Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
-2 Prologue Il keep it shor
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Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
Author :Kyoryuu
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-2 Prologue Il keep it shor

In the middle of the street walks a young man with groceries in his hands. There is fish, beef, pork, chicken, rabbit and more beef. Well it looks like the man likes meat a lot!

That young man is Jack Halton, a hardcore pokémon fan. His favourite pokémon is Dialga, why? I too am not sure, but probably because it's blue, grey and stands on four legs.

(Jack's pov)

''Sigh~ an another boring day, what is there in life to do? I mean it's a cycle. We wake up, eat breakfast, go to work, be late and get scolded by your boss, go home and eat diner, sleep and repeat that!''

''Actually, who am I talking to? Who cares, the only fun thing in my life is pokémon but that too is messed up due sun and moon''

''That face! Look at ash's face! That is totally messed up! Bah, why did they do that to him!''

''Sigh~ but an unimportant figure such as me can't do anything about it. Well anyway it's still better than work.''

''Really if I get a wish then I wish that I die a painless death and get reincarnated as my favourite pokémon but the chance of dying a painless death is almost zero unless I suicide but of course I don't have the courage to do so! I mean everyone fears death right?''

(3rd person pov)

Jack soon noticed that a lot of people around him gave him weird looks, upon noticing that he got embarrased and hurried home.

But when he almost got home he noticed a black dot above him, looking closely he thought it was a flea but when some seconds passed the black dot got bigger and bigger.

Soon something came in his mind. 'It's a flea, no it's a plane nope it's a bird!'

Seeing that the black dot is merely a bird he just ignored it but the bird suddenly flapped it's wings again and dived faster at Jackson, hitting him on his head and he died..


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