MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
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MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners
Author :iamnaz7
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Everyone was surprised with Gantes's counter attack. Who could have thought that he would be able to block such powerful spike using his head! It took more than just courage to counter a spike ahead with his head, one must also possess a thick skull and overwhelming balls of steel!

"Gantes are you okay?" Chiko asked worriedly. He was afraid that Gantes has sustained any head injuries of any sort. What Gantes did was something out of his expectation since it was too dangerous and only very few people would go to such risk just to defend from a spike.

But Gantes showed no hesitation. Rather, he looked very casual with his "Heading".

"It was just a headbutt. No problem. He was aiming at my head and so I figured to just hit it with my head back instead ." Gantes said as he casually swiped his hair and repositioned himself.

Chiko looked at Gantes's forehead and not a single wound nor scratch can be seen! What a thick skull this guy has!

However, little did they knew, Gantes have cracked more skull in the street fights than they can ever imagine before he became a student. With his uncounted years of gang fights even fighting with people bigger than him proved to be futile against Gantes's extraordinary physic.

"That noob is crazy!"

"I know right!? How thick can his skull be!?"

The people in that had gathered in the surroundings commented.

"Score, one-two in favor of team Yang. Serve Change!" The referee declared and Sawsaw's team eagerly accepted the ball in their side. They wanted to get back to Yang's team and it is finally time for them to serve.

"I will show you how it's done!" Sawsaw affirmed himself as he stood proudly in the middle of the service circle. Next, he nodded at Daryn who is their team bowler or feeder.

Sawsaw did not raise his hand or gave any sign of how Daryn is gonna serve. He is pretty confident the latter already knows his preference. After all, they have been a team and fought together for a long time. Without raising his hand or saying a word, Daryn tossed the ball high toward's Sawsaw - their team Tekong and is responsible for the team serves.

"Eat this noob!" Sawsaw shouted as he executed a forceful yet elegant spike serve at the start! He is not planning to make his serve too easy for this new team. He wanted to crush his opponent badly and he decided to give his best in every spike!


The yellow synthetic fiber ball whizzed across the court in an almost straight line.

However, contrary to everyone's expectation, the ball did not follow its usual route towards Gantes but to Chiko instead!

Chiko was prepared and was about to receive the ball using his right knee when the ball made a sudden curve towards his left side. The sudden turn made Chiko unable to receive the ball properly and it went straight to his groin.

"Ouhf!!-" Chiko slumped in the floor. The ball was too fast and strong and hitting such a vital spot for men made Chiko fall on his knees in agony.


"What an idiot! Ahaha~"

"And here he thought he has what it takes to face a real pro! Now you get what you deserve!"

"He broke his Balut! Waaaaahahaha!~ "

The spectator laughed at Chiko as he clenched his fist and kneeled in agony. The look in his face when the ball pushed in between his legs was too funny and painful to look at the same time.

"Chiko!" Yang immediately came to comfort Chiko while Gantes glared at Sawsaw with a burning face.

"Hmp~ Too weak!" Sawsaw raised his head while sneering at Chiko.
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    《MADTAKS : Legend of the Four Corners》