Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
3 It“s mine now!
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Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
Author :Kyoryuu
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3 It“s mine now!

[Cultivation: None > Mid mortal tier]

As Jack level upped and now has a cultivation realm he received a warm feeling and a feeling that he got stronger, much stronger.

''Ah, luckily I don't need to cultivate and only kill. I mean cultivating or just sitting cross legged gathering energy is pretty damn boring, don't you think so?''

''...'' (Nobody)

''Sigh~ Where can I find a friend with this body of mine?'' ''I probably need a shelter too''

''Ah I forgot! You probably want to know why I could kill without hesistation? Well I don't know either! Hahaha, probably because that I am dialga or just an another lifeform that doesn't mind killing?''

''...'' (Nobody)

Ignoring the silence Jack was no on a journey to find a home for himself. While walking around he also didn't forget to check his status.


Name: Jack Halton

Race: Dialga

Cultivation: Mid mortal tier

Level: 4 [400/800]

Hit Points (HP): 100%


Roar of time

Steel claws

Ancient power

Dragon breath


Statisfaction came into his mind when he saw that he no longer have any blank spots in his status.

After walking for about 30 minutes he saw a quite big cave that can probably fit tens of him. And if your curious of how big Jack is then he is about 5.4 meters high and weighs about 600 kilograms or 1500 LBs.

The cave entrance is about twice as high as Jack and about 20 meter wide.

As Jack was about to enter he sensed through his pokémon sense that there was a big enemy inside.

Suddenly a pair of dark red glowing eyes appeared.


Name: ???

Race: Thorny black python

Cultivation: Peak mortal tier


Seeing that it is a peak mortal tier, Jack immediately roared at it with an element mixed in it. Guess what? It's his skill roar of time! The strongest skill available that Jack has.

Cracks began to appear where he roared. Whenever the python touched the crack it's hide and flesh will also crack and slowly break until there is nothing left. Seeing that the unknown beast that appeared before his home and roared that deals him fatal damage, it immediately tries to escape but cracks began to appear too quickly. Behind him, in front of him, at his sides, above him and under him.

Seeing that he has no chance to escape he finally gave up and dies.

[Thorny black python killed - 800 EXP gained]

[Level: 4 > 5 (400/1600)]

Seeing the juicy experience he just got, Jack was again statisfied!

''This cave is mine now!''

The interior of the cave is ordinary... If you know how a cave looks then like that!

Just rocks and some fantasy crystals in the cave. There is even a nest made out of soft leaves in the cave that most likely served as a bed for the dead python.

As it slowly began to turn night, Jack sat on his new 'stolen' bed of soft leaves.

But he was disturbed the very next day!


Name: ???

Race: Alpha grey wolvianus

Cultivation: Early earth tier



Name: ???

Race: Grey wolvianus

Cultivation: Mid mortal tier


''Ah, here we go again'' Said Jack with a yawn.


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