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Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
Author :Kyoryuu
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16 Q&A #1

Here's the Q&A, I won't say much as I don't have much to say, so enjoy!


1. Is there going to be a harem?

I am sorry to disappoint you guys but.... No, but I can consider if you guys give me a million dollars


2a. Will there be other pokémons?


2b. And if yes, which?

I don't know yet but I have some in my mind that will be at the end of the page which you guys can vote for.


3. Will the MC (Jack) be genderless throughout the story?

NO, if there's no harem doesn't mean there is no romance thus it will be a problem if Jack stays genderless and no I won't make him a trap or a girl.

(I updates, I accidently typed yes!)


4. Will there be mass releases?

Yes, but in the future.


5a. Will Jack get a human form?

Well I basically wrote it in the info chapter but yes of course he gets a human form.

5b. And if yes, how will he look like? (References)

I don't know, I searched it up but I didn't find anything that looks like my image in my head, so I will just describe how he looks like and you guys just need to imagine it.


6. Will Jack get bigger? (In his current form/original form)

I don't think so, I don't really have a reason to make him bigger and it doesn't really matter if he's small or big.


7. Will Jack get a primal form?



8. Is Jack able to buy different things other then pokémon related stuff?

Currently no, but in the future yes as only pokémon stuff is a bit few and the effects aren't really good. So yes, in the future he will be able to get other stuff than pokémon.


9. Will Jack be able to use his skills in an another way than the actual anime/game?

Yes, I mean it's pokémon and wuxia, so he will be able to create new skills related to pokémon and use the pokémon skills in an another way than the game/anime. (All in the future though)


10. Will he get affinities with other elements?

(I think the comment meant that if Jack will have affinities of other elements of the wuxia side)

I don't actually know how to answer this but, no.

I will mix wuxia and pokémon here, for example an affinity-less snake that has lethal poison will drop a core or crystal (How you guys called it), so in common sense the crystal won't have an element but for Jack is it different because if he absorbed it he will get better poison affinity (Pokémon poison element). I will do it that way as it will make him stronger and more unique?



Voting for pokémon companions/servants!

there will be three pokémon. So choose three pokémons that will be Jack's companions/servants!

I will write the pokémons you guys can choose from!















That's about it and if you guys ask why theres no Palkia and Giratina then it's because I don't really know what to do with these pokémons? I can't imagine their personality ect so maybe in the future but you guys need to choose from these 14 pokémons.

You guys can also say the pre-evolutions, for example.

Gardevoir but you guys want kirlia instead. It is possible!

Just write;

1. -

2. -

3. -

Okay guys have a nice day!


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