Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
21 Iron wall city
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Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
Author :Kyoryuu
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21 Iron wall city

Initiating mass release...

Btw, I also can't describe appearances good so deal with it.



[Four poisoned eyes frog killed - 212.800 x 2 EXP gained]

[Level 34 > 35 (127.300/]

[Human transformation acquired]

[Achievement: Being a human again?]

[Clean cutomized clothes acquired]

'Aah!! Finally, I leveled up!' Jack grinded his way till he leveled upped. It took him 4 days of constant grinding without sleep. Jack also tested if Diablo, Tobirama or Aaron killed things will he also get the experience but unfortunately for him, no.

Jack transformed into his human form but the bright light didn't appear what he expected but his body stopped moving as if time stopped. Then the next second you didn't saw a beast of 5 meter high and 15 meter length but a young man in his twenties with long dark blue hair in a spiky tail.

The face of the young man was chiseled and smooth. He was about 1.95 meters high, you could see the eight pack on his chest and his fine tuned muscles and his eyes were light blue.

(Author: A bit like alladin after the timeskip but more mature from the anime; Magi.

A great anime btw)

But he is naked at the moment, Elina quickly turned her blushing face away while the three servants didn't and just stand there staring. Jack quickly did his clothes on that was dark blue and white with golden lines at the edges.

The other three also transformed into their human formes. In Diablo's case time didn't stop but a dark thick mist covered him and was swirling around him.

Tobirama's case is just like a ninja that disappeared with smoke and reappear.

But with Aaron is just like when a normal person transformed into a werewolf but reversed.

Diablo had white long hair that was a bit messy, he also was about the same age as Jack in his twenties and Diablo's face was a but less handsome than Jack's but it was still good looking. Diablo's height was about 1.90 meters.

Tobirama was about 1.80 meters with a quite young face in his late teens. His face wasn't chiseled as Jack but more youthful. The clothes of Tobirama was blue with yellow while his hair was blue and a bit yellow at the end.

Aaron was the same height as Jack and was also looking older around in his late twenties. The muscles of Aaron was also bigger. Aaron clothes was only composed of hand to hand combat gloves and a pants that was also blue thus he walked around half naked with his bare upper body exposed while Aaron's hair was spiky and black.

Elina covered her face with her hands that was a bit open, good enough to look at the four handsome men standing before her. Although the four men was more attractive than every man she saw in her life she felt naturally attracted to Tobirama, like a moth to light. She doesn't know why as she never experienced this feeling.

Of course Tobirama felt her gaze uncomfortable and turned his head away but Elina kept staring at him.

The five of them kept walking walking towards the city entrance while Elina would

occasionally take quick glances at Tobirama.

They entered the city without any trouble. They first solved the issue with lodgings. First-class rooms cost about 10 gold coins each day in high class inns that is mostly used by wealthy merchants or powerful clans/families.

Jack also could enjoy food in the cities and his appetite didn't decrease so he ate a lot that attracted quite the attention but the 5 of them already took attention from many people. Elina only disguised her ears as the four men already took too much attention.

Many girls looked their way while many boys were envious or kept staring at Elina. The five of them kept eating obvilious to the attention they received. They also didn't notice a certain hot gaze from a particular beautiful girl that kept staring at Tobirama.

Elina flinched a second 'I have a very bad feeling, I wonder why?' Thought Elina while feeling uncomfortable, she then looked around her and saw a girl that was accompanied by a quite handsome man that still was several levels below Jack and co walking towards them or specifically towards Tobirama who was still eating.

''Hey, handsome why don't you eat with me?'' Said the beautiful girl seductively towards Tobirama who literally ignored her while Elina's hostile intent was rising rapidly that was detected by the man who was beside the girl who tried to seduce Tobirama. The man wasn't dumb and figured out why the girl is hostile and thus didn't do anything unnecessary but he was on guard against surprise attacks.

Seeing that the man who caught her interest is ignoring her she felt a vein popping in her head but calmed down as she thought that the man probably didn't hear her. She again talked to Tobirama but Tobirama still ignored her.

She was never ignored in her life, always pampered by the elders in her family and she always got what she wanted but nobody ignored her except the guy who caught her interest.

''Say something to who tried to talk with you!'' The girl finally snapped when she saw that the guy is still ignoring her. Tobirama finally turned around and said 'Hello' then he returned eating the dish he was eating.

The other people in the restaurant to look at the scene beside them after hearing the shout. When they saw the girl they were shocked as they didn't know that she was here and they felt pity for the guy who angered her.

The girl this time was truly angry and grabbed a yellow whip from her bag and whipped towards Tobirama but not on her full strength as she didn't want to hurt the face of the man. The man beside her tried to stop her but he was already too late.

The whip was already heading towards Tobirama as it was also fast that he didn't have enough time to stop it.


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