Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
1 I am a freaking pokémon!
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Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
Author :Kyoryuu
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1 I am a freaking pokémon!

In a vast forest, far away of civilization lies a blue grey beast. A blue orb on it's chest surrounded with grey metal like plate armor. A metal railing thingy on it's back and some metal on it's legs and head.

''Ah... What happened?'' That beast is exactly Jack who died due a bird. Jack was trying to scratch is head but realized that his hand is gone and he is unable to scratch his head.

''What the heck happened to my arms? Where are my human feet? Why does my feet look like dialga's feet? And why am I here in an unknown green forest?'' Nobody answered him.

''Why did I expect someone to answer my questions?''

''Okay, calm down. Why am I here? Probably someone is playing a prank on me but why do I look like dialga?'' Said jack while inspecting his body. ''So logically human technology isn't that advanced to do this. So at least no human did this to me. Maybe an alien? Okay scrap that''

''Okay I won't get anywhere with these questions. So did I die? Bu-''

''No way right? Did I die by that damn bird?''

''Damnit! I probably, no most likely I died by that damn stupid blind bird!!!''

''you gotta be kidding me right? How pathetic! I died by a bird!''

''At least let a plane crash on me!''

Realizing that he died by a bird, to be precise a dove, Jack cursed for 10 minutes straight.

Calming his mind again he inspect his grey, blue body again.

''So I really am Dialga? Did god grant my wish? Well I don't really care about that but what am I supposed to do? Is there a status thingy? hm? Most of the MCs in novels says 'status in their mind''



Name: Jack Halton

Race: Dialga

Cultivation: None

Level: 1

Hit Points (HP): 100%


Roar of time

Steel claws

Ancient power

Dragon breath


''Ohh! There is a status! But don't tell me I only have these four moves? Ah whatever I figure it out later in the future.'' ''Let's see is there an inventory?'' 'Inventory'




''Okay there is and it even says that I don't have anything. Although these things looks different from the actual pokémon game it's good enough for me.''

Jackson stands up and was prepared to walk around but he remembered something very important!

'STATUS!' Scrolling down he finally saw the thing that was bugging him.

[Cultivation: None]

''No no no, no way right? Am I reincarnated into a cultivation world? hahaha! Okay jackson calm down, calm down! There isn't any beast near you that has probably higher cultivation than you and wants to eat your handsome ass... Wait did I jyn-''


''Ah fuck me!''


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