Alarm Clock and Mirror
1 Alarm Clock and Mirror
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Alarm Clock and Mirror
Author :StenDuring
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1 Alarm Clock and Mirror


"Och nu en hederlig gammal goding!"

Ulf watched in satisfaction how his room-mates stirred in their sleep. The converted radio alarm clock continued to blare in Swedish and soon the speakers gave life to some awful grandfather music he had hated the first time he heard it.

It was morning day three of their field trip some four hundred kilometres south of Tokyo. Early morning. Very early morning, he admitted as the room filled with a Swedish atrocity from the early fifties.

Last night they'd attributed his earlier apathy to a severe case of too much cliché. 'I'll give you cliché you dicks!'

Yukio was the first to accept that he didn't suffer from an extravagantly designed nightmare and groggily sat up in his futon. Bad idea.

The large, metal bathroom mirror Ulf had rigged above Yukio and Ryu slammed into Yukio's face with a metallic ringing that for a moment drowned the awful music.

"You're awake, Yukio," Ulf yelled. "The mirror, look into the mirror and tell me how your day started!"

"What the… Gah! Take it away! It's staring at me!"

"What do you look like? Tell me, don't show me!" 'Just a little longer before I curl up in a corner. This is just too fun!'

"I'm, I'm, I'm green! Urufu, what the hell?"

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'Seems Ryu woke as well.' Ulf turned to watch Ryu nurse a hurt nose. He hadn't hit the mirror with his forehead as beautifully as Yukio. He had been painted just as beautifully though.


'And now he found out.' "Ryu, you just woke up. Look in the mirror! Tell me how your day started!"

"Aaaaaaaahhhh! I'm red! Gods, what's happening?"

Ulf curled up in a ball and guffawed. His stomach hurt and his backside hurt, but it was all worth it.

"Urufu, you bastard! I'll kill you!"

Ulf rolled off the tatami mat, and just as he was about to flee out into the corridor he turned and shouted: "This is where you're supposed to say 'it was all a dream'."
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    《Alarm Clock and Mirror》