Eclipse Online
5 Confrontation
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Eclipse Online
Author :SaiKirito
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5 Confrontation

Ichirou just stood there with his eyes closed. Koujo smirked, "What happened? Did you lose your edge? Or are you going easy on me? This doesn't feel like I'm fighting a level 100 legend league player!". Ichirou finally opened his eyes as he brought up his fists, "Do you really think that I'm an idiot let go of my weapon just because you pushed me? Are you retarded? I did that because we got quite the audience so let's put up a show worth for their money, now come at me!".

Koujo still had that smirk as he launched at Ichirou with his spear pointing at him. "Charge of the sun!" he shouted as he ran while pointing his spear at him. The spear's tip began to burn and the whole spearhead got engulfed in a golden flame.

Ichirou didn't care about the meteor looking spear coming at him and just kept his defence up. "Inferno fists" Ichirou said in a very low voice only audible to him. Ichirou's fist then got engulfed by red flame just like how Koujo's spear but it was red and black.

Koujo pushed his spear at him with the intent to kill. Ichirou bend to his right side a little and gave an uppercut to his spear's head. The spear's trajectory changed and went above him head. Koujo knew that he messed up really good this time when his spear went off the mark and he was full of opening.

Ichirou's eyes glowed red and he immediately changed pose as he gave a left uppercut right where Koujo's upper stomach is located. Koujo's red armor cracked, he felt that he is done for good. Ichirou's punch sent shockwaves behind Koujo's back like a missile launching from his back. Koujo spat mouthful of digital blood. Ichirou let go of him and he knelt down on the floor while clutching his stomach.

Ichirou walked away from him towards his blade. "Red dragon's armor, that thing is really pricey and it is also more durable than anything or so they say but in truth, this thing your wearing called "Red dragon armor" is really useless if you ask me and you know why?" Ichirou said as he walked and picked up his blade.

He walked back to Koujo and placed the edge of his blade on his right shoulder near his neck. "Why.....? Isn't... This suppo- "cough* supposed to be the next best thing after deep blue sea iron armor?" Koujo asked as he looked up towards Ichirou's face. Ichirou's face had a blackened dark expression that only natural born killers would have. "Hehehe~ that's because it's only "just" a red dragon's armor, not the red dragon emperor's armor". Koujo finally noticed something above Ichirou's head. It looked like a crown symbol and something was written below it.


Koujo's eyes were wide and full of fear after he read that. "N- n- no- no way.... This is not possible! ARE THE ONE WHO KILLED THE RED DRAGON GOD!?". *Splash*. His head got decapitated as he finished shouting his last words. His HP depleted within a second and he died.


Ichirou let out a sigh and sheathed his blade. He looked towards the audience side and saw that only DreamGirl had a shocked expression on her face while his friends had an excited reaction. He turned towards the two kings, there's not much of a reaction from them but they still smiled. Akari looked at her friendlist and saw that Vermilion went offline. "Eh!? He went offline!?" Akari said with a shocked expression.

"Hahahaha! Did he suffer that much of a mental trauma that made the system kick him out?" Luther laughed. "Hey! This is no laughing matter! What if something happened to him? He is like the super popular guy in our school!" Akari scowled at him.

Luther went quiet like he was thinking about something. He finally opened his mouth saying, "I think I now understand why Benkei avoids you and want to keep his distance from you". "Eh? What do you mean?" Akari got confused as to why he would say that.

"Luther got up and walked past her as he said, "You only care about "Your" friends and forget the ones who think you as their "friend", I now kinda understand why he's like this" he walked away, coolly. SanZ and Ezio shook their heads and got as they followed Luther. ElvenProdigy and DreamFly just followed them.

Ichirou heard everything they talked and it was sort of the reason as to why he decided to become a loner in real life. He just didn't want to go through all those stuff he experienced in the past. Friends, he thought that they would be with him till the end. But in the end, he was standing all alone while the darkness engulfed him.

Humans wear a mask on their face when talking to others and he learned that when he was little. He didn't want to be close to anyone who's fake to him. The only ones he trust is his family, his friends in EO and his loyal subjects. Reality is totally different from VR and everyone knows that. VR games are not just about people going around killing mobs and PKing players or playing PVP or leveling up. It's not just an online community, it's a world where people show their inner self, their real self.

In VR, you don't have to put on a mask or act up before someone because there is no possibility that the person you meet in VR can find you in real life, unless you tell them your ID and address. In VR, peoples mind do the work while the real body just lying around in the bed. When someone can let their minds, their inner self run free, their true facade begins to come out of the shades.

Till now Akari bragged about how she's friends with Ichirou but in the end, she doesn't really care about him. Even though, he still had a tinge of hope that she would, but in the end she disappointed him once again.

He turned to leave but she stopped him, "Ich chan wait! I'm-". "What? Are you going to once again say something like "I'm your childhood friend" fantasy? Even now, all you care about is "your" friends! You don't even care about me so why do you keep on bothering me?" Ichirou cut her off with his back facing her.

Tear dropped slowly dripped from her eyes as she said, "Because they are my friends and you are different!" she shouted. "Hooo, looks like you didn't even view me as you friend right from the beginning huh? It was foolish of me to think I was best buds with you in the past, I can't really blame myself right? I was nothing but a kid with his head in the clouds".

"No....that's not the reason" Akari mumbled as tear drops flowed from her eyes. "Yea? So there really was some other reason for you leave me huh? I'm not so sure I want to hear that sugar talk of yours! Even now, you just cared for that flashy fucker and scowled at me even after going on and on about "I'm your childhood friend" part! You never cared for me when I was all alone in class duties! You pushed all your work load on me saying "aren't we friends?" Excuse and went to hangout with "your" friends while I was cleaning the classroom! Alone! You never cared for me when I was all alone in the park crying! You never cared for me when I was being bullied! You never cared for me at all and yet you care for someone you met few hours ago and argue for him with me! Aka your "childhood friend"! Just how do you expect me to react?" he turned to face her. His eyes were a little bit moist as tears formed in them.

"That's not the reason!" Akari said as she started to hold back her crying but tears were dripping from her eyes like a river. "Then what is it!? Am I a fucking clown that you could've just use and throw for your entertainment!?" Ichirou shouted.

"BECAUSE I LIKE YOU!" Akari used her all her strength to shout as hard as she can to say it. "It's because I like you...I just didn't want to lose you or make you forget me...". Ichirou didn't know what to say. Truth to be told, he was pretty much shocked when she said "I like you" part but a part of him told him not to believe her. Girls are like roses, it looks gorgeous from afar but you will notice the thorns when you get near it and it will make you bleed if you try to pick it up.

Ichirou made his decision as he said, "Then I guess you already did". "Huh?" Akari got both confused and shocked after hearing this. He continued, "Even I once- no not just once, a lot of times! I thought that we could be something special, something....more than friends... But I realized that I was just another virgin who got swayed by looks, I tried to take the rose even though I knew it will hurt me when I take it but, that small heart of mine didn't understand or care about it all that much and went for the flower even though the path was full of thorns and when I reached it, I realized that it doesn't even care to look at me, it saw me like a "thing" it could use but not as a person who adored it and that's when I made the decision, "I would never care for anyone except for those who care about me" and that worked out pretty fine to me! So no matter what you say, I still see you as a rose that "I" can't pick". His words were exactly as he said, thorns stabbing her heart. She started crying even more as she tried to speak, "But.....but...".

"No "butts" or "bitches", don't think only girls have heart that are delicate! We boys do too and ours are even more delicate than you that it will break even for little reasons and mine? It already broke" Ichirou said in a cold tone. Akari couldn't take it anymore and broke down crying loud. The system kicked her out due to over emotional stress.

Ichirou just stood there with tear drops rolling down on his cheek. The two kings who witnessed this up close didn't know what to say. This wasn't their problem and this wasn't a problem they should struck their nose in. Pendragon and Francis walked to him. "We can keep our fight another day, add me as your friend" Pendragon said.

Ichirou nodded his head and two icons popped up before his eyes.

[Player "Pendragon" sent you a friend request, do you accept? Yes/No]

[Player "Francis" sent you a friend request, do you accept? Yes/No]

Ichirou looked at Francis for a second and he nodded his head, so he accepted both their requests. He then checked his [Friends] option.


DreamFly - Online

SanZ - Online

Luther - Online

ElvenProdigy - Online

Ezio - Online

Pendragon - Online

Francis - Online

Ichirou then nodded his head towards them both. Pendragon said as he put one of his hand on Ichirou's shoulder, "Now you go take care, don't push yourself to hard" he then teleported. "Well not like I need to say, still take care" Francis said as he also teleported.

Ichirou's gang came back to him. "It's better if you take some rest for now" Luther said in a worried tone. "Yea bro, you better log off and go to sleep for now, we can sort things out tomorrow" SanZ said.

"They are right, you need rest now" ElvenProdigy said. The other two nodded their head and didn't say anything. Ichirou lightly nod his head as he said, "Yea, probably for the best". He then took out a hearth stone and teleported back to his Palace. The Samurais didn't move an inch from where they were standing, they were like dolls.

Ichirou then logged out of the game and took his helmet gear off. He looked at the ceiling as he mumbled to himself, "Tomorrow is going to be pretty worked up". He then shut his eyes and fell asleep.


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