Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
14 Aqua city
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Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
Author :Kyoryuu
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14 Aqua city

Checked my agenda and noticed that tomorrow I only had one test and I already learned most of the things I needed to learn. So I had the time to make this chapter. (Are you guys happy?) :D

Oh and the Q&A will be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. So write some questions! Or you gonna be too late, well in the future there will be more Q&As so don't worry!

Okay enough with my random talks and let the story begin!


'Isn't that Japanese?' At this moment Jack was quite happy to have learned Japanese to watch anime in the raws or read raw novels. When Jack learned the Japanese language he thought, why not learn Chinese and Korean while your at it?

Well at the end he mastered all the three languages.

Jack was reading the content of the sign but just cringed right away when reading it.

(Author: Didn't know what to write on the sign, I thought of various of things but no ideas, so bear with me!)


Welcome to Pallet To- Aqua city!

Although this city has nothing to do with water it is a good name.

Okay enough with introdructions, want to have a part of my wealth?

No? Everyone accepts free money right? Okay if you want to know where you can get a part of my wealth then solve the riddle of mine!

Riddle: If you have me, you want to share me. If you got me, you don't have me. What am I?

If you don't know it then unfortunately for you, you can't get it.


(Author: No ideas for the sign..... Don't critsim me for it...)

'This guy.... Or girl, anyway what is he/she doing in his/her life? Just say welcome to XXXX and be done with it. And also why give free money away? And why the riddle?' Jack was questioning the writer of the sign if he had anything to do in his life while walking with Elina in the city.

(Author: Excuse me!? I have my exams okay... I have something to do in my life! And also I need to entertain the people reading this!)

If Jack just read the sign better than he probably would notice very quickly that the person writing the sign came from his previous life but he just straight up ignored the sign when reading the sign and he didn't even bother to solve the riddle.

Of course when entering the city Elina put a disguise on so that nobody would notice that she was an elf.

Well Jack knew the trouble of entering the city with his appearance but the curiousity of entering a cultivation city won over him and he also took the possibility of that people will just ignore him and thought him of a beast that comes from somewhere far.

Elina quickly solved the lodging problem but unfortunately he needed to sleep on straw but he didn't really mind as long he doesn't sleep on something hard.

Jack and Elina just walked through the city attracting the attention of the people but after several minutes they lost interest and continued with their daily life.

Jack was just like a child when seeing new things.

While Elina and Jack kept exploring the city even though Elina have been here before she just goes with the flow and followed Jack through the city while somewhere in aqua city, in a particular clan.

''So you say that you saw a blue, grey beast that was about 5 meter tall and 15 meter in length that you never saw before?'' Said a man in the room on a chair.

''Yes'' Said a young man on his knees.

''Then what? Who cares about an unknown beast?! Do you know the beast's strength? The people who tamed it? Then what is their strength?'' Said the man on the chair with a clearly irritated expression. ''And even if you know that, what is the point?''

The young man on his knees already had a cold swear but continued with his words.

''The beast strength is unknown but it also has a gem embedded in it's chest that looks valuable, there is only one man with it that has the strength of mid sky tier '' Said the young man.

''Any other people that looks like their allies?'' The man in the chair was now interested. The gem that possibly could be a treasure of hiding ones cultivation is quite rare and the unknown beast's carcass could also be good for making weapons or armour but the treasure is what caught the man's most attention.

''No, we were already observing them for some hours but they didn't meet up with any people so it could be possible that the man is the only one''

''Hmmm.... Continue observing and also do you know where my son is?'' Asked the man.

''He is currently at the brothel; Purple flower and probably will go gambling afterward as usual'' Said the young man with a hint of contempt that he tried to hide but it was noticed by the man but as usual the man didn't care about it as he knew that his son was useless and not respected by the clan and even the servants didn't respect him.

''Well anyway your dismissed and keep an eye out for the beast and while your at it, find information of the man with the beast'' Said the man waving his hand.

''Yes'' After the young man left the man in the chair just stared at the sky outside the window while thinking how he would kill the beast and the man with it. Although he was peak sky tier doesn't mean he will just clash head on as he doesn't know the strength of the beast or the background of the man with the beast.

Unbeknownst to Jack that he was currently targeted by the strongest clan in aqua city he just was strolling around the city like a child that was curious about everything. Elina was just bored but still followed Jack for the food of the stalls.




Well anyways the sign won't have any to do with the story anymore so I will give you guys the answer for the riddle.

If you have me, you want to share me. If you got me, you haven't got me. What am I?

Answer: secret


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