Martial World
Chapter 325 - Beast Tide’s Night Attack
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Martial World
Author :Cocooned Cow
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Chapter 325 - Beast Tide’s Night Attack

Chapter 325 Beast Tide’s Night Attack.
Chapter 325 – Beast Tide’s Night Attack

The white-clothed girl had originally intended to travel to White Peak Sect. The White Peak Sect had a very good relationship with the Moon Seizing Sect, she believed she would be able to take refuge there.

However, the yellow-clothed youth didn’t want that to happen. Once the white-clothed girl entered White Peak Sect, she would inevitably become a genius of the White Peak Sect. As for him, he would still remain a nobody. When that happened, where would he have another chance to obtain this white-clothed girl?

Therefore he had hinted to her that the White Peak Sect would covet their cultivation methods, legacies, inheritances, pills, resources, and had also listed out various possible dangers that could befall her. Finally, his suggestions began to slowly sway the white-clothed girl. In conclusion, the white-clothed girl was only 18 years old. To suddenly suffer such a sudden blow to her psyche, it was inevitable that she would be confused and muddled for a while.

So the yellow-clothed youth had flown through the Southern Wilderness with the white-clothed girl and had finally arrived at Green Mulberry City. He was quite satisfied with the size of Green Mulberry City, and was planning to stay there and enjoy the comfortable environment. Meanwhile, he would take care of the white-clothed girl who needed to be comforted, and finally move onto her, savaging her without a thought.

As they say, cooked rice cannot be uncooked.

As the white-clothed girl bathed, the yellow-clothed youth listened from outside. He had very good senses, and could clearly hear the splashing sounds of water, and also the sounds of the several maids cleaning up the white-clothed girl.

As he heard these sounds, his heart began to itch. He was thinking about just how to find an excuse to stay in her room tonight, when at that moment, a loud alarm began to ring throughout the city.

The beast tide had come again!

The yellow-clothed youth cussed. The fall of Green Mulberry City didn’t have any relation to him. But once the beast tide crashed in, they would reach this place sooner or later – it was pointless staying in the room.


Night. The moon was bright and round in the inky sky. Standing above the city walls, one could see a distant dark mass of vicious beasts stampeding over. Most of these vicious beasts were first-level or second-level vicious beasts, with a small number of third-level vicious beasts. There were even more than during the daytime attack; there were probably no less than 100,000.

The white-clothed girl had just put on a pure white dress. This was a special dress that Zhu Ping had prepared, it was made from snow silk. It was extremely comfortable and fit well.

“I apologize for disturbing your rest.” Zhu Ping said as he approached them, all smiles.

“I’ll only help this one time.” The yellow-clothed youth said with a dour expression. He was only borrowing this city to stay for a few days. Helping them out once was already a great gift.

“One time is enough. Two masters may feel relieved. After several more days pass, reinforcements will arrive.” After Zhu Ping froze for a moment, he could only go along with the yellow-clothed youth’s words.

“That had best be so. I do not wish to be disturbed again!”

As the yellow-clothed youth spoke, he slowly extracted a longsword from his spatial ring. At this time, he suddenly found Lin Ming not too far away. He laughed and said, “Boy, would you like to have a little race? Let’s see who kills more. If you can even kill half of my number, then you win!”

The yellow-clothed youth’s eyes flashed. He had to take advantage of the time when his strength was still above his junior-apprentice sister’s, and display his strength in order to win her heart. Of course, to demonstrate his combat prowess, he had to have a foil. And Lin Ming just managed to qualify to be this foil.

If he was just killing vicious beasts by himself, then that would be meaningless.

“Not interested.” Lin Ming replied, not even bothering to return a look. He flicked the Purple Comet Spear in his hands and then jumped out of the army compound.

The yellow-clothed youth frowned. This kid was just too reckless!

Zhu Ping looked at Lin Ming’s rushing form and the corners of his mouth curved in a hint of a smile. At this moment, he heard a muffled true essence sound transmission in his ears, “Are you sure that boy sent his Winged Flood Dragon to another city to request help?”

“Mm, I’m sure. I ask Sir to look for an opportunity as soon as possible. Once the reinforcements arrive, I’m afraid there won’t be another good chance.” Zhu Ping suggested. If Lin Ming didn’t die, it would be difficult for the Zhu Family to survive.

“You do not need to say anything, I already know where things stand.” The man that was hidden in the crowd gave a cold snort, his lips curving in a smile full of murderous intent. Without the Winged Flood Dragon, he believed he had a 70 to 80% chance of killing Lin Ming.



In the front, the vicious beasts finally reached the trap line. These traps had played a great role during the days beast tide attack, but there had only been time to reset less than half of them. A few hundred scattered vicious beasts stepped on the traps, tumbling to the ground and being trampled to death by the vicious beast army behind them.

The yellow-clothed youth from the Moon Seizing Sect strolled towards the vicious beast tide, grasped his longsword, and casually sliced out.

A blue ripple that was visible to the naked eye spread out like a crescent moon, its range reaching dozens of feet away. A large tract of land was chopped apart, and the demonic beasts in front were cut down. Dozens of first-level and second-level vicious beasts that were behind were also cut into two by the sword energy.

“Sword Energy Transverse!”

The yellow-clothed youth followed with a turn of his sword. Sword energy flushed out, twisting into large snake-shapes that reached into the sky, and then fell from the clouds like scattered flowers from celestial beauties. Wherever these dozens of sword energies visited, blood would fly.

“So fierce!”

Shi Linkai was watching from not too far away. As he saw this yellow-clothed youth slash out and instantly kill over a hundred vicious beasts in just two moves, he was shocked. This youth was so strong!

This kind of strength might even be superior to that late Houtian hermit master within Sky Fortune Kingdom.

Shi Linkai had to admit that this yellow-clothed youth was incomparably arrogant, but he had the ability to be arrogant. Even if several dozen of him fought this yellow-clothed man, it would just be a slaughter.

Not too far away from Shi Linkai, Zhuang Fan and Lin Wanshan were also bewildered. There truly was no limit in the universe, there was always someone higher. The heritage of a large sect was beyond their imagination.

For a time, the yellow-clothed youth was the star of the scene. Even the white-clothed girl had a faint smile on her face. Of course, the reason wasn’t the yellow-clothed youth’s strength. With his ability, he was nowhere near a true genius Houtian master of the Moon Seizing Sect. The reason she smiled was because after several days of fleeing, she had finally arrived at this mortal city and was able to relax.

Seeing so many simple people of this mortal world, she suddenly felt that perhaps listening to the yellow-clothed youth and living in the mortal world wasn’t so bad after all. Although her cultivation would be slow, she would be able to live a peaceful and easy life. She wouldn’t be tired all the time or nerve-wracked.

Heaps of dismembered beast corpses lay around the yellow-clothed youth. None of the vicious beasts dared to go forward against that formidable sword energy.

In comparison to the yellow-clothed youth, Lin Ming seemed much more ordinary. There were only a few dozen beast corpses around him; the number was a third of the yellow-clothed youth.

“This is too terrifying, that yellow-clothed youth can actually kill vicious beasts three or four times faster than Hero Lin!”

“It only takes a single move to kill a few dozen vicious beasts, and he also uses a sword. Who said that swords were bad against big groups? That sword in the yellow-clothed youth’s hand seems fiercer than Hero Lin’s spear!

“Eh, I don’t want to admit it… but… he really is a bit fiercer…”

“Bah! What nonsense are you speaking? How old is Hero Lin? How old is that man? Can the two even be compared?”

It was unknown who said that, but afterwards, everyone seemed to wake up. Lin Ming was only 16 years old, but that yellow-clothed youth was in his twenties!

The soldiers present were from Green Mulberry City, so they were naturally biased towards Lin Ming. “That’s right, after a few more years when our Green Mulberry City’s Hero Lin grows up, he’ll also reach this degree of power.”

At this moment, there was a shattering roar in the beast tide. Fourth-level vicious beasts had appeared, and there were two of them!

The two were Iron-armor Lizards. One was big, and one was a bit smaller. These Iron-armored Lizards were mighty, and their defensive power was extremely strong. If one couldn’t kill them, they would break through the city walls sooner or later.

“There’s two of them, one for each of us!” The yellow-clothed youth capriciously smiled. He waved his sword, and then rushed straight towards the lizards.

In his opinion, with Lin Ming’s strength, it wasn’t impossible for him to kill those Iron-armor Lizards. But to do so in a massive herd of vicious beasts would be difficult; he’d probably barely accomplish it with a great deal of effort. All of this was perfect to embarrass Lin Ming.

Cha cha cha!
Sword light fell like rain, and every one pierced bloody holes in the Iron-armor Lizard’s body. The Iron-armor Lizard tilted its heads upwards, hissing towards the sky.

After having used a single sword to severely wound the Iron-armor Lizard, the yellow-clothed youth was very satisfied with his success. He thought that if he were in Lin Ming’s position, he would try to attack the smaller lizard. But as he turned his head to look, he actually saw that Lin Ming had dove into the vast beast tide, killing more the deeper he went.

The yellow-clothed youth smiled with disdain. What a coward. He didn’t even dare to kill the small one. Oh well, he alone was enough to kill both!

As he thought of the junior-apprentice sister watching him from behind, the yellow-clothed youth surged with fighting spirit. He turned around and slashed out a martial skill towards the second Iron-armor Lizard, severely wounding it!

In two swords strikes, he had caused two Iron-armor Lizards to suffer heavy wounds. In the eyes of an ordinary soldier, he was simply a god of war that landed in the mortal world!

Even Shi Linkai willingly shut his mouth. Within the Sky Spill Continent, powerhouses were those that earned the respect of the world. The yellow-clothed youth was so much stronger than Shi Linkai, that let alone look down on him, even if he were beat into a pulp he would still recognize this power.

At this time, the more Lin Ming killed, the deeper he went. Although the moonlight was bright, it was still night. Quickly, Lin Ming was submerged in that endlessly vast stampede of vicious beasts.

“Lin Ming! Don’t go that far! Come back!” Within the army, the one who most worried about Lin Ming was Lin Wanshan. If something happened to Lin Ming, that would be a loss the Lin Family could not withstand.

“Mm? Lin Ming?” In the army compound, the white-clothed girl heard the name ‘Lin Ming’, and she reflexively froze for a moment, then shook her head. There was no way it was that person. Lin Ming, Lin anything, was a relatively common name. It wasn’t strange for someone to share the same name.

The white-clothed girl restored her indifferent look. Standing in the windy night, she didn’t bother to do anything. In this conflict between mortals and weak vicious beasts, she disdained to bother with it.

Lin Ming killed his way in deeper and deeper. His killing speed was extremely quick. Wherever he went, a death and blood would follow. It was as if he were drawing a crimson line upon the battlefield.

‘In the end, he’s just a little boy. Although he has amazing talent, he’s not mature. He finally felt how terrifying the weight of being suppressed is. If he stayed near the yellow-clothed youth he would just lose face, so he decided to rush in too deep.’ Behind Lin Ming, a blurry shadow followed, hidden within the tide of vicious beasts.

Lin Ming kept fighting. Where his spear went, blood followed. ‘You finally came out? What a clever concealment technique. Even though you’re so close, I only feel a faint murderous intent.’

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