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6 Happiness after misunderstanding
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Eclipse Online
Author :SaiKirito
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6 Happiness after misunderstanding

Morning. Sun began to rise as well as the people of this busy world. While everyone began their daily workout or something "productive", Ichirou just kept sleeping without a care. *crank* *crank* *crank*. His alarm clock began it's work and started ringing like it's the end of the world.

"Noisy" Ichirou said lazily as he grabbed his alarm clock. *BAM*. He threw the clock and it hit the wall, just like that. And he started sleeping once again.


His room's door was slammed opened and his little sister entered the room. "What do you think you are doing! How lazy can you get? Get up! It's time for you to go to school!" she said as she removed the bedsheet. "Leave me alone, I don't want to wake up" Ichirou said in a sleepy tone.

"Come on! You are the one who told me to wake you today up no matter what happens! Get up!" Hikari said while shaking him. "Huh....? What is the date today?" Ichirou asked as he looked at her with his lazy eyes.

"You don't even know the date? What are you on?" Hikari asked suspiciously. "Just tell me already" Ichirou said. Hikari couldn't understand this brother of hers but she still answered him, "It's November 27, how could you forget it?". Ichirou's eyes became full awake when he heard that. "27th!? Sorry, I gotta go get ready! Bye!" Ichirou then bolted to bathroom. Hikari was shocked. "He can that fast? Wait! Can he even run!?" She exclaimed.

The usually lazy Ichirou was getting ready to school in lightning speed and this really shocked Hikari. "Onii chan, what's wrong? Are you sick? I never seen you this active before! Not even on weekends! What is going on?" Hikari asked him. Ichirou answered her while eating his toasted bread, "Don't worry about it and I don't need dinner tonight, I won't be coming home tonight".

"Why? Tell me! Where are going to stay tonight if you aren't coming home? Are you doing something illegal?" Hikari asked him with a suspicious look. "I'm not doing anything illegal and I'm going to stay at a friend's, don't over think too much" said as he took another bite.

"Really? You have friends? Somehow I can't believe you" Hikari said while eating her toast. "Have some faith! Even I have friends!" Ichirou defended his dignity. "Imaginary ones don't count" she said calmly.

Ichirou can't win against her so he gave up and finished his breakfast. He put on his jacket and grabbed his bag. "I'm leaving" he said as he opened the door. "Onii chan! Wait!" Hikari came out running in her uniform with her bag in hand. "What's the matter?" Ichirou asked her.

"Mom will be coming home tonight so you don't have to worry about me but remember to eat dinner okay? Don't play too hard with your friends that you forget dinner and sleep!" Hikari said while trying to look like a parent. Ichirou smiled and said while patting her head, "Hai Hai, I'll do just as you commanded your royal Highness".

Hikari smiled cutely and locked the doors then went on their ways. Hikari joined her friends as soon as she reached the end of the street while Ichirou walked alone. "Staying at my friend's huh? can we even be considered as friends? Well, who knows?" he said as he looked at the blue sky with clouds. An aero plane was flying very high in the sky that it looked like an insect. He then continued walking to the station while hearing song as usual.

When he reached the train station, a lot of his schoolmates were talking among themselves. Ichirou didn't care about what they talked about, but it was really lively today. Some were watching some kind of video in their phones while the others were very pumped in talking about something. Even though he did not care about what they talk about, he was slightly curious.

He moved to the side as he removed his earphones as he turned off the song and heard a group of girls talking, "It was soooo awesome! I can't wait to play it!". "Yes! The time he countered that spear was really cool!" Another girl said. "I got to agree! That spear guy was not bad either, I wonder if he have a girlfriend?" and another girl.

Ichirou frowned in confusion, 'What are they talking about? Spear guy? Can't wait to play? What is going on?' he thought. He then overheard two guys talking, "Like I said, there is a difference between their level! I researched them both and it seems that they are 8 levels apart! It was a one sided fight" a guy with glasses said. "Even so, you can use your real life fighting techniques in there! The spear guy clearly lost due his lack of knowledge in martial arts while the other guy is clearly a pro! His moves were basic movements!" friend of the glasses guy said.

Ichirou felt that they were talking about something related to him. He immediately put on his earphones and opened YouTube and looked at current top trending videos. The top first video was about a duel in EO beta server. The title was,

VERMILION (Spear wielder) SUFFERED A MASSIVE DEFEAT THAT HE GOT KICKED OUT OF THE GAME! BENKEI (Samurai) wiped the floor with him in a Duel on Lanox! KING VS KING CLASH!

He got to agree that the title itself was big. He read the description, "According to the source, it seems that the level 91 King player and also one of the legend league player, Vermilion, ruler of the top 4th ranked Chinese civilization country called "Wu Gong", has challenged another King player who's level's 100 and one of the strongest player as well as commands the second largest military power in EO beta server, Benkei, ruler of a Japan civilization country and a legend league player! Vermilion got full of himself and straight up challenged him to a duel and Benkei accepted his challenge! The duel took place in Lanox city arena stadium and ended within a minute! Benkei didn't seem to go easy on him that Vermilion probably got so scared that he shit his pants at the last moment! It was as if he saw the grim reaper in real life or something XD! Like and subscribe to my channel if you want videos like this in the future! <3" and that's the end of it.

Ichirou then played the video. It showed his fight between Koujo and him which happened yesterday. It showed the details in slow motion and replays as well. Above all, the video hit 3 million views over night! It's a fucking record! Ichirou already knew about the videos on EO being released on social media as a guide. But he never thought that someone would video his duel with Koujo and upload it on social media. Moreover, he never even dreamt that this video would hit 3 mil over night, it was way too much!

He just let out a sigh and ignored it. Let them talk all they want! It's not like his identity as Benkei will be really released or something. The train arrived at the station and everyone boarded it. Ichirou just minded his own business and did not try to interact with others as usual.

The train reached the station soon and everyone got out. Since it was a bit crowed while getting out, someone bumped into him and pushed him aside. Ichirou lost his balance a bit and bumped into a girl, who was also exiting the train along with her boyfriend.

The girl fell on the ground while Ichirou managed to balance up. He extended his hand to her as he said, "Sorry, are you okay?". The girl realized what happened and shouted at him, "Where do you think you are!? Is your eyes behind your head? Don't you even know to look forward while walking?" she was staring daggers at him.

"I'm sorry, someone bumped into me and I pushed you by accident" Ichirou apologized as he extended his hand to help her get up. Someone's hand hit Ichirou's and once he turned to look at the person, he received a punch right up his face. Ichirou fell on the floor with a bit of blood coming out of his mouth. He looked up to see who hit him and it was her boyfriend.

"Don't go bumping on other's girlfriend or else, you won't be able to walk next time" he sounded very threatening. Ichirou noticed the surrounding people whispering among themselves.

"Wah! Another pervert? Won't these guys give it a rest?"

"Don't get too close to him! He mind use his perverted techniques on us!"

"Is that dude for real? Hitting on other's girls fight thing in the morning"

"Youngsters these days are getting worse"

All type of comments could be heard among the crowed. Ichirou got up and looked at the guy and said, "I'm not hitting on your girl or anything, someone bumped into me and I bumped into your girlfriend, it was merely an accident". "Heh, there you blaming it all was nothing but an accident, can't you find some other excuse that seems more real?" the guy said.

Ichirou was reaching his limit. This guy already punched him and his girlfriend shouted him and now his reputation in public is down to ground level and yet he is provoking him, this guy is counting death. The guy was pissed off and wanted to teach Ichirou a lesson or two. He was about to move towards him and throw another punch, but stopped after receiving a cold glare from Ichirou. He did not know why, but something inside told him that he would be sent to hospital if he were to press on the matter anymore.

At the right timing, an officer came as he was curious about the crowed and saw the guy about to trouble Ichirou more. He intervened, "Hey you lot! What is going on here?". The girl said, "That guy tried to assault me!". "Is what the girl saying true?" the officer turned to Ichirou and asked.

Ichirou wiped the little bit of blood and said, "No officer, someone pushed me on the crowd while getting out and I accidentally bumped into her, but her boyfriend and her falsely accused me of assault". A girl from the crowed came forward and said, "He's lying officer! I saw him bumping into the girl wantonly! He's lying to escape!" she pointed her finger at him. Ichirou looked and the girl and remembered her being in his class. So he actually got false accusations by his own classmate, great start of the day.

Ichirou was reaching his limit on patients level. One accidental fall and everyone accuse him? Just how pathetic is this world? he thought. The officer noticed the expression of everyone and said, "You three! You are coming with me to the officer booth and write a report in what happened then you can go" he then turned around and left. "Ehhhhhh? At this rate we are going to be late! All because of this guy!" the girl glared at Ichirou. "Don't worry, he's our school! We'll deal with him later" the guy said with an angry face.

Ichirou didn't care one bit about the threat. He just walked to the booth and wrote his report in detail, the other two did the same. After exiting, the guy warned him, "If I were you, I would watch myself while in school". The two of them ran away leaving Ichirou behind. Ichirou reached his limit as he said, "I would do the same if I were you" the two were long gone while Ichirou walked, there was still some time for the bell.

Ichirou reached the school and took his school shoes out and put then on. He then walked straight to the classroom. The moment he entered the classroom, all eyes were on him. He looked around and noticed that Akari was not here today. He quietly walked to his seat and sat down. His nap time is lost but he still made it in time.

He also noticed that he would receive death and disgusted glare from girls side from time to time. He never paid heed to them and just minded his own business. Suddenly, there was an announcement, "Second year, class C, Mikagawa Ichirou-kun, please come to the principal's office immediately". The announcement repeated once again, "Second year, class C, Mikagawa Ichirou-kun, please come to the principal's office immediately".

Ichirou knew exactly why he was being called over. He got up from his seat and walked out of the classroom. The classroom was full of whispers. He didn't care. He walked towards the principal office and surprisingly bumped into his homeroom teacher. "Ah, sorry" Ichirou apologized. "Oh it's you, Mikagawa kun" the teacher said, surprised.

Ichirou had his head down wile looking sad. The teacher smiled as he patted him, "You don't have to worry about anything, everyone knows about you and your character very well, you don't have to worry too much and just have a nice little talk with him and return to the class, I'll try to stall for as long as I can" he laughed and walked away. Ichirou felt a sense of warmth in his chest. His mood brightened up as he walked towards the principal office.

He reached principal office and knocked on the door. "Come in" a grim voice came from the other side. Ichirou opened the door and entered the room. Man with a grim face was looking outside the window. The window reflected his face as he looked out. A girl with angel like beauty was also inside. Her face was full of disgust while looking at Ichirou.

"Principal, you called for me?" Ichirou asked in the most polite manner he could. The man turned around and asked, "Do you know the reason why you have been called here?". Ichirou replied with a simple, "Yes". The principal walked to his desk and picked up a form like paper. "Do you know what this is?". Ichirou looked at it and said, "No sir".

"It's the petition to suspend you from the student council" he said calmly. Ichirou was surprised. Not because of the order but the speed of news that travels nowadays. It has not been a whole hour since he was falsely accused and yet there is a petition for his suspension before him, he took the speed of news travel lightly. "So? Do you want to say anything? Like defend yourself?" principal asked.

"No sir" Ichirou said lightly. He already accepted whatever came his way. "Is that so? Then you may return to your class" the principal said. Both Ichirou and the girl were utterly surprised, they clearly did not expect that coming. "Principal! Are you going to let him go just like that?" The girl asked with her voice raised.

"My word is my order! No one shall disobey me! Now return to your classes" principal said in a ordering manner. "Yes sir!" Ichirou smiled and walked out. "Principal! What do you think you are doing!? He is clearly guilty! And yet you let him walk away?" the girl shouted at him.

Principal calmly said, "There is no way that he would do something like that or so every teacher that attends his class said, what can I do to him after hearing something from all the teachers? Even I can't possibly think that he would do something like assaulting someone after hearing his teachers explain hid personality". The girl asked confusedly, "What did they say?".

The principal replied, "They said that he's someone who always pays attention in class and has almost zero friends because of his "energy saving mode" personality". "Huh? He's someone like that? But they say there were witnesses and also a girl came forward and said that he "did" wantonly bumped into that girl" the girl said.

"This is a fast track world, accidents sometime happen and about the witnesses, they will believe what they see at the moment and would pay no heed to the real truth" the principal said. "Then what about the girl who said he did bump into her with purpose?" the girl persisted.

"Haha, you should know better than anyone that girls seek attention and if they can get the spotlight, they would do anything! Isn't that right, student council president?" Principal smirked at her. The girl let out a sigh as she said, "I give up, I can never fight up to you in a one on one debate".

Ichirou has returned to his classroom and took his seat. He then listened attentively to the class with a bright mood. During lunch, he got a meat bun from cafeteria and went to the roof. "Peaceful, if everything was like this it would have been fine" he said as he looked at the pure blue sky. No one was on the rooftop today, so he get to have the whole place for himself.

He ripped the package and started eating his bun. Suddenly, someone opened the door and came. It was the girl he saw yesterday on the grocery store. Ichirou paid her no heed and just munched his lunch.

"Umm.... Mikagawa-kun?" the girl called him timidly. "What is it?" he asked without even looking at her. "Here's the money you lend me yesterday! Thank you for helping me!" she gave him back the 100 yen he spend for her yesterday. He got it from her and simply said, "Thank you" then continued his lunch.

The girl just stood there. Ichirou felt irritated a bit, "Is there anything else you want to say?" he asked. The girl suddenly bowed, "I'm sorry!" she said. Ichirou got surprise as to why she would apologize to him. "Why are you apologizing to me?" he asked confusedly. "Well.......I accidentally bumped into this morning and caused all that commotion! I'm extremely sorry!" she said with utmost sincerity.

Ichirou was shocked for a second and recovered, "Is that so? Well tell that to the prez". The girl clearly felt guilty and she was hoping for him to scold her. He helped her when she was in a pinch and yet she caused him more trouble. She thought he would shout at her, but he just bruised it off like it's no big deal.

"Are you....not going to shout me? I caused you so much trouble" she asked timidly with a shaking voice. He calmly answered, "What's the point?". She got surprised by his reply. He continued, "There is no point in getting angry at you, you did that accidentally, not purposefully". She did not know what to say, she initially thought she would get scold since she heard her classmates talking about what happened and how he got accused and everything.

But looking at him now, she clearly misunderstood him. She then said, "Thank you Mikagawa-kun, if you don't mind can I sit here?". "Do as you wish" he said.

The girl just sat beside him and opened her lunch box. 'Oh, she came prepared' he thought. Both of them quietly ate their lunch. She wanted to talk to him, but she was just too shy. Ichirou finished his lunch and got up. He walked to the door and stopped, "If you want, we can eat together some other time too" he said then walked away. She couldn't process what just happened but she was happy.

Rest of the day just went on as usual. The school ended and everyone walked out of the school in pairs as they headed while Ichirou went to the gift shop all alone. He looked around and a ring caught his eyes. The ring looked ordinary, but the design was eye catching.

He bought it without a second thought. The shop keeper wrapped the box with gift covering. "Is it for your girlfriend?" the shop keeper lady asked with a smile. "Maybe?" Ichirou replied with a smile and walked out.

He took the bus and reached the hospital. He walked in and headed straight to the lift and went to the eighth floor. After exiting the lift, he walked to the fourth door on right and opened it casually. Inside, a girl with beautiful face was lying on the bed with her eyes closed. She had a I.V bag hanging beside the bed and the cardiac monitor showed her heart rate was normal. "I'm back" he said as he entered the room and closed the door behind him.

"Happy birthday, Yui"


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