Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
5 The revenge of the wolvianusess and a shop
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Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
Author :Kyoryuu
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5 The revenge of the wolvianusess and a shop


Name: ???

Race: Alpha grey wolvianus

Cultivation: Early earth tier



Name: ???

Race: Grey wolvianus

Cultivation: Mid mortal tier


''Ah, here we go again'' Said Jack with a yawn.

The wolves already surrounded Jack's cave (Home) but that doesn't make him in a disadvantage situation, opening his mouth he breathed out a flame that shot out straight in a line. The flame was dark blue with red and a tint of pink in it. Jack used the skill dragon breath killing 27 of the 50 wolves.

Seeing that more than the half of his pack died, the alpha wolf became furious and ordered his underlings to attack the unknown creature.

'Didn't you see more than half of your pack died by my breath? In one move? I thought wolves were smart but they truly think with their butt. Maybe that is why their race is named wolvianus?' Thought Jack with his, I guess logical reason.

But Jack is at least smart and used the skill dragon breath again killing 21 wolves and smashing the last one with his foot. All the wolves died except the alpha by Jack. ''But why are they attacking me? Is it because I am weaker in cultivation or is it revenge? I think revenge''

While Jack was thinking why they attacked him the alpha already pounced on Jack with shining claws. Jack was too late to react to dodge and only could he take it head on.

*Getting clawed sfx*

[Hit Points (HP) 100% > 87%]

''ROAR!'' 'Damnit that hurts!' Said Jack in his mind while swinging his tail at the alpha wolf slapping him away. Fast after his tail swing he used dragon breath again burning the wolf alive. But even after the breath the wolf lived.

'Is he made out of fire resistant fur or something?!' Seeing that the alpha wolf didn't die he ran towards the alpha wolf that was wounded he immediately used the skill steel claws, finally killing the alpha wolf.

[Grey wolvianus killed x49 - 9800 EXP gained]

[Alpha grey wolvianus killed - 1600 EXP gained]

[Total experience: 11.400 EXP] (Author: For the convenience)

[Level: 4 > 5 (11.000/1600)]

[Level: 5 > 6 (9400/3200)]

[Level: 6 > 7 (6200/6400)]

[Cultivation: Mid mortal tier > Late mortal tier]

[Host has reached level 5, Pokéshop is unlocked!]

Jack was too tired to listen to the notifications that he received and slept till tommorow evening.

When he woke up he immediately checked the shop out.



Potion (Heals 5% HP) : 1 gold coin

Super potion (Heals 15% HP) : 5 gold coins

Hyper potion (Heals 50% HP) : 30 gold coins

Max potion (Heals 100% HP) : 60 gold coins

Pokéball (Catch a beast!) : 100 gold coins

[More options available at level 15]


'Ah okay okay.... So how do I get gold coins and the pokéball is for catching beasts instead of pokémons? Like enslaving them to be my slaves/servants?' Asked Jack to himself with no expectations that someone will answer him and indeed no one answered his questions for him.


'Another one?' But Jack didn't see anything, no beasts. Searching for several minutes the sound came again but now he knows what the sound was. It was his stomach.

'i guess Ill eat the wolves, I mean it's already roasted' After saying that in his mind Jack took a bite out of the alpha wolf. 'Oh shit! This tastes like beef!' Eating his fill he once again goes to sleep.


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