Martial World
MW Chapter 1687
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Martial World
Author :Cocooned Cow
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MW Chapter 1687

Chapter 1687 – Pass

After slowly adjusting his mental state, Lin Ming could feel the sea deep aura of the Black Asura swell forth around him. He looked up and saw the void being ripped apart. The indifferent Black Asura flew high in the skies, looking down at him from a commanding position.

Lin Ming calmed his thoughts.

“Are you ready?” The Black Asura asked.


Standing in place, Lin Ming was as tall and straight as a spear. His aura was sharp, like a blade that could pierce a hole through the heavens.

The Black Asura didn’t speak anymore. He deeply gazed at Lin Ming. No matter what happened, this young man deserved another look.

The Black Asura reached out a hand. The originally empty void beside him was forcefully pulled open like slides, revealing a crack in space.

From this crack, the Black Asura grasped a long spear!

This spear was the weapon the Black Asura used and also the dragon spear carved upon the relief of the gate! In the last two moves, the Black Asura hadn’t used a weapon, instead fighting his opponent unarmed. But this time, he resorted to bringing out his weapon!

At this moment, Lin Ming closed his eyes, his entire body gushing out with energy. His hair flapped in the wind and his strength started to rapidly rise.

A True Dragon soared through the heavens, its boundless aura grand and magnificent, its claws shredding space to pieces.

A Fire Phoenix carried with it an overwhelming sea of flames that blocked out the skies.

One dragon and one phoenix acted as guards. As the dragon and phoenix appeared, their radiance illuminated the world, alarming all.

At the same time a massive sea of lightning appeared in the skies, filled with vitality and sparkling with beams of electricity. Above this sea of lighting bloomed a giant flame lotus.

These two powers actually managed to come together in an incredible harmony, blending together as one. Each one shone with an unbelievable destructive force.

This was the thunder and fire heavenly tribulation that dwelled within Lin Ming’s body!

In the great skies of this wasteland, more changes began to occur.

The overlapping layers of gray clouds were torn apart by countless mysterious beams of light. Swathes of stars appeared in the heavens, their starlight falling down like a descending galaxy, all of their strength flowing into Lin Ming.

Lin Ming bathed in this mysterious strength. His skin shimmered as more and more strength rose within his body.

One at a time, giant stars began to appear in the heavens. There were nine in total, all of them sparkling in space, floating up and down.

At the same time, nine spots on Lin Ming’s body projected a blinding starlight, dazzling to the senses.

As if he himself were becoming a shining star.

The stars above him resonated with him like nine beating hearts.

Of the nine stars, two were particularly radiant, as bright as suns in the noon sky. They were the Purple Temple Dao Palace and the Heavenly Retribution Dao Palace.

The mystical strength emitted from the Purple Temple Dao Palace fused into Lin Ming’s body. Large amounts of life potential and yang energy ignited within him, making his body feel hot and dry. Faint drops of life energy started to drip out from every pore on his body. They were as bright as fresh blood, like his body could not contain the overwhelming amount of boiling blood vitality within him.

The Heavenly Retribution Dao Palace galvanized the momentum of the world, quickening its flow. Heavenly fire, thunder, raging currents, netherworld energy, all sorts of powers of the Heavenly Dao howled in the void.

Lin Ming could truly feel the incoming threat, the threat of death. If he could not block this spear, the only path left to him was death!

At this time, the Black Asura attacked!

A spear thrust out. A strange vortex seemed to manifest itself, swallowing in all light within this great wasteland.

Lin Ming was suddenly shrouded in absolute darkness.

But what was darker than this darkness was the swift and fierce spear light that came shooting out at him.

This spear light was condensed within the aura of the Asura Great Dao! Lin Ming was familiar with this aura, but he also found it strange. Without a doubt, this was a domain of the Asura Heavenly Dao that Lin Ming couldn’t comprehend!

Space groaned as it shattered like glass in massive tracts.

The spear seemed as if it could pierce through the universe. Lin Ming felt as if it were impossible to resist, as if this spear contained the power of Laws as deep and profound as the endless hells.

As this long spear targeted him, his entire body fell into fear, leaving him unable to move.

This was the weird response produced by the body when they encountered something incomparably terrifying.

Realizing the abnormality of his body, Lin Ming’s heart filled with dread and awe. Without a doubt, the Black Asura’s last attack would shake the heavens and sunder the earth.

No matter what, he had to withstand this spear strike!

“Open!” Lin Ming roared out. Behind him, an ancient green tree began to rapidly rise, sending out a lofty and towering momentum. The branches and leaves of the tree grew thick and lush, generating so fast that they seemed to become a forest.

Lin Ming grasped his long spear. As he gathered his spear potential, grandmist aura wildly appeared. In front of him, space began to shiver and twist. Grandmist space appeared, bringing with it a great strength that seemed as if it could imprison everything.

These strengths were so great that the ground beneath Lin Ming’s feet began to crack and disintegrate, turning into the tiniest specks of dust that drifted into the air. Fissures split open the ground, spreading out in all directions.

The ground beneath Lin Ming gave way to space, as if an unfathomable abyss opened up beneath him. He grit his teeth, and with a loud shout all of this strength poured into the pitch black spear in his hands.


The towering Heretical God Tree collided with the Black Asura’s spear light and was immediately pierced through. However, a tiny amount of the spear’s black energy also dissipated in the process.

Soon after, the phoenix and dragon crashed into the spear light. The powers of thunder and fire heavenly tribulations, the Purple Temple Dao Palace, the Heavenly Retribution Dao Palace, thick essence energy that filled the air, all of this crashed upwards like a blood red meteor surrounded by a storm. Together with the misty grandmist space that carried with it the aura of the beginning, everything struck the pitch black long spear.

All of these strengths were enough to shock the world, and each one was more mysterious and powerful than the last!

The pitch black spear was annihilated at a speed visible to the naked eye. Mysterious Asura Heavenly Dao runes were torn off the spear light like motes of light and destroyed, creating tiny primitive black holes.

It was strange and captivating.


An unusual expression appeared on the Black Asura’s face. He faintly stared at Lin Ming. The black spear he shot out only had 10 foot or so left remaining. But the grandmist space that Lin Ming summoned began to crack and the grandmist energy within it was already extremely transparent.

“It’s still not enough!” Lin Ming clenched his teeth and cried out once more. A deep bass sound echoed out from within his body, as if his body itself had become a universe. The strange vibrato seemed to emit from the deepest point within him.

Above Lin Ming’s spear point, a pitch black energy vortex appeared. As this vortex appeared, it was like a stone had been dropped on a lake surface as intense spatial ripples appeared all around.

Whorl, whorl, whorl!

The surrounding space began disintegrating. A wild space storm appeared and swept out in all directions, sharper and deadlier than a hail of blades.

All of the strengths within this world, even the remnant strength of the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel floating in the void, was sucked in by this vortex.

This was a technique from the Divine Seal Art created by Empyrean Divine Seal – Eternal Darkness!

A black hole was the hardest celestial body in the universe. With this black hole as a shield, he welcomed the incoming spear light!

With this move, Lin Ming’s body was thoroughly exhausted. His blood vitality was in deep debt and only the Purple Temple Dao Palace within him was fanning the fires of life within his body, giving him enough energy to move.

Seeing this black hole sweep up into the skies, the Black Asura’s complexion slightly changed.

The black spear was swept into this dark vortex. Within it, endless detonations of thunder and fire exploded.

Woosh, woosh, woosh!

The energy blown off the spear light came hurtling towards Lin Ming!

At this time, Lin Ming had already given his everything and it was impossible for him to resist the shockwaves of the spear light. His body was struck and steams of blood shot out like arrows from his body.

Lin Ming was like a fading candle in a storm. His body wavered, swinging about like a broken swing. Unable to suppress the injuries within his body, he suddenly vomited out a mouthful of blood.

But at this time, the endless explosions stopped. A small but sharp, black long spear rushed out from the black vortex, shooting towards Lin Ming.

In that moment, Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. He was already a lamp without oil. It was impossible for him to block this strike.

Lin Ming’s heart skipped a beat. He thought he would die in the next moment!

However, this feeling was only for a fleeting moment. As the black spear shot through Lin Ming’s face, although it was still sharp and threatening, it actually passed straight through his body.

It turned out this was only the Black Asura’s spear intent!

Although the spear intent was strong, the entire black spear’s Asura Heavenly Dao strength was already worn down to nothing. To Lin Ming who understood the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws to an extent, this only scared him and couldn’t threaten his life.

“Three moves passed…”

This was the last thought that flashed through Lin Ming’s mind. In the next moment, his body fluttered down from the skies like a piece of cotton…

At this time, Lin Ming’s true essence, astral essence, spirit essence, and blood vitality were completely exhausted. His consciousness dimmed as he fainted.
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