How To Make Money While In School
28 Chapter 23: Why Students Will Not Take This Book Serious
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How To Make Money While In School
Author :SOS_Publications
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28 Chapter 23: Why Students Will Not Take This Book Serious

This last chapter was intentionally moved here from where it was formerly inserted (in the middle of this book) to the end of the book to specially catch your attention.

Its title formerly reads "Why students do not want to make money" but has been changed to "Why students will not take this book serious". Or rather, "Why YOU will not take this book serious"
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The reason is simple! Whatever excuse students have for not taking this book serious is the same excuse they have for not desiring to make money in school. Coincidentally, this is the same excuse you will have for shelving this book in your library immediately after finishing this chapter without doing a thing about all you have read.

Check it out. This chapter will make a lot of difference between what you have read and what you will do with what you have read as we examine the reasons why students (or rather you) will not want to take this book serious.


The reason so many students do not want to make money on their own is because of their overdependence on their parents. This is not singularly the students' problem but also the parents' problem.

So many parents never for once see this as a problem; they feel they are just making life comfortable for their children in order to make them focus on, according to them, the most important thing which is their education.

One can not really say categorically that this action of theirs is wrong. Any good parent will desire a better life for his children, but this has hindered a lot of children from stepping out in confidence to take the risk of generating some funds for themselves. They always reecho "My parents are there for me".

This thought pattern has kept many students poor all their life on campus. Although they look rich, with all of their needs met, they are actually poor, very poor. They depend on their parents for everything they need, no matter how minute. It is understandable when students collect feeding allowance, transport allowance, clothing allowance, pocket money and the likes from home, but some still depend on parents for such irrelevant things as biro allowance, pencil allowance, eraser allowance and even allowance for come-what-may!

Such overdependence should not be encouraged. It will hold you back from taking what you have read in this book serious, and ultimately from making money if you do not change.


Another reason many students do not want to make money is simply because they are lazy. Not all students enjoy the privilege of having rich parents who will give him all he needs in school to the last penny. So many of them are in the class you can call "Management Students", or better put, students who scarcely have enough to survive on campus.

A lot of them depend more on the extra money they make by tasking all the uncles and aunties around, both the ones they are related to and the ones they just call by the titles just for the sole reason of getting some aids from them when the time to go back to school draws near.

Very few of these ones hardly want to make their own money themselves. They prefer to starve almost to death, or rather beg from other students to share their meal, than to take a step that will make life more comfortable for them.

This is not just limited to students. This is the same reason able bodied men will go on the street, begging for alms to survive-laziness. It always start from their school days, then grow up with them to adulthood.

The earlier you desist from this action, the better for you and the brighter your future becomes. If you don't, it will hold you back from taking what you have read in this book serious, and ultimately from making money.


The reason most fresh school leavers prefer to suffer in silence, managing whatever meager amount they are paid, rather than making money on their own, is simply because they have not leant anything about making money. This is why too many students and fresh graduates are not really interested in making money - because they have never been taught how to! They have never made money on their own before, and so they are not interested in learning how to!

All their life, they have always been given money to spend. When in nursery school, they were given money to spend. In primary school, the same thing happened. On getting to secondary school, their allowances from home increased, so they could spend more. In the university, they still collected money from home so they could spend. They are too familiar with collecting money from home for the sole purpose of spending that the idea of working to make money seems rather strange to them. They cannot imagine themselves making their own money.

This is why the immediate reaction of a fresh graduate is to begin to carry Curriculum Vitae (C.V.) all around, seeking for employment, or better put, looking for someone else who will give him money to spend again, even if he would have to give the most productive part of his life in exchange for the token.

For how long will you keep looking for free meal all around? Rise up to the challenge. Decide to make money for yourself, rather than help others increase their wealth. Anything aside this will hold you back from taking what you have read in this book serious, and ultimately from making money.


Another reason many students will not take what they have read in this book serious is because of their ego. So many students think more highly of themselves than they really are. They feel they are more intelligent than they actually are, or they are wealthier than they really are, or are better off than they are.

They feel it is only those who cannot live comfortably enough on campus that engages in such campus trades. They also think this will make other students look down on them, and peradventure begin to mock them as less privileged.

All these are not true. They are just statements from the heart of pride. Do not lose this rare chance of financial freedom because of your ego. According to a wise man, arrogance is spelt ego plus ignorant. Do what you have to do in order to get what you have to get.


Eleanor Roosevelt said "Do what you feel in your heart to be right for you will be criticized anyway. You will be damned if you do, and damned if you do not".

Students will always criticize. If you stand, you will be criticized; if you sit, you will be criticized. If you talk, you will be criticized; if you don't, you will be criticized. If you live affluently, they will complain; if you live beggarly, they will whine. If you are making money, they will still complain. So, why not go ahead and make the money.

If you decide not to act on these facts you have read because of the fear of criticism from others, you will live to regret it. It will hold you back from taking what you have read in this book serious, and ultimately from making money.


Everyone has fears and doubts which most paralyzes us. If you have read every bit of this book from beginning up till this page, it is possible you are already considering starting up a pet business to add color to your life on campus. One major obstacle you will encounter is fear, but do not entertain it.

This fear may be as a result of inferiority complex, which increases your self-doubt in your own ability. It is not so much the lack of potential that keeps people from trying, but the lack of self confidence. It could also be as a result of other things too numerous to mention. Whatever its cause, abstain from it.

Fear is too costly. It will dampen your seal, destroy your enthusiasm, cripples your dream and raze the faith you have in yourself. It is this same fear that has kept so many people poor today. You sure do not want to join the list.

Our fears create the "What if" question in our hearts.

What if I do not get enough money to start with? What if nobody patronizes me?

What if the business crumbles and I lose all I have?

What if my parents go against my decision to make money in school?

What if I become a laughing stock among my peers? What if the school authorities go against it?

What if things do not go as planned? What if … … … this?

What if … … … that?

Most of all these questions your fears paint are baseless. They are illusions which really do not exist. You will not discover this until you are willing to stand up to it.

Withstand your fears. Do not let its predictions of doom debar you from doing what you must do. Deal with the source of your fears. The source of your fears could be internal or external. Whichever one it is, deal with it.
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