Eclipse Online
3 Reintroducing
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Eclipse Online
Author :SaiKirito
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3 Reintroducing

"Eclipse Online".

Colorful light effects then took place inside his head. He opened his eyes and he is standing in a dark space. Then a lot of options appeared before his eyes and Ichirou chose one of it then he was teleported from the dark space.

The first thing he saw after opening his is a Japanese style throne hall. The hall was decorated in a very eye catching way and the tiger head above the throne is very eye catching.

The hall itself was very big and not like a typical throne room from ancient Japan but as big as a throne hall from medieval England. There was six pillars on each side an two Samurais stood between the gap of each pillars. The Samurais didn't look halfassed or lazy, they stood firm like a mountain while holding their blade's handle.

There were ten on each side and that makes twenty inside just to guard. Ichirou looked to the side and saw two more Samurais standing beside him. One is as tall as a small mountain while the other is in normal size.

The tall one had a jumonji* type spear while the short one had a katana hanging on his waist. Ichirou swiped his right hand before him. Two options followed his moments and showed a lot of sub options before him.






















Ichirou tapped [status] option and his status showed up.


Name: Benkei

Race: Human

Class: Samurai

Role: King

Title: Shogun

Level: 100

HP: 250,000


Physical damage: 8900

Magical damage: N/A

Physical defense: 9700

Magical defense: 8000

Agility: 1200

Critical: 97%

Add damage: 3400

Elemental affinity: Fire

Respect: Trustworthy

Ichirou sighed after seeing his stats. He then closed it and tapped [Military] option and it showed.


Loyalty: 100%

Total: 321,000

-Footmen: 160,000

--Spearmen: 80,000

--Swordmen: 80,000

-Archers: 80,000

-Calvary: 40,000

-Crossbowmen: 20,000

-Retainers(Samurai): 1,000

Reserve: 20,000

-Kobold spearmen: 8,000

-Kobold swordsmen: 8,000

-Kobold archers: 4,000

Ichirou felt conflicted inside, truth to be told he is really sad about losing all these loyal and faithful men that followed his steps for one whole year, no matter what the situation was! These men always stood behind him and became of them he didn't need to worry about anyone stabbing his back.

Now, the thought about losing all these, this kingdom, this palace, this wealth, his people and his soldiers, he would lose them all when the beta server closes. Due to his respect being maxed out, the field near his territory called "Kobold valley" joined him and became a part of his territory. The kobold soldiers joined his ranks because of this event and his military power increased drastically and became the second largest military on EO.

Even though his military power is lower compared to other Kingdoms, his strategical mind and his blindly loyal retainers fill up that gap. His military number is considered as the second largest military force in EO but his ranking in military power is 16 compared to others.

His Samurai retainers can go toe to toe with a level 85 player! Their level is 90 and fully maxed out. Their only flaw is that there is only a thousand of them.

The short coming of the Japanese civilization in EO is that the "King" can only have a thousand elites while the "Kings" of other civilization can have a lot of elites! The current largest elite army in EO consist of 86 thousand Royal Knights which belongs to the strongest "King" player in EO called "Pendragon".

If compared to him, even Ichirou coupled with his strategies couldn't match up to him due to the militarily difference in both numbers and power. Ichirou can't have more than a thousand elites even though he maxed out his Kingdom but on the other side, Pendragon can have up to 100,000.

The thing is that due to him being stronger than everyone attracted a lot of unwanted attention from both the players and NPC Kingdoms.

Once a legendary battle took place in EO as some of the players who took the role "King" formed a temporary alliance with the NPC Kingdoms nearby and launched a massive assault on "Tristial" the Kingdom which Pendragon rules.

The allied force consisting of 1.5 million soldiers with 500,000 being elites of every other civilization except the Rus and Japan. Pendragon faced them on the "Plain of Fenrir" with his force of 600,000 with 100,000 being all of his elites.

The battle was very brutal but the whole war ended in that one battle. To Pendragon and his forces, only the "Templars, elites of French civilization posed a challenge and moreover, he's a level 100 Knight with all maxed plus he had obsidian armor which was a rarest piece to obtain.

Whole EO watched that battle and thought that Pendragon would lose. But to their surprise, he won the battle with losing only 73,000 with 14,000 of them being his elites whereas the allied force lost 800,000! It was a devastating defeat for them and this defeat made them a laughing stock.

Even if Pendragon is a level 100 there was a difference between numbers and moreover the battlefield was pure plain where they could have used the allied forces to crush him using numbers, but in the end Pendragon won the battle and put an end to the upcoming battles.

From then, no one dared to raise a weapon against Pendragon. Even though Pendragon is said to be the strongest, but he is not the only one. "Francis", King of Rousslet, a French civilization. Out of everyone in EO, only he can go toe to toe with Pendragon or so everyone says.

Ichirou then closed [Military] and opened [Friends].


DreamFly - Online

SanZ - Online

Luther - Online

ElvenProdigy - Online

Ezio - Online

"Looks like everyone's farming.... I'll try calling them anyway" Ichirou then closed [Friends] and opened [Chat].






Ichirou selected "Party" and connected to voice chat, "Guys, where you all at?". He immediately got response, "We are farming in "Underworld", why don't you join us?" Luther said.

Ichirou replied, "Nah, you guys go farm if you want but I want to hold a party meeting, can you guys come?". DreamFly said, "If you want to hold a meeting, you don't need to ask us, just say you wanna hold one".

"I'm all in for it! Just tell us where you wanna hold it dude" SanZ joined the call. "Let me guess, this is about the official launch if I'm not wrong?" Ezio said.

"Well, there you have it! Where do you wanna meet up?" Luther asked. Ichirou thought for a bit and asked, "How about "Lanox"? Is that place good?".

"Well I'm OK with that" Luther said.

"I'm good with anywhere!" DreamFly said.

"As long as it's not anywhere in Light faction, I'm totally good with it" SanZ said.

"I'll meet up with you there then" ElvenProdigy said.

"I'll be there" that's all Ezio said.

"It's decided then, I'm in my Palace right now, I'll meet you all in Lanox in a while" Ichirou said and everyone agreed to his suggestion. In real world, Ichirou has zero friends and is always unsocial with others. But in EO, he is a member of the strongest party in EO! No one in EO would not know about their party! Not because every player in it is a level 100 or they finished every hardest quest or something. They are well known because of Ichirou or more accurately, Benkei.

Benkei is not only famous for defeating Vermilion in battle but also because he survived one on one against Pendragon. Pendragon challenged him to a 1v1 before to test his strength but even Pendragon was amazed by the level of power Benkei possessed.

Pendragon always KOed anyone that challenged him and Francis was the only one in whole EO who managed to make a draw with him. But it was different when he fought with Benkei. Pendragon tried everything he had but in the end he still couldn't kill Benkei and he won because of timeout. When he looked at both their HP after the match ended Pendragon was very shocked! The difference between their HP is only 20 points and both of them were on the red zone, three more hits and Pendragon would have lost and it was just two hits for Benkei to lose. The ones who saw the match just thought that Pendragon went easy on him but only he knew that he used all his powers. Even Francis was baffled after seeing that fight.

Francis felt that he might even lose if he were to fight Benkei directly on a 1v1. Pendragon didn't say anything after that fight and just left the arena after saying his congratulations to Benkei.

Ichirou snapped out of his flashback and took out a teleportation scroll from his [Inventory] and chose Lanox as destination.

He immediately disappeared from his palace and got teleported to Lanox square. The sky looked dark due to dark clouds emitted by the nearby volcano. There weren't many players around but there was a lot of NPCs walking. Some looked like soldiers from early France while others looked like Mercenaries.

The NPCs didn't mind Ichirou but his costume caught the eyes of the players that were around. Ichirou didn't regard them and just walked towards the Traven. The moment he walked in, all eyes were on him.

There was six players while a dozen Mercs. He just walked to the corner and sat down near the window. He browsed through his [Inventory] and [Territory] to pass time while waiting for his friends.

He waited for more than half an hour and they were yet to come. He was about to call them again but to his luck, they walked in just as he was about call.

All five of them walked to him and sat near his. There was an Iron Paladin, a High Elf mage, a shadow Assassin, a forest fairy and a phantom Necromancer.

"So what did you want to talk about?" Luther, the Iron Paladin asked. Ichirou said, "I think, we shouldn't use our current name when the official launches because it might attract some attention towards us".

ElvenProdigy, the High Elf mage said, "I've also been thinking about it lately, we shouldn't stick with our usual name and go with something else". "Then what should we go with? Even if we use different names how would we be able to find the other? You do remember that when you create a new character you get teleported to your race's beginner's town right?" DreamFly, the forest fairy asked.

"Wait! That would mean only I would be spawning all alone!!!!!!" SanZ, the Phantom Necromancer said. "Then change your race if you want or just level up fast meet up with us became I'm sure no one is going to change the race nor the class" Ezio, the shadow Assassin said.

Ichirou said, "Well, that's true anyway because me, Ezio and Luther are of Human race while Elven town and pixie Palace is just one field away, only Town of the dead is far away! Sorry dude, it's just how life works". SanZ mood quickly fell, " can't be....".

Luther laughed, "Hey, don't tease the scariest Necromancer in EO like that". ElvenProdigy then asked, "If we are to change our name, what should we keep as our name? It would be better for us to use our IRL names since I doubt anyone knows about us right?".

Ezio said, "You do have a point there! We should use our IRL names since it would be better for the long run anyway, right?". Luther said, "Well I'll just go with anything you all chose".

"Same with me" SanZ said. DreamFly just nodded her head and smiled brightly. Ichirou then decided, "Well if everyone agrees with it then we can go with our IRL names".

Luther was all smiles but his helmet hid it. "Then shouldn't we tell our names?" DreamFly asked. "Hisagiri Hayato, that's my name, thanks for always taking care of me" SanZ said.

"Michishio Nagasumi here" Ezio said. "Just called me Satomi" ElvenProdigy said. "Chigusa Misa, but call me Misa! Nice to be friends with you all!".

"Wait! Is everyone here from Japan!? Am I the only one from Europe!?" Luther jumped from his seat. Everyone got surprised after hearing it. "Eh!!!!!????? Luther, you are from Europe? That's awesome!" Misa said.

"What is your real name?" Nagasumi or Ezio asked him. "No, it really is Luther" he said. Everyone didn't speak a word. "Wait... That means till now you were using you real name all this time?" Nagasumi asked. Luther nod his head in acceptance. Everyone then turned towards Ichirou, waiting for him to say his name.

"Ichirou, Mikagawa Ichirou, glad to be friends with you" he said. "Wow! That's a really nice name! It's cute!" Misa said. "So that means you are the eldest son?" Satomi asked.

Ichirou nod his head as he said, "Yea, I actually got a little sister back in real world". "Wow! I can't wait to meet her!" Misa smiled brightly as she said.

"I'll introduce her to you all when the official launches" Ichirou said while smiling. They all started chatting with each other happily since there is no trouble about eavesdropping since they enabled private space in setting.

"So you were also here huh? Ich chan~".

Everyone turned towards the source of the voice. "Someone you know?" Misa asked. "Some trouble I should not know" Ichirou said.


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