MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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Gantes knew what to do after observing the players a while ago. Yang raised his hand on the level of his waist signaling Gantes that he is planning to take it easy first and Gantes knew that he must throw the ball aiming his hand.

"Remember, not a single score to this noobs!" Sawsaw shouted to his team and he bent his body in preparation for the incoming serve.

"Crush the noobs!" Miko and Daryn exclaimed together.


Gantes threw the ball smoothly towards Yang, however, his aim was too bad and he failed to control his strength. The ball was too high and went towards Yang's upper left side instead of his right side!

"hahaha! The throw is bad! It's over already!"

"That dopehead does not know how to feed!"

The crowd laughed at Gante's undeniably bad feed and the latter scratched his head in embarrassment.

"Sorry about that," Gantes said.

"Adjust!" Chiko immediately shouted after realizing the bad direction of the ball. Yang immediately nodded in response and shifted from a simple inside kick serve to an overhead spike serve!


Yang showed his incredible adaptability and flexibility as his body stretched into an unnatural position without lifting his other foot from the ground or going outside the service circle to avoid a fault. He performed an overwhelming spike serve despite the disadvantageous feed from Gantes! His years of practice and hard work has finally paid off!

The ball went over the net and landed in the opposing team's court in a breeze. Sawsaw, Miko and Daryn did not expect Yang's incredible adaptability. Wasn't he a noob as well? How come he performs like a pro?

"Score! One - Zero!" The referee confirmed the point.

"Yaaaahhh!" Chiko and Yang shouted in unison after hearing the score while Gantes was a little delayed before realizing they actually scored despite his bad throw!

meanwhile, Sawsaw, Miko and Daryn have grave expressions. They failed to react in time since they underestimated Yang's ability! They even proudly proclaimed not to give their newbie opponent a single point!

Santi was surprised to see Yang's ability to readjust to the changes in the direction of the ball. Only those who have prior experience in the actual game have the ability to comply that fast. Not to mention, the complicated angle he was able to recover the ball from!

Santi's fist tightened. Yang has shown an enormous potential that he has exactly been looking for. He must find a way to get him to his team. He looked at Gerald who is standing beside him and told him.

"Gerald, prepare yourself. We will play after them."

"Finally. I get to teach these little kids what sepak takraw actually is." Gerald gleamed in excitement.


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