Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
20 Wait a second, how far is actually the elven kingdom?
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Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
Author :Kyoryuu
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20 Wait a second, how far is actually the elven kingdom?

So, I came to know that Darkrai is actually a mythical pokémon, it was a legendary pokémon PRIOR to the fifth generation..... My knowledge is a bit outdated here (2-3 generations)

And so the lazy guy I am, I won't change anything. I'm gonna mix legendary pokémon with mythical so there won't be any problems.

Simple terms:

Mythical pokémons fall in the catalog of legendary pokémons in this novel of mine.

(So I won't need edit a lot in my novel as I completely forgot the existence of mythical pokémons)

(You guys don't mind right?)

Anyways enjoy the chapter.


Jack named Darkrai as Diablo, Lucario as Aaron and Greninja as Tobirama. Although he tried to initiate a conversation, it didn't last long. Even though the conversation didn't last long it was enough to sort of know their personality.

Diablo was not a guy who talk much and only say about 1 to 4 words, Greninja is about the same as Diablo but talks a bit longer and Aaron is just your normal person who talks normal.

After Elina woke up she jump out of fright when she saw Diablo and instinctively kicked him but it was very easy blocked by Diablo. Jack quickly explained that they are his servants as they behaved so and they actually are and he also explained to his servants that Elina was her friend.

Of course, Elina calmed down after hearing what Jack said but she can't stop feeling creepy when she sees Diablo. But she is just normal in front of Tobirama and Aaron.

After the introdructions, they left Aqua city to continue their journey to the elven kingdom. On their way Jack also checked the nightmare blade that he acquired from the achievement reward.

[Nightmare blade - Grade: ????

A blade that is made of nightmares of countless living beings, the legend says who even got scratched by this blade will suffer nightmares for the rest of their lives.

Only usable by: Darkrai]

Although the blade isn't direct what it does it was a specific weapon for Diablo and it came from the system so it must be good thought Jack. Jack also asked Google on how to use the items he got such as the leftover and the lucky egg.

(Author: Lucky egg is an item from the game where the user who holds the item gets double experience and where as the leftover is an item who holds the item gets 1/16 HP of theirs every turn.

This is just for the people who doesn't know)

[Just say the item and equip to who] Answered Google.

So Jack did what Google said and equiped the leftover on Darkrai and the lucky egg on his self. Jack also gave Diablo the nightmare blade and unexpectedly Diablo, Tobirama and Aaron also have an inventory but their's is different than Jack's.

Jack inventory isn't limited but their inventory is just like this world's storage bags so in other words in cubic meters and theirs is around 50 cubic meters large.

Also Jack checked his new skills he got after the battle or basically a war. Jack battled against a yellow bear that was early sky tier, the future fragment skill was the same ability as observation haki what Google said. Jack literally saw where the bear would attack or dodge but it was limited to 6 moves.

Jack also tested the time manipulation skill on a newly sprouted normal flower, Jack made it younger and older but the effects were very limited. Jack could only make it to a newly sprouted flower where only the stem was visible and return it to it's original state.

After that Jack tested the upgraded roar of time, time rupture. Of course everyone covered their ears when Jack roared.

The blue cracks instantly appeared where as roar of time would slowly appear, the cracks were also larger and the burst was also greater. Suddenly blue thunder also appeared setting the forest where they are in on fire with blue flame.

Tobirama used his water shuriken skill to extinguish the fire. Jack temporarily stopped testing. Elina was there the whole time with them watching the unbelievable scene in front of her. She didn't made a sound when everything happened, just there spectating the friend of her that annihilated an entire army a while ago.

They continued their journey after the fire was extinguished, but Jack suddenly asked a question to Elina, in her mind of course through telepathy.

''Actually, how far is the elven kingdom?'' Jack forgot to ask this question when he just agreed to travel to it.

But the answer Elina gave Jack was just a thundershock in his ears.

''About 6 months on the pace we are travelling'' Said she nonchalant, she has the lifespan of more than 5000 year so 6 months is nothing but for Jack who lived his previous life as a human, it was incredibly long. Jack was already quite impatient to wait for a week just for one episode of his favourite anime.

''Isn't there a faster rate to reach the elven kingdom?'' Asked Jack

''No, only if we run but I doubt that you want to run'' Said Elina

Of course Elina was right as Jack didn't want to run, just when Jack wanted to think of more ways to reach the elven kingdom, Google interrupted him.

[Jack you are immortal, you can't die of old age so, 6 months is nothing in your eyes, I know you lived as a human of an average lifespan of 80 years but if you don't want to run then give up your fate and adapt slowly to this lifestyle.] Said Google with a convincing tone.

After listening to Google, Jack was first shocked to know that he was immortal but when he considered what he was he knew why. So, Jack just accepted his fate of travelling for more than 6 months long and just will slowly adapt as Google said.

Several weeks went by as their lifestyle was just composed of skill practise, sparring, hunting, eating and sleeping.

Now they arrived at their second city, Iron wall city. As the name suggested this city's wall was made out of iron. But the situation isn't quite right for entering the city.

Jack's appearance was enough to catch the interest of the strongest clan in Aqua city then what will happen if you add Diablo, Aaron and Tobirama?

But the situation was solved very quickly as Diablo, Aaron and Tobirama could transform into humans.

Now, Jack was in a situation that he couldn't describe.

'Why can they transform into humans and I can't?' Thought Jack but Google heard him and answered him.

[Because the system gave it to them and you need to be level 35 to have a human form] Said Google in an amused tone as he knew that Jack was just a level below to transform into a human.

'Sigh~' Jack just sighed on his luck.


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