Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
23 No my food!
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Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
Author :Kyoryuu
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23 No my food!

3rd chapter of the mass release...


Of course Jack, Diablo, Aaron and Elina didn't do anything as they were well aware of what Tobirama could do.

The six elders attacked at the same time hitting Tobirama with their strongest techniques in the hope of pleasing the mistress or at least not to occur her wrath and be excused as 'slacking'.

But when they thought they killed the man in front of them, two heads went flying. The two elders who died only saw a star of water.

The remaining four elders who saw that their comrades died in an unknown way felt fear and looked around them only seeing about 16 figures that exactly looked like the man they thought they killed.

The four elders saw that all the figures created a star of water in their hands that kept getting bigger and spinning faster. They quickly activated their defensive artifacts only be met by their own blood when Tobirama's water shuriken sliced through their defensive artifacts and their bodies.

Thus after only 10 second you could see six dead bodies laying on the ground that were peak sky tier cultivators that could be pillars for a strong family or clan.

The patriarch of the Fang family was shocked to see that the young man in his early twenties could kill six peak sky tier cultivators with ease and on top of that the elders had defensive artifacts with them. Even he couldn't do that in 10 seconds, at most he could do it in 5 minutes.

He felt fear when he looked at the young man that could very well be an origin tier cultivator. The mother of Fang Yao (Or the wife of the patriarch) felt anger instead of fear. ''Those useless shits can't even kill a single man!'' She quickly tore an another talisman that exactly looked like the one that Fang Yao tore down.

After a moment a blinding light overwhelmed everyone in the restaurant and three people appeared that gave an aura of pressure on everybody but there were only eight people who could resist the pressure and that was the patriarch of the Fang family, his wife, Fang Yao, the elder brother of Fang Yao, Diablo, Jack, Tobirama and Aaron.

Jack felt a tinge sense of danger coming from the three men but nothing more and because of that Jack appraised them.


Name: ????

Race: Human

Cultivation: Mid origin tier

Condition: Calm, healthy

HP: 100%


This was the same with the other two people, since Jack's reincarnation these are the strongest people/beasts that he encountered until now.

Although he didn't know how they arrived but he could take a guess that they probably teleported through a piece of paper or a treasure, probably the latter but, hey, you never know.

The three people who just arrived looked around them and seeing that Ling Biyu is fine they were confused where the danger is but when they looked around again they saw six dead bodies on the ground while on the other side of the bodies were five people staring at them.

Then they looked back at Ling Biyu and after seeing her concerned face of overprotectiveness they figured out why Ling Biyu called them. They thought that Ling Biyu called them over to kill someone instead protecting her.

And indeed she did what they thought she would do. ''Kill him!'' ordered Ling Biyu while pointing at Tobirama. The three people just sighed and did what she said and felt pity why the young man must offend her.

(Author: For the people who didn't read in detail, Ling Biyu is the mother of Fang Yao or the wife of the patriarch of the Fang Family)

They lashed out a trio attack, a combined move that needs three of them to activate to sure kill him. The combined move was in the form of a beam that shot out straight towards Tobirama with incredible speed.

The beam landed a clean hit on Tobirama and you could see dust on the ground, the three people thought their job was done but a shadow sneaked towards them with a more incredible speed hitting one of the three. Although the man who got hit wasn't dead, he was in agony screaming with pain as he clutched his wound that was bleeding excessively.

Jack checked Tobirama's status while it was battling.


Name: Tobirama

Race: Greninja

Cultivation: Early spirit tier

Level: 33

HP: 75%

Achievement: None

Titles: None


Water shuriken

Double team


Shadow sneak


'So substitute really takes 25% of the user's hp' Thought Jack. While Jack checked Tobirama's status for a second the latter already turned the guy who was bleeding into a corpse while dodging the attacks of the other two mid origin tier cultivators, although Tobirama couldn't dodge everything and got few deep cuts and bruises on his body it isn't life threatening.

Diablo also joined the fray while Aaron was charging his aura sphere skill. Diablo grabbed his nightmare sword and slashed towards one of the remaining two people who also quickly grabbed his weapon, a sword. He parried the attack of Diablo, when he parried it he wanted to attack again but his mind suddenly blacked out and felt asleep.

Pink gas came out the sleeping man while inside of his dream or as we can say now a nightmare he was having his worst nightmare that most likely last eternally even after death, why? Because Diablo pierced his throat using the nightmare blade.

Jack also joined the bloody party and used time manipulation to affect the surroundings to slow down the movement of the last guy who desperately tried to runaway when he saw that his friends were easily killed but he felt a heavy pressure descending on him and saw that he was very slow running and didn't know how to cancel it.

The last man was still desperately thinking on how to escape when a blue light sphere was already coming towards him at rapid speed aiming at his head.

The aura sphere skill exploded the man head leaving a corpse and a hole in the restaurant's wall.

But when everything was over, Jack looked at the table where they sat and saw that their food was blasted away with the aura sphere.

''No my food!'' Screamed Jack.


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