Martial God Asura
Chapter 3510 - The Li Heavenly Clan’s Savior
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Martial God Asura
Author :Kindhearted Bee
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Chapter 3510 - The Li Heavenly Clan’s Savior

Had it been other women, they would definitely step away from Chu Feng or turn red with embarrassment after encountering his outrageous behavior.

However, Li Ruochu did not do either. Instead, she began to laugh even more charmingly. At the same time, she grabbed Chu Feng’s hand and moved it from her chin to her cheek.

“Little guy, with how excellent you are, how could there be a woman that isn’t interested in you? Your big sister… is also a mortal.”

Li Ruochu looked to Chu Feng with her eyes narrowed. Her look could be described with two words… extremely flirtatious.

Accompanied by Li Ruochu’s exquisitely beautiful face, her expression was simply bewitching.

Had it been someone else, their heartbeat would definitely accelerate, and they might even pounce directly at her.

However, Chu Feng was no longer an ordinary man. His self restraint was rather strong. That said, he was unable to win against a woman like Li Ruochu.

“It would appear that I’ve lost,” Chu Feng immediately retrieved his hand. He felt even more helpless. He knew that his opponent this time around was simply too powerful. He was unable to take liberties with her, and could only admit defeat.

“Haha…” Seeing Chu Feng like that, Li Ruochu’s laughter became even more joyous. It was as if she had won a game.

That being said, it must be said that although Li Ruochu was much older than Chu Feng, her laughing appearance was rather adorable.

Compared to that cold and detached girl Li Yu’er, her big sister Li Ruochu was much more energetic, brimming with youthfulness and amusement.

Due to Li Ruochu’s personality, although she was older than Chu Feng, he did not feel a generation gap when speaking with her. In fact, he felt much more relaxed and unrestrained around Li Ruochu than either Li Yue’er or Wuma Shengjie.

Although the Nine Dragons Upper Realm and the Li Heavenly Clan were very distant from one another, the journey to the Li Heavenly Clan was not tedious at all. Chu Feng even felt it rather delightful.


The Li Heavenly Clan’s Ancestral Formation was located in the central region of their clan.

Although the Li Heavenly Clan had evacuated their clansmen that had resided there for tens of thousands of years so as to prevent casualties amongst their clansmen if their Li Heavenly Clan’s Ancestral Formation had a malfunction, that place still was their Li Heavenly Clan’s residence for tens of thousands of years; a place left behind by their ancestors, the only home in their hearts.

Thus, the Li Heavenly Clan would not abandon it so easily. They would send experts to investigate the situation daily.

As for the present the number of people gathered there was much more than before.

Amongst the people of the younger generation were Li Anzhi, Li Tianyou, Li Yan, Li Youbin and others.

Amongst the older generation were Berserker Li, Li Taiyi, and others.

The person who had the greatest status amongst them was an old man wearing silver armor.

That old man had a head of long white hair. Both his hair and beard measured over a dozen meters in length.

One could tell from his appearance that he should be someone who had lived for many years.

That said, apart from the white hair and beard, age didn’t seem to have left any other imprint on his face. Not only were his hair and beard very thick, but there weren’t many wrinkles on his face either.

He had a very energetic look to him. Furthermore, he stood over three meters tall, and had a very robust build. Even though he was wearing armor, his sturdy, muscle-bound body could not be concealed.

That man was the Li Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, Dragon King Li.

Dragon King Li was a name given to him by his mother. Reportedly, on the day he was born, not only was it raining violently, but there was a dragon’s image that could be faintly seen in the clouds.

His mother felt that he was the reincarnation of a dragon, and thus named him Dragon King.

Dragon King Li did not fail to live up to his name either. He was extremely ruthless and decisive in battle, possessed extraordinary aggression, and was fiercer than even Berserker Li. He was a man akin to a god of war.

His contributions could not go unnoticed in helping the Li Heavenly Clan obtain their current status.

Because of how fierce he was, his reputation was not only resounding outside, but it was also very resounding within the Li Heavenly Clan.

If the clan chiefs of other clans could bring awe upon their clansmen, then this Li Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief was truly one who brought endless fear that originated from the bottom of their hearts.

No one dared to provoke the Li Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief. Not even the Supreme Elders dared to do so. His ruthlessness had already been deeply imprinted into the bones of the Li Heavenly Clansmen. Absolutely no one dared to disobey him.

At that moment, both the people of the older generation and the younger generation were looking downward.

Below them was a spirit formation. Like an ancient pagoda, this spirit formation was filled with an ancient and awe-inspiring aura.

However, at that moment, the ancient spirit formation would occasionally sway. When it swayed, a dangerous aura would be emitted. To be exact, it would be more suitable to call it a destructive aura.

The change to the Li Heavenly Clan’s Ancestral Formation was not something that had just happened in a day or two.

However, the change at that moment was particularly intense. That was the reason why so many grand characters were gathered there, and why even their Lord Clan Chief decided to personally check out the spirit formation.

“Lord Clan Chief, I think we should leave. I’m afraid that the Li Heavenly Clan’s Ancestral Formation will not be able to last for much longer. I feel that it… could explode at any moment,” Li Taiyi said with a soft voice.

The Li Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief did not even bother to look at her, and instead directly shouted, “If you’re afraid, then scram on your own! Don't speak such cowardly bullshit before this exalted one!”

His shout shook the heaven and earth whilst the anger within his voice brought fear upon the crowd.

Even the arrogant and despotic Li Taiyi turned deathly pale with fear. He quietly lowered his head, and dared say no more.

Actually, Li Taiyi was not the only person who was afraid. Plenty of others wanted to leave. In fact, some were even prepared to leave right away.

However, after hearing their Lord Clan Chief’s shout of anger, no one dared to budge.

“Berserker, is there still no sign of activity from that girl Ruochu?” The Li Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief asked Berserker Li, who stood beside him.

“Judging from the timing of things, she should’ve returned by now. However, the person she went to request assistance from is Lord Wuming Xingyun, someone well-known for his eccentric temperament, someone that even the people from the Starfield Master Realm feel fear toward.”

“Ignoring the fact that we cannot confirm that he’s in the Nine Dragons Upper Realm, even if he was, it would still not be an easy task to obtain his help,” Berserker Li said.

“As long as he’s in the Nine Dragons Upper Realm, Ruochu will definitely be able to obtain his help. Merely… I fear that he’s not there,” the Li Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief knew about the relationship between Li Ruochu and Wuming Xingyun. Thus, he was confident that she would be able to obtain his help.

“Lord Clan Chief, Lord Supreme Elder, Ruochu has returned.”

Right at that moment, a figure rapidly flew over. It was an old man. That old man was an elder of the Li Heavenly Clan.

“Ruochu returned by herself?” The Li Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief asked. The others present immediately cast their concerned gazes over.

“Lord Clan Chief, Ruochu did not return by herself,” that old man said.

“She managed to successfully bring Lord Wuming Xingyun back with her?” The Li Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief revealed a joyous look.

“It’s not Lord Wuming Xingyun,” That old man shook his head.

“Who is it then?” The Li Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief’s expression immediately changed.

“Eh… regarding this…” That old man suddenly revealed a difficult expression.

The old man naturally managed to clearly see who it was that had returned with Li Ruochu. Merely, he did not dare to mention who it was, because he was afraid that he would incur the Li Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief’s anger.

“What is this halting behavior? Is this how an elder should act? Immediately go and call Ruochu over. This exalted old man shall ask her personally,” the Li Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“Yes, Milord,” the old man turned around and left.

Not long afterward, Li Ruochu flew over with that old man.

“Ruochu, was Lord Wuming Xingyun not in the Nine Dragons Upper Realm?” the Li Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief asked.

“Lord Clan Chief, Lord Wuming Xingyun was present,” Li Ruochu answered.

“Ah? Could it be that… not even you could request his help?” The Li Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, Berserker Li and the others all revealed disappointed expressions.

“It's not that Lord Wuming Xingyun refused me, it’s that I did not ask him for help,” Li Ruochu said.

“Didn’t ask him? Why didn’t you ask him for help?” Many of the Li Heavenly Clansmen felt confused.

“It’s because this junior felt that there was no need to request Lord Wuming Xingyun’s help,” Li Ruochu answered.

“What? Ruochu, what are you talking about?” Not to mention the others, even the Li Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief and Berserker Li revealed astonished expressions. They were momentarily unable to understand what she had said.

“Li Ruochu, did you not know how heavy of a responsibility you shouldered when you went to the Nine Dragons Upper Realm? Exactly what are you thinking?!” Li Taiyi and some others began to reprimand Li Ruochu.

Faced with their words of criticism, Li Ruochu remained completely confident. She said, “That’s because I’ve managed to request an individual that’s more suitable to help our Li Heavenly Clan.”

“Oh?” Hearing those words, the originally disappointed crowd immediately had a change in their expressions.
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