The All You Want System
1 Chapter 01
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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1 Chapter 01

In Tanger City, in the Kingdom of Lions, specifically in the terrains of the Ranger clan, a young man suddenly got up.

"Where am I ?"

"Who am I ?"

" Am I not dead?"

The young man called Haytam, could only remember that he had a car crash a few moments ago, but now he was in a foreign room. The young man looked around and could only see that the room had wooden walls and furniture too. The room had only one table, a chair, a bed and a mirror.
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When the young man called Haytam stood up and saw himself in the mirror, he was shocked . He couldn't see himself in the mirror, what he could see was an another person.

"Where is this guy?"

What the young man was able to see was an foreign person. He was now an Asian by at the age of 16. He looked handsome, but very fragile.

Than a thought comes to his mind: "Have I transmigrated? Where I am now? I am dreaming?"

When he started thinking what exactly happend to him, suddenly a voice came in his mind. It sounds very mechanical, like when Siri spoke with him back in earth.

=System activated=

=Synchronizing system, 1%, 2%...=

=Synchronization complete=

=Congratulations you are the first owner of the System, it is your cheat in this universe of cultivation=

=Do you want to restore the old memories of your new body?=

Haytam was shocked, he was an otaku, he read a lot of light novels, but he never thought that he would transmigrate and he would get a cheat system. He was very excited, with a cheat system he could do a lot of things in this world.

He immediately confirm to the system to restore the old memories of the owner of this body, then he had to know where he was now, which background and other things.

=Restoring memories, 1%, 2%,...=

After the voice began to work, Haytam felt a strong headache and fainted directly. After a long time he woke up and was already early in the morning. He began to see his new memories and he could remember everything about the owner of the body, also the memories as he was still a baby.

Haytam knew that his name was Haytam too in this world and that he was a member of the Ranger clan. He was the young master of the Ranger clan, so everybody knew him.

His father is the clan leader of the Ranger clan and one of the strongest man in the kingdom.

His parents loved him and protected him of everything, because he was unable to cultivate, he was born without meridians to cultivate. The other clan members bullied him every day, because he wasn't able to cultivate. But thanks to his father and mother they couldn't bully him very hard and the bullied him only with insults and silly sayings. That was the reason why he stayed in his courtyard the whole day.

He was now in Tanger City, the capital of the Kingdom of Lions. The kingdom was a vassal of the Alkebulan Empire, which was one of the four big empires. Haytam couldn't find anything more about where he was and which place he was, because the information that had the original owner was very limited.

"Hello system!"

= Hello Master, congratulation to have obtained The System. The system was created in the moment you died, it helped you to have been transmigrated to this new world. I don't have a secret behind my creation, I was created from the nothing for you, without reason. I can do what ever you want, I don't have any restriction. I am the all you want system.=

Haytam was really shocked after he heard what the system said, this was a no-go for other systems to let the master do what he want without restriction. Normally a system would give a present at first, give tasks or they say that the origin of them is a secret, but what he obtained was incredible.

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    《The All You Want System》