves.

"This Chiko is too honest that sometimes he is too honest to a fault!" Yang and Gantes knew Santi's achievement as the so-called number one and undefeated sepak takraw player of the world. It was exactly because of these titles that almost everyone in this place his dying to be recruited into his team! But this Chiko straight up spoke against Santi casually in front of them!

"Alright. Now, fill in these information sheets first and wait. You are in for a tough ride so prepare yourself. The current match is about to end. If you are ready, start warming up cause you will be playing next! " Mr. Gila said while he started passing papers to Chiko, Gantes, and Yan.

Chiko's team will be playing within a few minutes so they hurriedly started writing down their personal details in the information sheet. After finishing the required papers, they went on the side of the middle court to warm up as instructed.

"Gantes, you played this game before right?" Chiko asked Gantes who is still wearing his black long pants and a blue school uniform.

"No, I haven't. What's this game called again?" Gantes immediately replied. Yang facepalmed after realizing that he will be teamed up with a bunch of newbies.

"It's sepak takraw! It is like volleyball but using your feet!" Chiko said cheerfully.

"What is volleyball?" Gantes asked as Yang on the other hand facepalmed again with a look of helplessness written all over his face. He could not help it anymore but to explain to the newbies the mechanics of the game.

It took quite a while and Yang finished explaining the rules of the game to both Gantes and Chiko as the latter listened to him attentively.

Chiko immersed himself as he listened to the rules and mechanics from Yang that he did not know actually exists.

Yang have always dreamt to become a proffesional sepak takraw player so he was very profescient in terms and rules of the said sport. Not to mention, Yang loved the game so much that he have been secretly practicing the spikes alone for how many years already. If not for his secret curse of Aswang, he would have shown his talent in sepak takraw long ago!

"I see. No touching of hands, no going over the net, kicking more than three is foul and.." Chiko murmured while he memorized the rules. While Gantes appeared to be absent minded as he nodded to everything being told which made Yang frown in helplessness.

"What do I expect from this troublesome guy?" Yang shook his head in dissapointment to Gantes.

The current match has finally ended. The referree declared the score and the winner was officially declared. Then, the two teams shook hands and left the court full of sweat.

The referree approached Chiko and asked.

"Are you the next team to play?"

"Yes sir, we are!" Chiko responed with respect and promptiness. A mixed feeling of nervousness and excitement boiled within him.

This is it! His chance to get that scholarship and his first step to his mission!

Yang and Gantes also came closer behind Chiko. Yang had a look full of seriousness and determination in contrary to Gantes who looked nonchalant with eyes still locked to the player executing spikes just beside their court.

Yang came closer to Gantes and asked.

"Did you remember anything I said a while ago about the rules of the game?"

"What rules?- Wow! Did you see that move just now!?" Gantes shouted enthusiastically as he pointed to the player that executed another spike. Yang closed his eyes in prayer for their team's performance. He have a bad feeling about this.

"I dont know about those rules. But these game looks fun!" Gantes immediately added.


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