Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
17 Everything started with the useless son 2/2
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Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
Author :Kyoryuu
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17 Everything started with the useless son 2/2

I am done with my exams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Announcement: A mass release of about 10 chapters or more (Depends on my mood and circumstances) will be published on 7 - 13 - 2019. You can say it as my celebration for that I am done with my exams.

As for why not now or tomorrow? After my exams I need to go on three trips :(...

But don't worry as I will still publish one chapter each day.


Okay an another thing:

Let's talk about the EXP thingy, I know it's confusing as shit and for me it is also very confusing so I will just do a quick run about it.


At first it was 2x EXP needed after each level then 1.5x but now it's fixed on 2 billion. I won't change that as I am quite lazy, maybe in the future but most likely I won't change that so, I will let it stay on 2 billion (Fixed). When he get MUCH stronger (Around chapter 100+) then the EXP required for him to level up will be higher.

So like 2 billion, 3 billion, 5 billion EXP needed each level... Something like that.

(Not discussable)

For people who disagree with me,


Enjoy the chapter!


''One step and your dead!'' Shouted the man on the blazing horn horse that probably is the father and the patriarch of the supposedly the strongest clan in aqua city.

Elina was beside Jack with a slightly pale face, although she is stronger than every single person in the army except the man on demonic beast horse, she is only with Jack thus only two of them against an entire army. Everyone would feel fear right?

But Jack didn't, he is just thinking of the problems of killing Theo. 'I mean killing Theo isn't a huge problem right? Although I would face 5000 men that wouldn't be a threat to me except maybe the guy on the blazing horn horse it would be worth it right?' 'Experience isn't what I need as I would need 2 billion EXP to level up and that will take a long time. But killing an entire army would get me a title or achievement and as reward it will most likely be levels.'

Thinking of the abundant rewards he would possibly get when killing the entire army, Jack stomped Theo to meatpaste as the victim didn't even had the time to react or call for help as he was already dead.

Seeing that his son died in a miserable way, the patriarch of the Diaz clan was furious and shouted ''Kill them, whoever gets the kill get 5000 gold coins!'' The man charged forward with his horse leading the army of 5000 big to kill Jack and Elina.

''OOOOOH!!!'' The army's morale was very high as the offer they get was also very great.

In the eyes of ordinary people this is death, like seeing hell before your eyes but in the eyes of Jack all what he sees is an army of chickens running to death with a horse leading them.

As the army was running the ground suddenly exploded, the same thing happened to several places where the army is. The explosions killed around twenty men each, but in the explosions was also lumps of magma that is burning several men, but this time they didn't die as they harnassed their skin with qi.

Jack received a lot of kill notifications that he ignored and continued to use earth power to kill the 'chickens' effeciently. Earth power was Jack's only skill that has an AoE effect that is able to use at long range, although dragon pulse and dragon breath also can kill multiple enemies it can't reach 700 meter far and as for hyper beam, it takes too much energy/stamina to use.

The army continued to run but their morale quickly is noticable lower than before after seeing Jack's destructive attacks. The patriarch also noticed the death of his men rapidly increasing and the morale of his soldiers decreasing. Even himself thought if it is the right choice.

But with every second of hesistation the army's number kept decreasing at a visible rate, seeing that the patriarch quickly came to his sense and was determined to avenge his son as it was already too late to think about it.

''Kill them, I increase the reward to 30.000 gold coins whoever kills the beast!'' Shouted the patriarch.

Elina was still stunned what Jack could do, she never thought that quarter of the army was already dead before they reached even 400 meters far.

When the army reached 400 meters far the explosions suddenly stopped, everyone of the army was relieved as they believed the hell was over but they were wrong! Blue vortexen were coming to them with rapid speed, when it touched one of the soldier it exploded, killing 30 men and behind the deaths of the soldiers were soldiers that looked very confused.

(Author: That blue vortexen is the skill 'dragon pulse' for the people who don't know, dragon pulse also has a chance to confuse the opponent in the game.)

After the vortexen, a breath of dark blue and purple flame came towards them burning them alive. Only in 20 - 30 seconds you could hear screams of despair, fear and anger.

The army kept charging forward in their death, they were loyal towards their partriarch. But even if they are loyal, it was nothing in front of death.

As they reached 600 meters far, the army was no more, all you could see was about 200 people and the patriarch that was only a bit burned, the patriarch had a low spirit-grade defensive artifact to defend himself.

''Kill them!'' Continued the patriarch but the patriarch himself already noticed that it may be impossible to slay the beast and the man with it but nothing is impossible!

Jack stopped with his attacks and took a deep breath, holding it in for about 2 second then he released a deafening roar that caused the ear drumps of most of the soldiers to bleed. Elina already noticed that Jack was about roar and covered her ears with some qi and of course her hands.

Cracks began to appear, slowly to fast. The remaining soldiers who touched the cracks died of excessively blood loss or just that their heart or brain burst open. The remaining soldiers died and all you could see is bodies that was bursted open.

The patriarch dodged the cracks very flexibly and sacrificed his horse that's feet was already exploded due the blue cracks.

The patriarch jumped off the horse and drawed his sword to kill Jack. ''Be prepared to die!'' Shouted the patriarch with anger.

To counter the patriarch's attack, Jack used the skill steel claws, Jack doesn't really have claws so instead of slashing the leader, he more of stomped him.

''Die!'' The patriarch slashed towards Jack who countered it with his steel claws skill. The outcome was pretty clear with the difference between the cultivation gap and Jack's skill. Jack stomped the patriarch to the ground while the defensive artifact also broke after so many attacks with the last attack that it could handle before it broke.

''And one step and your dead'' Said Jack with an amused expression, seeing the patriarch dead on the ground.


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