Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
9 The elf“s story
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Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
Author :Kyoryuu
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9 The elf“s story

I ran, ran and ran. I was too weak and naive, expected adventure just to be hunted by human slave traders. Day and night I ran so fast I can to avoid them but they were faster and stronger than me.

I finally managed to escape due their shallow minded minds, with dirty and cheap tricks I escaped.

But even I escaped the slave traders, I ran into perverted nobles who only thought of alcohol and woman, their minds are filled with lust and wealth!

Humans are truly the stupidest race i've ever met in my life and the most annoying one.

But luckily the nobles IQ were even lower than the disgusting slave traders and I managed to escape again but this time with more injuries due their small army consisting of all high trained warriors.

When I saw the nobles send a whole army after me, my mind just went 'Whaaat? You literally sended a whole army consisting of highly trained warriors after a weak elf like me? Don't your parents put a leash on you?'

But even if they are highly trained soldiers, I was nimbler and managed to escape with some injuries.

Later I went to find shelter in some city where a very strong noble discovered my identity and wanted me, when that happened I thought that my life was over but a kind human protected me.

He was strong, very strong. The noble didn't do anything further scared to offend the man.

The man who protected me offered me shelter, food and water. At that moment I thought that maybe not all humans were bad. He teached me various things, from something called magic to basic techniques that were very good for building my foundation in cultivation.

After some months of reading and getting lectures I found out that I was just a frog in a well and didn't know the vast unknown part of the world. Filled with determination I wanted to get stronger but that didn't last long as the man who protected turned out to be an old man over 700 years old and only had the appearance of a man in the thirties due the so called magic that I didn't understand even after reading the books for months.

He died after some days, and the worst part was the noble who had eyes on me months ago still continued to spy on me and when he found out the old man died he immediately sended some strong people to hunt me down. I grabbed some magical artifacts what the old man made to defend my self, the artifacts effects were amazing but not truly heaven defying to let me escape without getting severely injured.

So again I ran from the grasp of that stupid noble and ran into a forest where the old man warned me about, the legends said that there lived supreme magical beasts.

The old man told me that magical beasts were beasts who could control an element to their will, at first I was confused as beasts that cultivates also could use elements but he told me that magical beasts were different.

beasts that only cultivates could only control their element if they were close to it. Such as a dragon who controls the fire element could only control fire if he breathed flame or is close to fire.

Magical beasts can use and create the element they use at their will, for example a polar bear even though I don't know what a polar bear was but if you placed a polar bear in the dessert it can create ice out of nowhere in the dessert even though there isn't any water or ice in the dessert.

I didn't believe what the old man said and never believed him but I held a tiny flame of expectation for that magical beast and that flame increased with his long and great detail of descriptions he gave. His expressions were like a child explaining a game towards his parent.

But I never believed him so I ran into the forest where I thought there wasn't any danger but I guess I was wrong. I was a mid sky tier, I thought at most there were some peak earth tier beasts but I didn't expect to meet a peak sky tier beast the moment I ran into the forest.

But lady luck was on my side that there was an another peak sky tier beast ambushing that beast so I escaped towards a cave that was illuminated by some valuable crystals which I didn't give a shit about when my life was about to end after the encounter with the peak sky tier beast.

When I entered the cave I saw remains of some beasts, of course I no longer had the energy to run towards a new hiding spot and just accepted my fate as meal for an unknown beast and fell uncounscious.


But I didn't expect to be alive, when I woke up the only thought in my mind was that I was still alive but when I looked in front of me I saw an unknown beast that was a bit higher than 5 meter, it had blue skin that looks tougher than any material I seen and some grey metal armor that probably is natural.

The beast was staring at me with a curious expression? I never heard or saw a beast like this but I felt preassure. Like an inferior being against a noble entity.

I thought at the old man's words, supreme magical beasts that could control their elements at their will. The magical beasts had a ranking.

Normal, semi-legendary and legendary. When I heard that I was like 'what the heck is that ranking with that giant gap between rank names?!'

Normal magical beasts could have one or two elements, most of their techniques consists of that element and they could evolve, and with each evolution their strength will increase by leap and bounds. He also said that some couldn't evolve and were trash but he said if you ever underestimate them you could die.

Semi-legendary magical beasts were the same as normal magical beasts but there were a lot less of them and they were stronger in potential, he said that magical beasts will never be born stronger and only have higher potentials of becoming stronger except legendary beasts then.

Legendary beasts had no evolutions but they were the apex of magical beasts, they only had one element but at birth they were already masters at controlling it and there was only one kind of each race.

Supreme magical beasts can be normal, semi and legendary but most of them were legendary magical beasts.

At first I thought that the beast in front of me was a supreme magical beast but of course even if it were a supreme magical beast I would die in the end right for invading his home right?

''So I die here huh?''


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