Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
24 Who are they?
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Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
Author :Kyoryuu
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24 Who are they?

4th chapter of the mass release..... Hey how are you guys doing?

Enjoy the chapter


''No my food!'' Screamed Jack.

When everyone heard Jack scream that sounded like he lost his beloved wife their mouth twitched.

'Thats where your worry is at?' is what everyone thought.

Jack isn't worried about his servants or Elina as he already gave them some hyper potions as insurance and at this moment they could be used. Again was everyone shocked when they saw the badly wounded man (Tobirama) healing in several seconds because of a pink potion that looked very poisonous.

Everybody saw that, but there is no one brave enough to offend these people who could kill a mid origin tier cultivator in minutes just for a quick profit that isn't even guaranteed.

Ling Biyu was now too fearing for her life, only four men killed three mid origin tier cultivators in minutes is unheard of. She was now regretting of pursuing the matter further, but there is no medicine for regret.

The patriarch and his son was having a very bad headache as they were scared that maybe the Fang family will be wiped out of history, but lucky for them Jack isn't going to do that due his lazy behavior.

(Author: Actually, I too wouldn't do that, too much work. If you were in Jack's position would you do it?)

Jack just ordered a take-away for the five of them, just that he was about to leave he didn't saw Elina and only found her when he looked under a table on the other side of the place where the battle began.

Elina was embarrased but Jack and co just shrugged it off like nothing and leaved the restaurant in style except Elina of course.

They left the people in the restaurant standing their with stunned and fear expressions while the son of the patriarch asked his father; ''Dad, who are they?''

''If I knew who they are, why would all this answered'' Answered the patriarch of his son's stupid question.

''Are they gonna wipe out the Fang family?'' Asked the son again.

''Hopefully not'' Said the father to his son.

Meanwhile Jack and co was strolling around the city, it was a normal peaceful day after the incident that was caused by a certain girl. Jack now was also currently checking the rewards he got because of the incident.

[Achievement: Surviving the wrath of an overprotective mother that caused harm instead protecting her kin]

[+ 5000 gold coins]

[Achievement: Leaving in style]

[+ Cool sunglasses]

Jack didn't know what to say about the achievements, but he also was somewhat disappointed with the rewards but not everything can good.

After some days they left the city while the city still didn't know about the incident that happened at the restaurant as the Fang family did their best to hide the news. But even if they try to hide the news it will slowly appear in the future and the whole city will know about it but that is in the future.

Jack and co stayed in iron wall city for several days before departing to the third city that is in the way towards the elven kingdom, they also transformed back to their original form as it was much more comfortable.

On their way towards the third city they encountered a 20 meter high bear that had yellow and red fur but it looked like a bear with a red shirt. Jack felt somewhat nostalgic when he saw the bear with it's red fur that looked like a shirt but he didn't know why it felt so nostalgic.

Jack just appraised it to be sure.


Name: ????

Race: Giant Pooh

Cultivation: Mid sky tier

Condition: Tired, scared

HP: 78%


Even after appraising it, Jack still don't know why he felt nostalgic.

Jack didn't know why but he felt like killing it will be his regret. This time the feeling didn't came from dialga's diginity or instinct but more like his previous human mentality or it was pure the nostalgic feeling that is preventing him from killing it.

So he just ordered Diablo, Tobirama and Aaron to not kill it and ignore it. They just continued their journey.

(Giant Pooh's pov)

*Pant* *Pant*

''Oh my god..... Wasn't that a dialga, darkrai, greninja, lucario and an elf?! Are they also reincarnated people? But why did only dialga looked confused, maybe it's just curious about my appearance? Or is it that pokémon is real here?''

''Ah, if I knew that the ad was real I wouldn't choose to reincarnate as a giant version of mini pooh. I hate my life''

[That was your own fault Dylan] Said a mysterious feminine voice inside the Dylan's head.

''Ah, you already said this multiple times Eva.'' Said Dylan annoyed.

[It's fun seeing you suffer Dylan] Said Eva amused

''Sadist'' Answered Dylan.

(Back to Jack and co)

'Hey Google what was that bear?' Asked Jack.

[A giant pooh?] Said Google confused even though he knew the truth, but Jack didn't.

''No not that but.... Arghh whatever'' Jack just stopped thinking about it and just talked to Elina and Aaron as they were the most talkative in their party.

''Hey Elina, how long when we arrive at the elven kingdom?'' Asked Jack bored.

''about 5 months'' answered Elina in an unsure tone.

Jack just sighed in response and looked at the endless white stars in the sky. Maybe tomorrow would be something interesting... Or not thought Jack.


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