Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
10 About the world
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Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
Author :Kyoryuu
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10 About the world

''So I die here huh?'' muttered the elf,

but Jack could hear it clearly but instead having the thought of killing her Jack thought 'What do you you die here? I spend 5 whole gold coins on you so you wouldn't die!'

'But how do I talk to her? In the anime, Dialga had telepathy right? I mean almost every legendary pokémon had telepathy. Maybe just think on how to talk to her?'

*Bzz* Bzz*

Some electric sparks sound could be heard between the elf and Jack but it was faint.

Looking at the Elf who already accepted her fate, Jack tried harder otherwise the Elf will just be broke and wouldn't talk. As for why Jack was sort of desperate to talk to the elf is because he spend 5 gold coins on her for a super potion and because he wants information of the world where he resided in.

*Bzz* *Bzzzzzz*

''Hey!'' The elf's ear moved a bit but it probably thought that it was her imagination.

''Hey!'' Again the elf's ear moved.

''Hey, god damnit, if someone is talking to you, you need to respond!'' Roared Jack in her mind.

The elf was very confused and looked around for a moment just to be more confused at her situation.

''I'm literally in front of you! Are you blind?'' At this moment Jack thought that the elf girl really was blind.

The elf girl looked at the blue, grey beast in front of her and asked ''Are you talking to me?''

''Who else!'' Jack just sighed if saving the elf in front of him isn't just a waste of money?

''A beast that can talk?'' Thought the elf girl aloud.

''Okay not only are you blind but also deaf, don't you hear me talking to you through your mind? Or are you just feigning ignorance?'' Jack was always a patient guy but everyone would find this annoying.

''Ah n- no just I was confused that a beast can talk'' the elf stuttered and was deathly pale when she said the word beast. Every intelligent creature wouldn't like to be called a beast because once you are intelligent, you aren't a beast anymore.

If humans or any other race didn't have any intelligence they also just can be called animals.

But Jack didn't mind that or to be precise he just didn't notice and wouldn't care about such as trivial matter.

''Okay who cares, Ill give you two choices. One you will die here and be my lunch or give me information and I will let you live. Now choose''

The elf immediately chose option two. Jack asked about the everything, what the world was called, the continents, cultivation and more.

The elf started to talk about the world first. The world is just called the same as Jack's previous life's world, Earth. There are five continents on this planet, Cloud severing continent, Moon shade continent, Phoenix fire continent, Sun rising continent and Divine continent.

Currently we are in the phoenix fire continent, inside a vast dangerous forest where many beasts reside. The Divine continent is where the powerhouses reside, in the Divine continent is the qi much denser than the others and there is more danger.

Then she talked about cultivation.

There are mortals who don't cultivate and are normal people then those who cultivate.

When you entered cultivation you start with the mortal tier when you advance further you will reach earth tier, then sky tier, spirit tier, origin tier, saint tier, great saint tier, divine tier, false god tier and finally true god tier.

Every tier are divided in four substages; early, mid, late and peak. The higher you reach the higher the gap is. For example early mortal tier to mid mortal tier isn't a great gap and the chances that the early mortal tier will win is quite high.

But if it is early saint tier to mid saint tier then the mid saint tier will win most of the time except if the early saint tier has more powerful techniques.

Techniques are can be learned that uses qi to make a move with more destructiveness power then just a normal attack. Techniques also have grades;











These grades can also be divided into four substages; low, intermediate, high and peak.

These grades is also used on weapons, armours and other things.

Jack gained valuable information from this elf girl so he won't kill her. Even if the elf girl didn't know a thing he wouldn't kill her because he isn't cruel to kill someone who didn't do anything to him.

''I won't kill you as promised'' Said Jack in her mind as he couldn't speak but only speak to her in the mind.

The elf was relieved that she was spared and she thanked her mom for cramming all the knowledge in her head otherwise she didn't think she would be alive.

''Okay you can go'' Said Jack.

But the elf girl didn't immediately run away but stayed and hesistated. Finally the elf girl had enough courage to speak ''Uhmm.. Your lordship, can I stay with you? I am hunted by a nobleman'' Asked the girl with all her courage.

''Sure'' Said Jack as he loves to have a someone to talk but he almost choked when the elf girl called him your lordship. But he just pretended he didn't hear anything wrong.

The elf girl just froze for a second as she didn't believe that it was okay. Inwardly she was very happy as she now was protected by some ancient beast that she didn't know the true powers of. Either the beast has some concealment technique or is just much more powerful than her but either way is fine.

Jack was just staring at his notifications with a bit of a helpless face.

[Hidden ability: Telepathy acquired!]

[Telepathy: Able to talk to any creature in their mind and nullifies allies's attacks]

[Achievement: Not a loner anymore! Acquired]

[+ 1 level for your first achievement!]

[Level 30 > 31 (0/]

[Cultivation: Peak sky tier > Early spirit tier]

[Skill: Earth power acquired!]

'Why is that an achievement!? Are you mocking me?' Roared Jack in his mind as he couldn't do anything that he was a loner! He was born as a pokémon that is preceived as a rare exotic beast in this world.


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