Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
22 Fang family
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Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
Author :Kyoryuu
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22 Fang family

Enjoy the second chapter of the mass release


The whip was already heading towards Tobirama as it was also fast that he didn't have enough time to stop it.

But what everyone expected to happen didn't happen as they saw that Tobirama was holding the ship in his hands. The girl was only a peak earth tier cultivator while Tobirama is an early spirit tier, the difference is too huge.

The girl was shocked that her attack was stopped, although she didn't use her full strength, the whip she had was an intermediate sky grade weapon. The man beside her was already having a headache as this is the reason he didn't want to come with her.

The restaurant they were in was for very rich or powerful people and every single one can mean trouble for their family. Although not much trouble it is sometimes annoying to deal with if his sister offend strong people.

To survive an attack from an intermediate sky grade weapon you need to be at least be peak sky tier to survive it unscathed. The worse case scenario is that they will be higher than sky tier in other words spirit tier.

He himself is just mid sky tier and the enemy that his sister offended is at least peak sky tier, he now just hoped that the mister who was attacked by his sister didn't mind, but that was basically impossible to ask as in this world people are arrogant or have their pride and only few are kind to forgive this.

But fortunetaly for him Tobirama didn't really care as he let go of the whip and continued eating. Seeing that the man didn't do anything, the man that accompanied his sister was relieved but what his sister did next tightned his heart.

''You! Do you know who I am?! I am the daughter of the Fang family's patriarch, Fang Yao!'' Said Fang Yao with anger.

But Tobirama just replied with a 'ok'.

'Family? I thought there was only clans in this world? What is the difference?' Asked Jack in his mind.

[Clans recruit many people and nuture them to grow stronger while families are people that are literally family to each other, everyone is brother and sister to each other and they rarily adopt people especially those ancient familys] Answered Google to Jack's question.

Jack just watched the show while he totally didn't know why the girl (Fang Yao) is angry at Tobirama as Tobirama won't talk much and just sat there eating minding his own business but in a way he offended this girl (Fang Yao).

Purple veins began appearing on Fang Yao's head as she grabbed a talisman from her storage bag and ripped it apart. The man beside her or just his brother was already on the ground with a 'AH! whatever' face.

Jack and co didn't know why Fang Yao would rip apart a piece of paper with some drawings on it except Elina as she was still hostile but she knew that the piece of paper was a signal talisman but she doesn't know why she would use it.

Very quickly 7 people arrived at the side of Fang Yao, 6 of them were old mans and one of them looked in his thirties and he was with the highest cultivation, peak spirit tier. While the 6 elders were peak sky tier.

Jack quickly appraised the man in his thirties that looked like the leader.


Name: ????

Race: Human

Cultivation: Peak spirit tier

Condition: Healthy, concerned

HP: 100%


Before Fang Yao could speak her elder brother already is talking to his father what happened, when the man heard his son he sighed.

''I apologise for my daugther's behalf, please forgive her' Said the patriarch of the Fang family in sincerity.

While this happened Jack was in shock as he didn't expect the patriarch to apologise and it didn't match the face of his son gave earlier. But what happened next did Jack know why the son of the patriarch had such expression.

A light disk came flying towards Tobirama as he was the closest to Fang Yao but it was still easily blocked by the former.

A young looking woman came running towards Fang Yao. ''Yao'er are you okay? They didn't hurt you right?'' Asked the woman to her daughter with a concerned tone.

''And you, why don't you comfort your own daughter?'' Asked the woman to her own husband that tried to explain what really happened but was interrupted by their daughter.

''Mom! That guy with the blue yellow hair hurted me!'' Cried Fang Yao.

'Ahh, this is why' Thought Jack, he was having a bad memory of his childhood. He had a little sister that was doted by his father and mother. His little sister did always what she wanted in their home. One day she broke his laptop and of course he was angry but she cried to their parents that he hurted her very badly even though you didn't see any bruises or even red marks on her skin but their parents believed her and punished him.

But now he died it didn't really matter, but this girl, she is lucky that she has an overprotective mother otherwise she will likely be punished but that won't happen as the mother is just blind.

''Attack him!'' Ordered the mother of Fang Yao.

The six elders didn't hesistate to attack as the background of the mistress is greater than the patriarch.

Of course Jack, Diablo, Aaron and Elina didn't do anything as they were well aware of what Tobirama could do.


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