MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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Yang and Sawsaw came towards the referee to do the usual coin toss. Yang was able to decide to guess the coin flip and decide to serve first while the other team was given the priority to choose their side of the game court.

The match is about to start and the linemen stood in their respective positions. They are responsible for calling line faults or out of bound balls. The referee is perched atop a tall bench in the outside the middle of the court with a clear view of the area. This way, the referee would be able to closely monitor any faults made by the players.

Yang stood on the service circle as the Tekong which is responsible for serving the ball over towards the opposing court he wore a red armband which represents him as the official team captain. From this moment on, Yang will temporarily represent their team with his name - Team Yang.

Chiko stood inside his respective quarter circle and so is Gantes. While Chiko looked excited, Gantes still have the curious look in his face and Yang, on the other hand, has the most serious expression.

Their opposing team still have the air of confidence written all over them. They have done a casual warm up a while ago and their body exuded faint steam.

The official match will be played in two sets. The winner is decided with a team reaching the winning point of fifteen points with a minimum lead of two points against their opposing team. If the score is tied at fourteen - fourteen, the match will be announced as 'Deuce' and the play will continue to a ceiling point of seventeen.

The referee handed the ball to Gantes who will be responsible for throwing the ball to Yang. It was the first time Gantes held the sepak takraw ball. It weighs around 170 grams with a circumference not less than 42 centimeters.

He took a closer look at the ball's smooth surface and found that it was made of one woven layer of synthetic fiber with twelve holes and twenty intersections. Gantes even smelt the ball like a baby holding a new toy. His innocent and cute movement presents quite a stark contrast with his intimidating look.

Chiko just looked at him while smiling. Yang, on the other hand, felt the pressure started heaving down on him considering that they have to aim for the first place or lose this opportunity to become an official athlete which he dreamed of.

The area surrounding the court is packed by students and athletes interested to watch the match of the newbies against a team on a regional level. A lot of them has actually assumed the impending defeat of Yang's team. Santi, on the other hand, found a comfortable chair to watch the match as well. His eyes gleamed with sharpness and authority.

Santi despised Yang, Gantes and especially Chiko whom he believed are foolish enough failing to know the difference between heaven and earth. He too shook his head in anticipation of their defeat against the regional level players led by Sawsaw. His eyes burned in rage just thinking of that time when they straightforwardly declined his generous offer to join his team!

The other four teams currently playing beside them have noticed them as well and the player could not help but laugh after seeing the unusual team of Chiko, Gantes, and Yang.

A school janitor, a balut vendor, and a drug-addicted looking guy actually wanted to try their luck in sepak takraw!

"Team Yang versus Team Sawsaw. Team Yang to serve, first set, love all!" The referee declared Yang's team to officially start the serve while "love all" means zero for both teams.
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    《MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners》