Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
19 Servants
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Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
Author :Kyoryuu
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19 Servants

Roar of time/Time deity's roar is now change into 'Time Rupture'

Enjoy the chapter!


'Then it will be.. Google' Said Jack after the thought that the system guide is basically a wikipedia. But the reaction that Google gave is unexpected.

[Ok] Google said it in a flat 'I don't care, It's fine' tone. Jack honestly expected that Google will ask why at least but he just said it's ok.

'Your not gonna ask why?' Asked Jack.

[No, why should I? As long I have a name that isn't bad then I am fine with it]

'Then its ok' Jack looked at Elina that was still sleeping, he didn't wake up her yet as he still needed to do one important thing, servant tickets.

'Google can you spend my three servant tickets at the pokémon gacha?'

[Sure, do you want to do one at the time or three at the same time?]

'Just do three at the time'

[3 servant tickets used] A monotone voice sounded in Jack's mind.

two blue crystals and one rainbow crystal appeared before Jack that is invisible for others to see. The crystals began to slowly crack. After some time the crystals cracked open and a blinding light came out blinding Jack for a second but after the light was gone he saw three pokémons standing before him or more like two pokémons standing before him and one floating.

[Servant: Lucario acquired!]

[Servant: Greninja acquired!]

[Legendary servant: Darkrai acquired!]

[Achievement: Summon a servant! acquired!]

[Leftover acquired!]

[Achievement: Master of the nightmare pokémon acquired!]

[Nightmare blade acquired!]

Jack was very happy to actually get one legendary pokémon even though he didn't expect one to get one because.... Gacha, you never get something good.


'Hey Google, just a question, but what is the drop rate of legendary pokémons of normal servant tickets?'

[0.00001% and with the premium servant ticket then you got 10% chance to get one]

'I thought you got a very high chance of getting a legendary pokémon with a premium servant tickets?'

[Compared to normal ones yes and 10% is already very high, I mean they are legendary pokémons! Look at yourself, you wiped out an entire army at level 31 and you ask why legendary pokémon's drop rate is low?]

'...' Jack couldn't say anything as he just said that was absolutely true and with the new skills he got he is much stronger than what he was before it. Jack looked at his 'servants' before him seeing that they are bowing to him.

Jack didn't feel anything from it, no pride nor happiness. It felt normal except the great feeling that comes from when he looked at darkrai bowing to him. Jack asked Google why he felt that way.

[Let me make one thing clear, this isn't pokémon Jack. This isn't a game, you should know that when you fought your first tough fight some time ago in the forest. So although you look like Dialga and possess the same skills you aren't just a pixel picture and although you have a system, that is only because to make things easier for you]

[Because you posses Dialga's body you have gained a bit the diginity of a time deity, you won't feel happiness or pride when normal pokémon bow for you but that is different when it comes to pokémons on equal ground. Although if you compare abilities and origin, you are far greater than Darkrai but Darkrai is still a legendary pokémon that also have some diginity]

[That is why you felt that strange feeling when Darkrai bowed to you, you felt proud when you gained the submission of a legendary pokémon]

[Also you are slowly affected by your diginity but you also need that diginity later, I won't say more than that as you need it to figure it out for yourself.]

Jack knew that this life isn't a game, at first he treated it as one but after the fight with the lion with griffin charactistics that was an early sky tier beast when he was on a lower level did he began to realize that he can't treat the life as a mere game anymore or it would cost his life.

But sometimes things won't change that quickly so although even after the fight he treated life a little bit as a game but after sometime he slowly became more serieus.

But still, he got a system of pokémon. Everyone will treat that as a game. Well after Google's reminder Jack got serieus, no more treating life as a game.

Jack quickly focused his attention again at his three servants.

''Stand up'' Said Jack as they slowly got up. Jack also saw the status panels of the his servants before him.


Name: ???

Race: Darkrai

Cultivation: Mid spirit tier

Level: 34

HP: 100%

Achievements: None

Titles: Nightmare lord


Dark Void

Dream Eater

Double Team

Feint Attack



Name: ????

Race: Lucario

Cultivation: Early spirit tier

Level: 32

HP: 100%

Achievements: None

Titles: None


Close Combat

Focus Sphere

Extreme Speed




Name: ????

Race: Greninja

Cultivation: Early spirit tier

Level: 32

HP: 100%

Achievements: None

Titles: None


Water Shuriken

Double Team


Shadow Sneak


'Google, why is that Lucario and Greninja isn't the same level as and Darkrai?'

[That is because legendary pokémons will have the same level as you, semi-legendary will be 1 level lower than you and normal pokémons will be 2 levels lower than you.]

Although Jack is a bit disappointed it isn't that bad, it could be worse. Also Jack remembered that he didn't see his own status in a while.


Name: Jack Halton

Race: Dialga

Cultivation: Mid spirit tier

Level: 34

Balance: 3.700 gold coins > 15.200 gold coins

Hit Points (HP): 100%

Achievements catalog

Title catalog


Roar of time > Time Rupture *New*

Steel claws

Ancient power

Dragon breath

Hyper beam

Dragon pulse

Earth power

Passive skills:

Future fragments *New*

Time manipulation *new*


Jack was statisfied when he looked at his status and again turned his attention to the three.



I think this will happen very often!

Give me names for the three pokémons.... 😅


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