Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
8 The unexpected gues
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Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
Author :Kyoryuu
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8 The unexpected gues

Another month later in the fhoenix fire continent, in the prosperous city, Rising Flame, inside the Golden Tiger clan resident of the patriarch.

''It's already been a month. Where is that stupid son of mine!'' Roared the patriarch of the golden tiger clan while the servants fell down due the pressure the patriarch gave.

*knock* *knock*

''Come in'' Said the patriarch in an unpatient tone.

''Excuse me'' An old butler entered the room ''Patriarch we found your son but..'' The patriarch was elated when he heard that the members of the clan found his son but his expression instantly goes down when he heard the latter part of the sentence. ''Say it''

''Your son is dead, the cause is unknown as it isn't ripped, shredded or bitted apart by beasts nor was it looking like he died by an another beast, it was more like puzzle pieces of flesh that already dried up. We only found out that it was your son because the clothes''

The expression of the patriarch couldn't be any worse when he heard that his son was dead and on top of that the cause was unknown.

''Anything else?'' Asked the Patriarch in a sad but angry tone.

''Everything valuable was stolen and the other companions of your son also died'' Said the butler.

''Investigate further! I want to know who murdered my son! I'm gonna kill that bastard who killed my son!'' Said the patriarch furiously as he wanted to shred the butler in front of him in many pieces.

''Right away'' The butler quickly left the room before he truly died by the anger of the patriarch.

While in the forest where the son of the golden tiger clan and his companions died is the murderer, Jack walking towards his new cave as he already predicted that maybe the humans he killed came from a clan/family and wanted revenge.

But when he arrived at his cave he saw blood trails, not from his kills but from something else.

As he entered the cave he saw a humanoid figure, if any person saw that figure on earth they will immediately yell ''AN ELF!!!'' But it's not earth.

Yes the figure in Jack's 'home' was an elf that was severely wounded. It has long silver hair, pointy ears, long milky legs, a green noble dress and of course a beautiful face. There was a well-crafted bow beside her with no arrows left.

Although Jack is a pokémon fan doesn't mean that he won't watch any other anime or novels as you already saw him use that brain of his in the earlier days.

But Jack won't kill the elf as she didn't attack him even though she was uncounscious. So Jack used a super potion on her that at least healed her fatal wounds. So know you ask how did Jack get gold coins?

If you have brains then you probably think that he stole the money of the humans that he killed but only gave him about 3 gold coins. So now how did he get so much money to buy a super potion?

Well he found out that he could sell corpses of beasts for money, Thus Jack was sad as he knew that will be rich if he knew it earlier but there is no medicine for regret! Why not give a hyper potion? Because Jack is stingy.


Name: Jack Halton

Race: Dialga

Cultivation: Peak sky tier *New*

Level: 30 [500.350/]

Balance: 3.750 gold coins *New*

Hit Points (HP): 100%


Roar of time

Steel claws

Ancient power

Dragon breath

Hyper beam

Dragon pulse *New*


Jack was statisfied with his status as he removed the status panel and stared at the elf girl in front of him.


Name: ???

Race: Elf

Cultivation: Mid sky tier

Condition *New* : Severely wounded but not fatal

Health *New* : 37%


The elf girl was awake and staring at him, opening her mouth to speak.


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