Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
11 The story told by Jack
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Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
Author :Kyoryuu
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11 The story told by Jack

Several days later Jack and the elf girl became closer, Jack learned that the name of the elf girl apparently is Elina instead some shitty names that Jack thought her name was. Jack also asked Elina why she is here instead in some hidden elf village.

Elina corrected him that elves aren't hiding from the outside world and elves even have an empire full of elves and other races except humans. Humans and elves have always a conflict between each other, even their ancestors had conflicts with each other thus elves and humans never had it good.

The reason for the conflict lies most by the humans. They love to enslave elves because of their beauty and long live race. So in return the elves realitated and the conflict was born.

There are human and elves that love each other but that is very rare and never happened as elves tend to marry other elves or any other long live race that have similar lifespan as theirs.

Jack and Elina walked towards Jack's 'home' that was completely renovated as Elina couldn't stand the interior of the cave. At first it was just some crystals and ores that illuminates the cave for light and a bed of tattered leaves of Jack.

Now the ores and crystals were gone, mined by Jack and Elina. Elina made decent quality bed for them both, The cave that was rough was more polished from the inside with some self made lamps that were filled with the crystals for light.

Some tables and chairs only for Elina as Jack is quite big and didn't need that. When Elina was done renovating, Jack could only say that it was much better than his shitty cave.

The difference between Jack's old cave interior design and now was comapring an ant to a planet. Jack even wondered that Elina probably was a great carpenter but Elina was just a kid from the village.

Although elves in this world matures fast as humans they are considered a kid until they reach their seventies. Was told by Elina to Jack. Elina said that she was seventeen.

''Hey, Jack I want to ask what you are?'' Said Elina out of nowhere with curiousity in her eyes.

But with that question Jack's mind was in chaos. 'Oh yeah... Tell her that I am a pokémon? I mean I just need to tell her something right?' thought Jack.

''I am a pokémon, pokémons are different from beasts. We are born with one or two elements, and if we defeat enemies we will learn techniques associated to that corresponding element. There are three different pokémons. Normal ones that are everywhere, semi-legendary that are a lot less and can compare to Legendarys, Legendarys are the last one, those are also born with one or two elements but they also have an additional element.

For example my race, Dialga that is steel and dragon, with dragon I mean like the life force of a dragon. I can't really explain it well but it is close to a dragon's life force. But I am a legendary pokémon that also controls time. And you have more legendaries but they never let them see such as me. You can counted to be lucky too even see me let alone travel with me.''

Although Jack said that it isn't even true.. He doesn't know if there is any people of similar cases as him.

''ah, I forgot. Normal and semi-legendary pokémons can evolve to increase their strength by a lot. If they evolve they also learn stronger techniques to aid them in battle.

Legendary pokémons can't evolve as for why? I don't know.'' Well they can mega evolve though, speaking of evolving can I also evolve or mega evolve? I mean I am in an another world. Well nevermind I will figure it out later in the future.

Listening to Jack's story, Elina thought that it was very similar to a story that she heard.

''Isn't that .. The old man's story about magical beasts?'' Muttered Elina so faint that Jack didn't hear it.

If Jack heard the story about Elina and the old man's magic and magical beasts story then he will immediately think that the old man also is a reincarnated or transmigrated person.

Jack was continuing his pokémon story that was modified while looking at his status panel.


Name: Jack Halton

Race: Dialga

Cultivation: Early spirit tier *New*

Level: 31 [275.000/]

Balance: 3.750 gold coins

Hit Points (HP): 100%

Achievements *New* : Not a loner anymore! *New*


Roar of time

Steel claws

Ancient power

Dragon breath

Hyper beam

Dragon pulse

Earth power *New*


'Sigh the system even puts the achievement in my status panel, like it forcefully letting me remember that stupid title.' 'Oh yeah what is new about the shop? I didn't look last time as I bought the super potion very fast that I didn't look at my new available options.'



Potion (Heals 5% HP) : 1 gold coin

Super potion (Heals 15% HP) : 5 gold coins

Hyper potion (Heals 50% HP) : 30 gold coins

Max potion (Heals 100% HP) : 60 gold coins

Pokéball (Catch a beast!) : 100 gold coins

Great ball (Better version of Pokéball) : 200 gold coins

Ultra ball (Better version of Great ball) : 500 gold coins

Focus sash (instakill? I don't think so!) : 10.000 gold coins

Z move: Chaotic time ( A very dangerous move!) : 100.000 platinum coins



Dusk ball (Better succes rate at night) : 300 gold coins

Net ball (Better succes rate on water and bug beasts) : 300 gold coins

Heal ball (Low succes rate but fullt heals the beast when catched) : 250 gold coins

Primordial time stone (Who knows what this is? Level up to know!) : 500.000 platinum coins

Erotic elf dress (I won't give an explanation what this is) : 50 gold coins

[More options available at level 35]


'...' Seeing the last option Jack was just speechless.


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