Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
6 Is that a .....?
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Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
Author :Kyoryuu
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6 Is that a .....?

Several weeks passed since Jack reincarnated as Dialga in this world. To be precise 5 weeks. He killed a lot of random beasts, wolves, pythons, giant rats, panthers, cats, lions, horses and more. Although the most beasts that he encountered may look like a lion but there were differences such as two long sharp teeths with red coloured fur or something.

The beasts's cultivation tiers were mostly ranging from late mortal tier to mid earth tier. There were some lower than high mortal tier and some higher than mid earth tier. The one who Jack had a real struggle against was an early sky tier lion that had griffon-ish wings and tail.

They fought for two whole days straight where Jack almost died having 6% HP over, he was full of deep scratches and blood. Jack found out when he is low in HP his regeneration will also become slower. But killing the beast gave him a lot of EXP as he was now level 20. He didn't stop grinding but the forest he now is in, is low on strong creatures so it will take years to level up to level 100.

As Jack bid farewell to his 'stolen' cave to search for a new place or a grinding spot to get stronger

Soon he found a different forest connected to the forest where he first was. It was more lush, trees were bigger and thicker, vines were crawling all over the trees and there were more beasts to find in this forest.


[Eight tail rat killed - 1600 EXP gained]

[Level 20 > 21 (0/104.857.600)]

[Cultivation: Peak earth tier > Early sky tier]

'Hahaha! I am finally sky tier after that long grinding session!' laughed Jack in his mind.

'I forgot to check the shop!'



Potion (Heals 5% HP) : 1 gold coin

Super potion (Heals 15% HP) : 5 gold coins

Hyper potion (Heals 50% HP) : 30 gold coins

Max potion (Heals 100% HP) : 60 gold coins

Pokéball (Catch a beast!) : 100 gold coins

Great ball (Better version of Pokéball) : 200 gold coins

Ultra ball (Better version of Great ball) : 500 gold coins

Focus sash (instakill? I don't think so!) : 10.000 gold coins

Z move: Chaotic time ( A very dangerous move!) : 100.000 platinum coins

[More options available at level 25]


Seeing the expensive prices Jack wasn't really shocked. I mean it is understandable but he still doesn't know on how to get gold coins or even the newly introduced platinum coins!

As Jack was walking around and killing many early earth tier beasts just to find a new home for himself, at least that was the plan when he saw something weird.

A beast that is about the same height as him, only 0.4 meter smaller, it stands on four feet, it has black hide with white spots, horns on it's head, lizard eyes, dragon looking wings and a reptile tail.

'Isn't that a COW DRAGON???!!!'


Name: ???

Race: Cow dragon

Cultivation: Peak sky tier


'Oh, it literally says cow dragon... They really exist!' Jack was now admiring this cultivation world with more awe!

'This is a great oppertunity to test my newly acquired skill! Haha it's great that I don't need to delete one of my skills.'

Very fast strong unknown energy began to gather around Jack's mouth, green, red, yellow and orange coloured energy ball was formed. The cow dragon charged forward to strike Jack but that was a fatal step for the cow dragon as Jack fired a laser beam at the cow dragon, piercing a clean hole in the cow dragon's head to the body.

''hahaha! Hyper beam is indeed a strong skill but it gives quite a tole for my stamina, I am already tired after that, but it's still worth it''

[Cow dragon killed - 212.800 EXP gained]

[Host killed his very first dragon! + 3 levels!]

[title: Dragon slayer acquired]

[Level: 21 > 24 (212.800/1.006.632.960)]

'Oh! After level 24, the experience will now be multiplied by 1.5x instead 2x! That is great news, at least for me.' Said Jack in his mind happily.

'But what does the title even do? Is it just for decoration?'

[Dragon slayer: Deals 20% more damage against beasts with dragon's bloodlines]

'Somebody finally answered me!' 'Ooh, the title is pretty great!'

'Thank you cow dragon, you did great for the world (For me). You can now rest in peace'

'In my stomach then'

Jack ate the cow dragon that had the taste of premium steak even though he never had premium steak in his previous life as he never had the spare money to buy it. But in this world as long he is strong enough he can have everything!

As he was statisfied he walked to a cave that has giant crystals in it that illuminates the cave. No beasts so Jack claimed it as his home.


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