Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
18 The system guide
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Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
Author :Kyoryuu
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18 The system guide

Guys forgot to mention this in the previous chapter,

I changed how I call beasts to demonic beasts and I change the sypnosis in the front page that Jack is just a normal pokémon fan!

Okay, enjoy the chapter!


After Jack killed the patriarch he decided to check his notifications. There are more than 5000 notifications, but of course most of that are the kills he made. At the end of that long list is what Jack wanted to read.

[You killed more than 1000 men!]

[Achievement: Army slayer acquired!]

[+ 1 level and 5 hyper potions]

[You killed more than 2000 men!]

[Army slayer > Army destroyer achievement upgraded!]

[+ 1 level, 5 ultra balls and 1 servant ticket]

[You killed more than 5000 men!]

[Army slayer > Army annihilator achievement upgraded!]

[Title: One beast army acquired!] (Author: No pun intended)

[+ 1 level, 2 servant tickets and lucky egg]

[Increase understanding of ????]

[Roar of time > Time deity's roar! Skill upgraded!]

[Passive skill: Future fragments acquired!]

[Passive skill: Time manipulation acquired!]

[You killed the strongest clan in Aqua city, Diaz clan!]

[Achievement: Aqua city's legend acquired!]

[System's upgrade acquired!]

[System upgrading in 3, 2, 1, 0....]

Before Jack could check out his rewards he blacked out while Elina panicked when she saw that Jack suddenly collapsed.

24 hours later.....

'Ahh... My head hurts.... What happened?' Jack slowly opened his eyes and looked around him to see that he was at the same place as yesterday and that Elina was leaning against his leg sleeping while drooling all over it.

'Damnit, she drools while sleeping? Why have I never seen that?!' Jack was having a bitter face when he saw all the saliva on his leg, but he remembered the rewards he got, ignoring the saliva he checked his rewards he got.

'3 levels, 5 hyper potions, 5 ultra balls, 3 servant tickets, lucky egg, an increase in understanding of ????, new skills and the system's upgrade that is probably the cause of my blackout' 'Anyways let's check out the sys-.... How do I check out the system?' Jack is trying to think of a way to acces the system. If theres a system upgrade then there must be a system voice or a panel is what he thinks.

'Maybe just think of the system or something, the same how I did with my status?' Jack just did what he thought would work.

[System panel]



[Pokémon gacha *New*]

[Pokéshop > Legacy shop *New*]]

[Activity log]

[Map *New*]

[Guide (Not activated)]

Jack was happy that it worked, he isn't mad or sad that he didn't discover this earlier as it is only more convenient, so even if he discovered it earlier it only made things for him a bit easier.

Jack noticed the guide function that wasn't activated. 'I knew it, there was indeed a guide!'

Jack quickly activated the guide to make things even more convenient, this way he doesn't have to fiqure out what everything is, he just need to ask the guide!

[Guide activating.... 1%.....20%.....45%.......87%.....100%]

[System's guide activated.]

[Ahhh!!! I am finally free!] Jack heared a somewhat manly voice in his head that shattered Jack's expectations of a gentle female voice.

[What took you so long to activate me? Nvm, I am happy as long I am out of that abyss of loneliness] Jack wanted to answer him but the system's guide cutted him off.

[Anyways, any questions you wanna ask?]

Jack had indeed many questions to ask the system guide.

'Why is your voice male? What are the new functions? What are servant tickets, what is the increase uderstanding of ??-'

[Hold it! One question at a time]

'Okay, why is your voice male?'

[What have a problem with it? Did you think that I was female? Wait I don't even have a gender, haha. But even if i don't have a gender I do have prefer that my voice sounds like a man! And didn't you yearn for gender equality?] Asked the system with an offended tone.

'If you knew that I yearned for it then why did you ask why i took so long to activate you and you don't have a gender so it doesn't count'

[fair point and I could only check on you once in a while before the energy I gathered from the void of loneliness is gone so thats why I know a few things]

'Nevermind, so my second question is what the new functions are of the system?'

[Pokémon gacha is literally what it means, it's a gacha where you need servant tickets or premium servant tickets to summon pokémon that will serve you.]

[The upgraded pokéshop, legacy shop is where you can buy more things then just pokémon stuff]

[And the map is a map. But it only shows where you have been]

'Then what are premium servant tickets you talked about?'

[Well, it's just the upgraded the version of the normal servant tickets. You have guaranteed chance to get a semi-legendary pokémon with a very high chance to get a legendary pokémon that will serves you]

'Then is it possible to get arceus?!' Asked Jack with some expectations.

[Of course not you dimwit! if you had arceus serving you then forget about getting stronger you will own everything! You can use arceus as a shield that literally deflects everything! Or order it to be a plane destroyer!] Said the system guide as if it's the most obvious answer in the whole world.

'I was just curious... Okay then what is the increase understanding of ????'

[Oh that, ??? Means time, you intelligent beings just call it time for the convenience but it doesn't really have an actual name]

'Then is there a way to increase it other then achievements and title rewards?'

[Just think about it, there is no other way. You just need to think about it. To increase it, find inspiration or something. Btw don't ask me as I am no god]

'Tsk, next question, what does my new skills do?'

[Don't you already know that? I just explain it just in case.]

[Future fragments is the same as observation haki from one piece, basically you can predict the future and time manipulation is that you can manipulate time of everything. Your a time deity, if you can't do that then just fu*k off. Anyways it means whatever you touch, you can accelarate it's age or make it younger]

'Oh shit! Isn't that overpowered?'

[Yes, in a sense. But only if you can touch it. If it's too fast then it's no use if you can't touch it. But of course as a time deity you can later on if you practise the time manipulation skill good enough you can also affect your surroundings to make things slower.]

'Wait doesn't that mean I can accelerate things like magical herbs, for example a ginseng to 10.000 year old?'

[Of course, but you can only eat one of it then anymore and it's useless. At least to you otherwise you will be poisoned and die] Said the system guide without any emotion as if it doesn't matter to him whether Jack dies or not, in fact he really doesn't care.

'Oh... Then what will happen if they reach a certain age? Will they turn into a spirit herb or something like that?'

[Wow, those novels you read really come to use here in this world! Well, yes if they reach 15.000 year, they turn into a spirit herb and they can transform into a human form with special abilities that depends on what plants they are, for example a poison herb will have poison gas attacks]

'Then will they listen to me when I make them spirit herbs?'

[Depends, they have their own personality, some are timid, some are agressive, some are smart well basically some can call you daddy and some know you aren't there dad and will rebel]

'This system might not be a god but it may aswell be a wikipedia'

'Okay, my last question. Do you have a name?'

[No, you can give me one]

'Then it will be.. ?????'



Give me a suggestion for a name for the system!

And give me a name for the upgraded version of roar of time, if no one knows one then I will keep it at time deity's roar.

My naming sense is very bad..

AND for those who don't know!!!!

That roar with crack description IS roar of time, I only didn't write it at the beginning of the battle otherwise the chapter would be very short. -_-

Do know that later on when Jack get skills from the game/anime, for example electro ball, I can change how the skill will look like.

Like the electro ball move is literally a ball of electricity but i can change it to an electric shuriken!

So the roar of time in my novel is a roar where cracks will appear as I described in the begin in my novel.

Well anyway I publish this chapter in advance as tomorrow I won't have time to publish any chapters.


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