Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
15 Everything started with the useless son 1/2
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Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
Author :Kyoryuu
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15 Everything started with the useless son 1/2

Suprise an another chapter for today but that was the last one for today and the following days except the Q&A that is coming.


For the following days Jack and Elina still didn't that they were 'stalked' by the strongest clan in aqua city but even if they knew, Jack wouldn't probably panic, Elina maybe would but Jack won't.

Jack was now conflicted with his own body at the moment, although his body is strong, fast and quite flexible but it isn't convenient and the most important thing is that he can't enter restaurants or enter shops, he only could see through the windows of some high class shops.

Apparently glass is something luxurious.

Elina with her disguise as a man and Jack was walking through a 'particular' street, you saw buildings with red lights, you could smell the parfume everywhere.

'This is really uncomfortable' Jack didn't know that this was a red light district and Elina wasn't any better, the old man and her parents didn't talk about any of this.

Jack read the signs on the buildings to see anything interesting but the names such as

Lingering pleasure, pleasure night, flower field ect. Kept popping up, it didn't take too long for Jack to know where he was and walked to the exit of the district just to be disturbed by a young man about 16 to 18 years old.

''Hey, I buy that beast for 10 gold coins'' Said the arrogant young man that was surrounded with earth tier cultivation guards every single one. Jack wasn't disturbed by the guards that released their aura, because his cultivation was 2 whole realms higher than the arrogant young master's guards.

While Elina was one whole realm higher than the guards so she also wasn't feeling anything from it. Instead she was just looking at them with contempt but even though she was looking at them less worth than ants she knew the emblem on the guards uniform.

''Young master, Jack is my long life partner and isn't for sale'' Elina said that while her eyes were very cold.

''Do you know who I am? I, Theo Diaz am the son of the patriarch of the strongest clan in aqua city, the Diaz clan!''

Said Diaz with a smirk on his face as if saying 'Kneel before me'

(Author: Don't judge my naming sense)

''Of course I know who you are, why else did I use a honorific?'' Retorted Elina

''You!!!'' Said Diaz with a green face but the green face of Diaz didn't last long on as it was turned to a pale face full of fear because Jack was very enraged.

''10 gold coins? 10 FUCKING gold coins?! Your life not even worth a single penny compared to me!'' Although Jack cursed all they could hear was a deafening roar from an enraged beast.

Cracks began to appear out of nowhere, when they touched the the cracks their skin and flesh will burst open and dry out or rotten very fast that is visible to the naked eyes even for mortals.

The guards ran for their life but their escape route was non-existent as the ground just exploded with unknown means, magma came out burning them alive. They didn't even had the chance to try block it with their qi as it was in an instant.

Some were bursted open, some exploded, some were burned alive while the young master was on the ground with some yellow liquid at his legs shaking with fear. All he what he knew what happened was just hearing the roar of the beast and the next what happened was that all his guards died. With their body's everywhere.

'Hmm? Why did I got angry from that?' Thought Jack but he shrugged it off like it was nothing. He knew he caused himself trouble even if he didn't know the background of the arrogant young man but he said that he was the son of the patriarch of the strongest clan, Jack wasn't scared by it but his own mind was scolding himself when he self didn't want trouble but he created trouble.

When Jack wanted to end the pathetic life of Theo but suddenly he stopped with his movement and looked at the exit of the redlight district. There he saw a man on a beast that looked like a horse with a whole army behind him of about 5.000 people.


Name: ????

Race: Blazing horn horse

Cultivation: Early sky tier

Condition: A bit tired but healthy

Health: 99%


Jack just glanced at the stats of the horse and immediately ignored it and looked at the army in front of him. Glancing at every soldier that has at least the earth tier cultivation but he just continued his movement when,

''One step and your dead!'' Shouted the man on the blazing horn horse that probably is the father and the patriarch of the supposedly the strongest clan in aqua city.


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