MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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"Stop it. This is just a game!" Yang said calmly.


"We are here to play and not to fight. If you want to get back to them, let's win this fight using the takraw ball and not by the fist. Gantes, you need to remember that we are not allowed to use our hand in this sport." Chiko reminded Gantes.

Gantes looked at his fist and closed his eyes. He is trying his best to control his hot temper. He remembered his promise to Mr. Ricardo.

"No more fighting..." Gantes whispered to himself and inhaled deeply. The next moment, he opened his eyes and the rage in his eyes has dissapeared.

"Remember, why we are fighting Gantes," Chiko told Gantes.

"That's right! I am fighting for the meat and unlimited rice in Mang Inasal!" Gantes thought to himself with a watery mouth.

"Yaaah that's the spirit!" Chiko added.

Yang, Chiko, and Gantes huddled together and bumped each other's fist.

"Fight!" The three of them shouted together then moved to their respective circles.

Gante's held the ball with calmness in his eyes. Their opposing team has a wide grin in their faces and eyes locked to Gantes. Obviously, they have plans to capitalize on Gante's inexperience.

Gantes also knew his disadvantage and is thinking deeply in preparation for his next action.

Yang's eyes turned serious again. This is his third and last serve on their turn before the service changes on the opponent's side.

It is part of the rule that each team gets to serve three times despite the team that got the point except only during the game point which is the last three points of the game; any team that gets the score also gets the opportunity to do the serve.

Yang's hand suddenly rose. Gantes was taken in surprise. Yang wanted him to throw the ball high over his head. It seems the Yang is planning for a spike serve!

Sawsaw, Miko, and Daryn immediately turned serious. Their mocking look suddenly dissapeared after recalling the fast spike serves of Yang.

Gantes threw the ball toward's Yang mildly. He needs to be carefull in not putting too much strength in his toss. Yang knew that Gante's is strugling in his feed and that he needs to make any necessary adjustments if he can.

However, after two failed feed, Gantes was finally able to aim properly and Yang was able to execute a flawless overhead spike serve!


The ball met Yang's foot and created a crisp bouncing sound before passing over the net in a zoom.

"Daryn!" Sawsaw saw the incoming ball and immediately called Daryn's attention to intercept the ball.

"Got it!" Daryn checked the ball up and Sawsaw received it back with another toss toward's Miko.

Miko immediately adjusted himself and lunged toward's the ball up high. This time, he is going to execute a horse kick a few inches higher than before but before he could finish his kick, a sudden shadow covered him.

Miko was surprised to see Gantes's head facing him straight. A smile crept in Miko's face as he continued his horse kick spike. He aimed his kick toward's Gante's face!


The ball landed straight under Miko's foot. Apparently, Gantes blocked the spike with his head!

The sound it made was similar to a ball hitting a metal wall as Gante's head butt was too forceful!

"I may not know how to use my feet and do those fancy kick of yours. But I do know how to use my head in knocking people out!" Gantes shouted as he landed to the ground.

Sawsaw and his team were flabbergasted to Gante's headbutt. They have never seen such kind of counter. A powerfull spike being met with a head!
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    《MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners》