Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
12 To the elven kingdom
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Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
Author :Kyoryuu
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12 To the elven kingdom

'...' Seeing the last option Jack was just speechless.

It wasn't even associated with pokémon! Why is there even an option to buy that?! At that moment Jack really thought there is some higher existent or god controlling the system's options. It also can be a guide for the system that he didn't activate but what can he do to activate the guide 'if' it existed?

Anyway he won't buy it.... But you could see his hesistation on his face and after careful thinking he came to a decision.

[Erotic elf dress purchased] [- 50 golden coins] [Balance: 3.700 gold coins]

[Erotic elf dress is now stored in your inventory]

For future use. Thought Jack, but when he bought it and thought about it he realized an important thing about himself. 'Isn't dialga genderless?!' He nearly, no, he totally forgot about it when he reincarnated into this world. DIALGA IS GENDERLESS!!!

'Doesn't this mean I can't do that and fail as a living being?' Jack at this moment just thought about random bullshit. 'Breathing, moving, reproducing and what was it? Who cares I didn't really paid attention to biology class but I know at least that reproducing is one thing you need to do to fufill your role as a living being!' Inwardly or just in his mind again he thought, how he was supposed to do that.

Jack quickly peeked under his body to see if his 'little brother' is present but unfortunatly he didn't see anything. No round balls and meatstick is present. But he even didn't see a hole thus he indeed is genderless.

But if he has no hole then where does all the food goes? Does it transform into energy? Jack began to make speculations about it. He never realized that he first needed to think to change his genderless gender to male but now he isn't thinking about that but instead thinking where his food and water goes in his body.

(Author: I mean if your genderless you too would think about it, or not and be genderless, the same as Rimuru the slime from; Tensei shitara slime datta ken)

When Jack was still thinking about his food in his body, Elina interrupted him with a question.

''Hey Jack, are you gonna stay in this cave for the rest of your life or are you gonna go to somewhere fun?'' Said Elina with a face full of boreness.

''Of course not but I don't know where I want to go. I mean everyone is gonna hunt me when they see me'' Said Jack not thinking anymore about his situation.

''Then how about going to the elven kingdom?'' Suggested Elina with sparkling eyes.

Elven kingdom huh... Well I am curious about it though, anyone wants to sightsee in an elven kingdom instead of a humans. Why? Because elves, need anymore reasons?

Jack thus agreed and they prepared to set off to the elven kingdom, Gardenia.

After preparing for several hours, Jack and Elina were ready to set off to the elven kingdom.

So they begun traveling to the first city to rest their and continue their way to the elven kingdom.

Meanwhile they are walking towards the elven kingdom, Elina told some about the elves.

''Almost every elf are the same, we love nature thus we are taking care of it. Well there isn't much to tell about normal elves, such as me. Thus I will talk about high elves, high elves aren't a different race but just the same as us normal elves, but they think they are better due their bloodline is purer than ours.'' Elina also complained about high elves after saying that.

''Even elves that have high cultivation admire elves with purer bloodlines, I don't know why but apparently elves that has purer bloodlines have stronger potential in cultivating or great talent in alchemy, blacksmithing or being an inscription master''

''Well basically you can say that high elves are the same as spoiled brats such as the humans. My cultivation is also very high, I am a mid sky tier cultivator in that isn't even twenty yet!'' Said Elina with a proud expression while puffing her chest in front of Jack.

'Holy shit now that I am looking closer to Elina's breasts they sure are big. D cup or bigger?'

Thought Jack, although Jack won't act as a human, he didn't erase and probably won't his male mind of his human side. He was still a single young man in his previous life. He only needed 9 more years to become a 30-year old virgin wizard!

''Well my talent is mostly because my dad's secret and my mother told me that my talent comes from my bloodline that was purer than any other elf in the kingdom but I don't believe that because every bloodline is different right? I mean everyone says that elves are wise just because they live longer but look at cultivators, they obviously also live longer and that apply to all races!''

Jack quickly snapped out of his mind thinking about Elina's breasts and just listen to her very long story of insulting her own race.

''Well anyway, I believe it is because of my effort and partly because of my dad's secret''

''What is your dad's secret anyway?'' Asked Jack curiously

''Why? If I tell you that then it isn't a secret anymore'' Said Elina

''But you know it, then it isn't your dad's secret anymore, actually if you know it then it isn't even a secret anymore'' Retorted Jack

''It's.. It's a... Look there's the first city, Aqua city'' Elina quickly avoided the subject.

Jack looked at the city's entrance and thought that it really looked like an ancient china cities but when he saw the sign on the entrance he frowned and asked Elina about it.

''The sign? Actually nobody knows about it, the tales said it was written by an ancient person who was very strong but nobody can read it and thus was just left alone for tourism.'' Said Elina with a shrugg and an 'Who cares about an unknown sign?' expression.

But Jack totally thought about it in an another way. 'Isn't that....'


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