Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
26 Heavenly fire python
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Reborn: Dialga *Dropped*
Author :Kyoryuu
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26 Heavenly fire python

6th chapter of the mass release desu!!!!! Okay I don't know what to write here anymore :(

Maybe next chapter, but anyways

Enjoy the chapter!


A week went by and Jack and co arrived at the elf village with Elina as the guide. They were stopped by a patrol guard but the guard recognized Elina and let them in without further trouble.

Jack, Elina, Tobirama, Diablo and Aaron arrived at the center of the village where you could see the elves walking around, some male elves were so feminine that you couldn't tell if it was male or female.

Jack, Diablo, Aaron and Tobirama were in their human form to not scare the elves. Elina quickly went to her home while Jack and co followed her to a big house made out of wood and special leaves that are specifically for building.

When they arrived at her house the door opens with a bam and a young couple of elves ran towards hugging Elina. Don't be deceived although they may look young, they probably are above 200 years old.

''Elina where have you been? We have been so worried about you!'' Said the mother of Elina in a very concerned tone.

''As long she is fine and didn't go anywhere dangerous its fine right?'' Said the father in a carefree tone but you could tell by his face that he also was very concerned.

''I'm fine mom dad.'' Then Elina told her story except that she was hunted by slave merchants and lust filled young masters, but she did told when she met Jack that there was a little trouble but Jack was very strong to cover them, then the story with when Aaron, Tobirama and Diablo came in Iron wall city.

And it was quite obvious how passionate she was talking about it, especially when Tobirama was mentioned, when she was talking about him she was like laughing foolishly and blushing. Even though she just was talking about him.

Everyone noticed it except Elina's father and the guy who she was talking about with her love face, Tobirama.

''Okay, as long your fine, but dear are you not gonna introduce us?'' Said the mother with a smile.

''Ah! I forgot. Mom, dad these are my friends. The one with the long spiky dark blue hair in a tail is Jack, the one with white messy hair is Diablo, the oldest looking one is Aaron and the shortest one is Tobirama'' Said Elina with a blushing face when she mentioned Tobirama to her parents.

''Nice to meet you'' Said Jack and Aaron.

''Hello'' Is what Tobirama and Diablo said.

The mother quickly noticed Elina's expression and quickly analyzed Tobirama from top to bottom, she admits he is handsome, but that is the same with the other three and in Elina's story she said that Tobirama is very strong to kill a mid origin tier cultivator.

Though she doesn't believe it, she believes in her daughter.

''Also Aaron, Jack, Diablo and Tobirama this is my mom and dad''

''Ah, nice to meet you too, my name is Mira Leaf and this is my husband Micheal Hunter, you can just call me Mira and my husband Micheal'' Said Mira with a smile while looking at Tobirama that didn't know why the mother of Elina kept staring at him.

''Quick come in'' Said Mira leading them into their house.

Inside of the house was looked even bigger what you saw outside, everything is made out of wood and leaves with only some exceptions such as the utensils. There are about six sleeping rooms where as four of them is for guests, one of them is Elina's room and the last one for the husband and wife.

The food they offered looked like vegetables and fruit from Jack's previous life but with some slight differences such as the apple but it had green dots around the apple or the banana that was straight instead of curved.

But they taste the same.

When the seven of them were enjoying the food and talking happily, a loud bell sounded throughout the whole elf village.

''A beast tide?'' Said Micheal aloud.

Mira also had a grave expression on her face while Elina looked confused.

''What is a beast tide?'' Asked Jack, even though he already had a rough idea what it is but it may have a different meaning.

''It's a wave of demonic beasts that runs into one direction.'' Explained Micheal.

'Okay it is exactly what I thought' 'But wait! If I stop or help the elves with defending won't there be a title or achievement?' Thought Jack.

The seven of them left the house and asked the direction where the beast tide was. The beast tide apparently is on the west side of the village where the strongest defences are but even if it had strong defense it will eventually weaken when there is a beast tide.

When they arrived at the wall they saw a giant red python with four eyes that was the most eye-catching of all the demonic beasts beneath it.

When everyone saw the python they felt fear. Jack just felt danger, more than the people they killed in Iron wall city. Jack asked what that beast was and Micheal answered that it was a heavenly fire python.

Heavenly fire pythons are born in the mid origin tier and advances a level higher the next day to late origin tier. They have the potential to reach divine tier or if they are lucky they could very well reach false god tier.

Though one of the hundred millions of them could evolve to a heavenly fire dragon and reach true god tier but the last time that happened was fifty million years ago, is at least what the legends say.

''And do you know what the favourite food is of heavenly fire pythons?'' Asked Micheal

''No?'' Said Jack.

''Elves'' Said Micheal in an angry and sad tone

Jack guessed what happened and looked at the heavenly fire python and the army of beasts beneath it that are probably controlled by it.


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