Eclipse Online
7 Saving the damsel in distress
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Eclipse Online
Author :SaiKirito
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7 Saving the damsel in distress

He walked towards her and sat on the chair beside the bed. Ichirou held one of her hand, "How you been? Did you feel lonely without someone?" he said with a smile. The girl didn't reply. He kept his smile as he said, "Yesterday was really tiresome, you know? My childhood friend transfered to my school and on top of that, she's my classmate now! I really hate her! She always said I'm her friend and yet she ignored me in middle school while I was all alone, now she came back saying that she's my friend and stuff like I'm some dumb guy with no pride! I will never forgive her" he said while holding her hand.

The girl didn't reply again. "Oh yea, there are only a few days till the game's officially launch! I'll get you one since I can buy up to three games without having to stand in line or anything as I'm a beta player, it's a privilege we got" Ichirou said with excitement. Ichirou smiled lightly, "I wish you would wake up soon so that we can go around and have lots of fun...I want to go to the arcade with you, play games, go to cafes and all the places where friends would go, I wonder when that will happen" he said as he looked out the window.

Just then, the door opened again and a guy older than Ichirou by at least 4 years came in. He was surprised to see Ichirou sitting beside the bed but he still smiled, "So you came huh, Ichirou-kun?". "Ah! Yuu-san, how could I not come? Won't she like eat me alive if I didn't pay her a visit on her birthday? I still plan on living a few years you know?" Ichirou said with a laugh.

"Hahaha, glad to see your doing fine, Ichirou-kun" Yuu said while laughing. This guy here is the big brother of the sleeping beauty. He's a university student with good looks and great marks. A typical successful person. "So? How are things going? School and stuff?" Yuu asked as he placed the box in his hand on the table.

"Tiring as always and my recent days have not been any better" Ichirou replied in a bitter tone. "Any problems?" Yuu asked confusedly. "My childhood friend or so she thinks that way, has transfered to our school and she's in my class now, she's been causing some problem and it finally exploded into a quarrel and then I get falsely accused as a pervert, think I don't have any problems now?" Ichirou smiled bitterly. "Ah.....sorry I asked, do you need any help with that?" Yuu asked.

"Nah, I can manage it, thanks though" Ichirou said. "Well, as long as your good" Yuu shrugged his shoulders. "So? What did the doctors say?" Ichirou asked him in a concerned tone. "The usual as always, she will wake up eventually and they could do nothing about it" Yuu replied him in a sad tone.

"It's all my fault, isn't it?" Ichirou's voice became very sad. Yuu didn't know how to explain, but as the older one here, he has the duty to. He put one of his hand on Ichirou's shoulder as he said, "Don't worry Ichirou-kun, we all know it wasn't your fault, even our parents know that! So don't blame yourself over what happened, it's all in the past now and we should move in to the future, ok?" Yuu gave him a kind smile.

"I know...I know that, but I can't bring myself to accept it! If it wasn't for me, she would not have to go through this! She.....could have been happier.....smiling all day with her friends...that beautiful smile of her' life to everything around was all ruined by me! How could I forgive myself for this? How could with this?" Ichirou was literally choking and his eyes teared up.

Yuu on the side was also getting affected by this. He loves his sister to the core, as a big brother. Even though he has all the right in the world to tear Ichirou into pieces, he won't do it. Because as to why his sister would be the victim is because of her actions. And it was done by her "own" will and not by someone forcing her.

In truth, she would always say "Ichirou" this, "Ichirou" that and what not when in home. Ever since she was little, other kids would always distance themselves from her and this made her lonely af and the same thing repeated in middle school. Her beauty caught the string in boys. The same beauty cut the string in girls. Due to boys falling head over heels for her, the girls started spreading bad rumors. It wasn't that hard for rumor to pass on and when it reached her ears, she couldn't take it. She never did have any "true" friends because of both her beauty and her status.

Some would "pretend" to be her friends while the rest would just ignore her. She drew girls hatred because many of the boys who confessed to her dumped their girlfriends for her and of course, she shot them down. (I'm still single and yet they are throwing away their gfs....Life can be cruel frequently)

She changed schools because of this reason. She would always cry in her room and curse at herself for being beautiful. When she transfered for the 4th time, she met the person who gave her a meaning. She met Ichirou on final year in middle school. Of course a lot of boys repeated the same thing as the previous schools, heck even the juniors started proposing to her and so the history repeated again.

Whenever she was in the class, boys would steal glances at her, except one. He always seemed like he had his own world to take care of. (Technically, he did). He wouldn't even bat an eye to her. At first, she thought he was a rare guy who is being very loyal to his girlfriend. Then when she found out he's single, she thought he must be a gay since he never really look at girls. And then it turned out that he is straight and was a lone wolf who never really interact with others. He had his own stuff to worry about.

One day when she was confessed to once again, it turned out pretty violent. The guy turned out to be the boyfriend of one of the girls in her class. Well, she didn't know about this and rejected him like all others. But this time, the guy took the rejection casually and tried to assault her. She was about to be devoured but then suddenly, the guy received a kick right to his face.

He was sent flying like a soccer ball. She turned to look at her savior and she was surprised. It was Ichirou with his annoyed look. "You bastard! Why did you kick me like that!" the guy scowled. Ichirou's eyes became even more annoyed as he said, "Assaulting a girl is a crime you know? You could get expelled for it".

"Huuuuh? Why do you care? You are a loser anyway! Did you fall for this bitch?" the guy said while getting up from the ground. Ichirou sighed as he scratched the back of his head, "This is why dealing with these things are a waste of my energy but, I can't just walk away when someone is committing a crime right in front of my eyes" he said in a cold tone.

"Hehehe, so you were following us huh? Don't you have the sense of justice a bit over?" the guy said as he tightened his fist. "Maybe? But I think you should call out your friends who are hiding in the bush and I was not following you" Ichirou blankly said.

Two guys and a girl came out of their hiding. "Aren't you sharp? To think you noticed us" one of the guy that came out of the bush said. "Well, who care? Let's just beat him up and mess her up! Nonoka, get the camera ready to record when we mess that bitch" the other guy said. "Okie~" the girl said with an evil smirk on her face. Ichirou sighed again, "So you guys work for that slut huh? What did she promise you? A good fuck?" he said with a disgusted face. "Who do you think you are to call my girlfriend a slut! I'm gonna beat you till you can't walk!" the one who received Ichirou's kick said.

Ichirou's annoyed meter was rising faster than he though. He took out his phone and opened an application then pointed the camera at the three who came out of the bush.*click*. He took a picture of the three and tapped "run" in the application then put his phone back to his pocket. "Hey! Why did you take our picture!" the girl shouted.

"You will know in few seconds" he said without even batting an eye to her. The first guy couldn't hold it in anymore and lunged at Ichirou. He threw a fist at Ichirou's face. Ichirou tilt to the side a bit and grabbed his hand and then did a judo throw. The force of throw made the guy hit the wall very hard. He lost his consciousness as he lie on the ground upsidedown.

His friends were stunned for a second and darted at Ichirou the next. They both threw punches as him, but he dodged them with ease. He tripped the fat guy and gave a roundhouse kick for the other. Nonoka's face became pale after witnessing this. Ichirou slowly walked to her and punched right in her face! Her cheek got a red mark due to the impact.

"You'd hit a girl! Aren't you shameful? How can you even call yourself a gentleman when you hit girls!" the girl shouted like she's the one being wronged. Ichirou got even more pissed after seeing her innocent "play" and blaming him for everything. "I don't hit girls, but I hit bitches, I believe in gender equality" Ichirou said.

"Well too bad for you, that camera on the tree should have got everything you did! It can't record sound so we should we safe but you will get expelled! I have a friend in the student council so I will make sure I escape! You are done!" the girl said with confidence.

"Eh......? Wait! This is all a misunderstanding! I don't know her and I didn't do this for her! Please! Don't expel me! Or do you want me to say things like that?" Ichirou said in a mocking tone. The girl couldn't understand. She had better chance at escaping and even making his life a mess. But he's so full of confidence.

"Well too bad for you, that camera is currently "malfunctioning" at the moment and no matter what you do, no one will believe what you say cause everyone knows about me and they also know about you" Ichirou smirked.*Ring*. His phone ringed. "I don't like to waste my energy, but I love to ruin the day for bad people" he said as he took his phone out. "You know? Half of the guys you been messing with till now had hidden cams to record when you were fooling around with them like the slut you are" he said and then played one of the dozen videos and showed it to her.

"Ahhh~ ahhh~ ahhh~ more.....! Thrust it in more! I love it~" his phone screen showed the video of her riding another school guy. (Is this even OK?...... '-')

The girl's face went pale as paper. It is true that she was fooling around with a lot of guys, but she never thought that they would secretly record it and upload on the net. "How about I upload this on the school website? Don't you think it would be a great reward for the boys? And I'm also planning to send this to the principal and your parents, they should know that their proud daughter greatly exceeds their expectations right?" Ichirou's face had an evil smile.

"No.....No! Anything but that! Please! I'll do anything! Don't do it!" the girl pleaded him. "Hoo...anything huh?" Ichirou said as he looked her. True she's pretty and had a great body and would probably make you feel like you would die of pleasure, but to her bad luck, he's not that type of guy.

"Stop spreading weird rumors about her and do not speak of what happened today and don't try to plot something with those "boyfriends" of yours or you do know what will happen right?" Ichirou said in a cold voice. The girl nodded like a hen pecking grains. "Piss off" he said.

All three of them got up and picked the first guy and then ran away. Ichirou sighed and tapped "delete" and disabled the camera's malfunctioning.

He then just walked away without even saying word. Yui quickly regained her senses and followed him. Since the school ended, everyone was leaving for home. She grabbed her bag and searched for him.

He was walking to the gate with his earphones on. She quickly caught up to him and stopped him. Ichirou removed his earphones and turned around to see who it was. His face remained the same expression as always. "Do you have any business with me?" he asked.

"Haa.....haa.....haa... I wanted to say..... Thank you.... For saving me... Back then... Let me catch my breath" she said while panting hard. He was a little annoyed. He started resenting girls after that thing with Akari, so he kept his distance from them. He only help her today cause he felt a bit bad for her and of course he hated that slut a bit cause she would look at him like he was some worthless piece of trash when in class.

Yui finally caught her breath and smiled, "Sorry about that, thank you for saving me earlier! I don't know what would have happened if you didn't show up St the right time! Thank you!" she bowed before him. "No, it's nothing to be thanking about, I was just passing by" Ichirou said.

"Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Hasegawa Yui, it's a pleasure to meet you Mikagawa-kun" she smiled brightly. At that time, Ichirou's heart skipped a beat. He didn't know what this feeling was, but it felt different from what he felt so far.

"Mikagawa Ichirou, nice to meet you" he said. She suddenly grabbed his hand as she said with her bright smile, "Mikagawa-kun, please take care of me". (It's what friends say for the first time when meeting so don't getting into weird conclusions 😂)


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