Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
7 Encounter with humans
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Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
Author :Kyoryuu
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7 Encounter with humans

Miles away of Jack's location but still the same forest were four humans walking towards the deeper part of the forest. three boys and one girl.

''Hey, let's not go any deeper, what if we encounter a sky tier beast? We will die!'' Said one of the three boys.

''Stop whining! How many times did you tell us that Leroy? We won't encounter one and even if we do we are all late earth tier and my big brother is peak earth tier, so we just need to work together to kill it!'' Said one of the remaining mysterious boys.

''No, I think Ill agree with Leroy, what if we encounter a stronger beast than an early sky tier? What then? We die!'' Said the only girl.

''Don't worry Charlotte, I, Peter will protect you!'' said the oldest of the three boys. But Charlotte just rolled her eyes at him who tried to protect and flirt with her. 'When is he gonna stop? I will never fall in love with this piece of shit' thought Charlotte.

But the rolling eyes didn't escape Peter's eyes as he was filled with determination to make Charlotte his woman. He is gonna show Charlotte that he has the strength to court her. Even though Peter can just choose any woman that he wants but he can't force Charlotte because Charlotte comes from a bigger clan that he can't offend otherwise he's dead.

They continued walking through the forest only finding early to mid earth tier beasts.

'With these weak beasts I can't show my strength!' Cursed Peter in his mind.

But soon Peter found quite big cave with valuable crystals within, although the trip in the forest turned out to be disappointing at least he found some valuable crystals and ores to make armour in his clan.

When he wanted to cut some he sensed danger in the cave and raised his hands to signal the group to stop. The other three companions suddenly became cautious as they prepared several hand signals before the trip. But even the hand signal that Peter showed isn't one of the prepared hand signals they aren't dumb to not know what it means.

Peter peeked inside to see what the danger is that he sensed and what he saw was out of his expectations. 'What is this beast? I remembered every beast inside the books in my clan's library but there isn't one that describe this beast!' What Peter saw was probably a 5 meter high beast with blue skin colour and grey like metal armour.

When the others also peeked they also were surprised but the only bad thing about new discoveries are that you at least need to survive to get fame, money or acknowledgment from your clan.

The beast that they saw was an early sky tier beast. Although it was sleeping, one movement wrong and it wakes up.

Of course the beast was Jack and he already knew that that there are four humans at his home but he pretended to be asleep as it was his first human encounter.

But what he didn't expect was that they attacked him with sharp swords that was infused with qi.

Qi was a source of energy that every creature absorbs for attaining higher cultivation.

Jack immediately stands up and backed away from the four swords coming at him. The three boys and one girl were shocked at the beast that dodged their sneak attack.

Seeing that the first humans that he encountered tried to kill him alas that he expected, he was still disappointed. If they want to kill me then why can't I kill them is Jack's mindset even in his previous life was it the same. If I am already a beast/monster/pokémon then I won't have to act as a human.

The novels that he read of MCs that also reincarnated in similar circumstances, they always let people live but it will also invite a lot of trouble for the MCs. They will be hunted by cultivators of one and two whole realms higher than theirs.

But of course with their plot armour they will escape or kill them. But I don't think I have plot armour.

Jack immediately used the skill roar of time to kill the four humans as he don't want any trouble if he let them live and be hunted by cultivators later on so he will kill them. As for sparing the girl? No, I Jack yearn for gender equality!

And so the adventure of Leroy, Charlotte, Peter and the unknown guy who never had the chance to enter the story ended.

[Human killed - 12.800 EXP gained]

[Human killed - 12.800 EXP gained]

[Human killed - 12.800 EXP gained]

[Human killed - 25.600 EXP gained]

[Total experience: 65.000 EXP]

[Level: 24 (212.800 > 277.800 / 1.006.632.960)]

And so Jack killed four humans without any hesistation. It's kill or be killed.


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