MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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After a short cheering celebration, Yang, Chiko, and Gantes prepared for their second serve. Their opponent wore serious expressions not daring to underestimate them anymore. They have just lost their face because of their cocky declaration a while ago.

The referee threw the ball at Gantes and gave him the go signal.

Gantes inhaled deeply. His throw is crucial for the possibility of their score. Considering this is his first time playing an official game, he could not help but get nervous inside despite his blank face. With a slow exhale, Gantes threw the ball towards Yang.

This time, Yang is fully prepared for any surprise that Gantes may cause. Luckily, Gantes was able to throw the ball towards his preferred height and spot.

"Get ready!" Sawsaw shouted and both his members nodded in response. Their eyes glued to the ball.

Yang sent the ball with a simple inside kick. With his prior experience and practice, he was able to send the ball towards the left side of the opposing team's Tekong.

"Easypissy~" Sawsaw commented as he received the ball with another inside kick using his left foot and tossed the ball using his right foot towards Miko for a kill.

Yang's serve wasn't like any powerful spike serve. It was aimed to reveal the opponent's familiarity in using the left and right foot coordination. Chiko also noticed Yang's probing action and understood his intention.

Seeing that Sawsaw was able to receive the ball without any complications in using both his foot, Yang confirmed that the man has been trained well.

The ball was tossed high right in front of Miko. Chiko moved before him preparing for a block.

Miko vaulted towards the ball while facing the net with his back.

"It's a horse kick!" Yang shouted immediately to give Chiko a clue of his next action.

Miko is high up in the air and kicked the ball with an overhead kick while facing the net with his back. Chiko responded with a jump and raised his leg to block the attack.


Everyone was shocked after seeing the ball in Gante's hand. Miko's kick wasn't aimed at Chiko's side but at Gante's face who was just standing placidly in the left corner. Gantes reacted by catching the ball with his hand. His face was fuming in anger.

"Foul! One point for Team Sawsaw!" The referee shouted.

Miko sneered after Gante's action and huddled with his team for a quick celebration.

"You bastard! You want a -!" Yang suddenly covered Gante's who is about to charge at Miko.

Obviously, Yang knew that they are aiming for Gante's inexperience who is obviously their weak spot at the moment. They knew that Chiko has an extraordinary reaction and decided to exploit the blank looking-dopehead Gantes.

"Don't stop me!" Gantes is mad. They are obviously aiming for his face provoking his inner-street-fighting-instinct.


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