Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
25 Checking the new shop ou
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Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
Author :Kyoryuu
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25 Checking the new shop ou

5th chapter of the mass release.... Do you guys like rain? Well, I don't.

Enjoy the chapter!


In a open field were four beasts battling each other, where as there was a figure nearby spectating the fight. That figure was Elina and the four beasts battling each other was Jack, Diablo, Tobirama and Aaron.

It was Aaron against Diablo and Jack against Tobirama.

Aaron ran towards diablo dealing a swift strike just to be dodged by Diablo that countered it with a heavy punch that sent Aaron flying for a second while Aaron landed right on his feet. Aaron fired an aura sphere towards Diablo who used double team to mislead Aaron while the former used dark void against the latter.

Aaron swiftly jumped, duck and rolled to his side to dodge all the attacks. With the skill extreme speed he erased the clones of Diablo while dealing a quick punch against Diablo. Aaron used detect to guess what the next move Diablo will do but the latter used feint attack to bypass the detect to hit a clean hit on former.

With Aaron flinching for a second, Diablo quickly used dark void to finish the match. The battle of Diablo and Aaron is Diablo's win.

Meanwhile Tobirama and Jack are too in a battle.

Tobirama fired two water shuriken towards Jack and use the skill shadow sneak after it. Jack had the future fragment skill so he exactly where moves will land. Jack easily dodged the two water shuriken and the shadow sneak, Tobirama also did a quick kick towards Jack that also easily dodged and Jack countered it with the skill steel claws.

But Tobirama used substitute skill to avoid the attack and after that he quickly used double team and fired 32 water shurikens that half of it cleanly hit Jack's giant body. Jack after that used earth power to hinder Tobirama's movements and ran towards him, when Tobirama is in the range of effect of his time manipulation, Jack used the skill to slow down the speed of Tobirama.

Jack finally used hyper beam to blast Tobirama off to a tree nearby that also broke when Tobirama landed on it.

Although Tobirama didn't take any damage of the hyper beam due the skill subtitute, the shockwave was enough to blast the former away leaving with less than a quarter HP.

The battle of Tobirama and Jack is Jack's win.

When Aaron woke up he used the item hyper potion to heal himself while Tobirama did the same.

Elina was just spectating and also was training against nearby thick trees. It soon became evening as it was dinner time.

Jack used the break time to check on the shop that was upgraded but he never checked it.



Potion (Heals 5% HP) : 1 gold coin

Super potion (Heals 15% HP) : 5 gold coins

Hyper potion (Heals 50% HP) : 30 gold coins

Max potion (Heals 100% HP) : 60 gold coins

Pokéball (Catch a beast!) : 100 gold coins

Great ball (Better version of Pokéball) : 200 gold coins

Ultra ball (Better version of Great ball) : 500 gold coins

Focus sash (instakill? I don't think so!) : 10.000 gold coins

Z move: Chaotic time ( A very dangerous move!) : 100.000 platinum coins

Dusk ball (Better succes rate at night) : 300 gold coins

Net ball (Better succes rate on water and bug beasts) : 300 gold coins

Heal ball (Low succes rate but fullt heals the beast when catched) : 250 gold coins

Primordial time stone (Who knows what this is? Level up to know!) : 500.000 platinum coins


Azure time katana (A custom katana specifically made for you <3) : 10.000 gold coins

CQC steel gloves (Gloves made for people who fight bare handed) : 10.000 gold coins

Smooth water shortsword (A shortsword made for ninjas....) : 10.000 gold coins

Elven magic bow (A bow made for?) : 2000 gold coins

Bitter lemon (A bit bitter but it heals you for 60%) : 40 gold coins

Red bull (It gives you wings?) : 10 gold coins

Red bull 2.0 (Angel wings?) : 30 gold coins

Cola (Just a drink): 1 gold coin

Book of magical stuff (It stores spells but it has a limit) : 5000 gold coins

[Further options available at level 45]


Although the first four options is good and Jack also immediately bought the Azure time katana for himself and the Elen magic bow for Elina as Jack saw that she only had a wooden bow with her.

And he also bought 5 cola bottles for them and himself.

[Azure Time Katana bought - 28.900 gold coins > 18.900 gold coins]

[Elven magic bow bought - 18.900 gold coins > 16.900 gold coins]

[5 cola bottles bought - 18.900 gold coins > 18.895 gold coins]

Seeing that he has more then 10k gold coins, Jack also the CQC steel gloves for Aaron to wear.

[CQC steel gloves bought - 18.895 gold coins > 8895 gold coins]

Jack gave the gloves to Aaron and the bow to Elina, at first Elina was shocked to get something but just accepted it quick before Jack would change his mind.

Jack transformed into his human form to check out the katana but he soon realised that he doesn't even have sword skills. How could he use the katana? He asked Google about it but the latter just said that he need to practise.

So jack just practise his sword skills with Diablo as Diablo was already somewhat proficient with the blade and even if the swords are different, it is at least a sword type.

And so days passed by again and jack became better with the katana, he could no longer be called a beginner. Maybe it's because Jack is talented or just that Diablo is a good teacher but to Jack it didn't mind as long he could use the sword.

On the way towards the third city, Elina forgot something very important.

''Hey Jack my village is very close to our next destination, it would only take about 1 week on foot so can we visit my village first?'' Asked Elina

''Sure, I don't mind'' Said Jack as he just was curious about the elf village, until now everything was human cities and if he can see an other race town or city then it would be great but mainly due Jack's curiousity.


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