The All You Want System
3 Chapter 03
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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3 Chapter 03

When he finished his breakfast, Haytam said goodbye to his parents and he decided to go to the library to recollect some information.

But what Haytam didn't knew is that he never went to the library, that means that he didn't knew the way to the library.

"How can I not know the way to the library, did the original owner tried learn something for himself?", Haytam asked himself frustrated. But then he knew why, it was because the original Haytam looked down to himself so he didn't want to have contact with other people.

"Who let the trash out?" Suddenly a nasty voice came to his ear. Haytam looked around and saw young man behind him, who was walking to him. Haytam turned angry, then it was his cousin Gabriel, the one who bullied him every time.

Haytam responds with a cold voice: " I think you are the trash here, you literally live in a whorehouse"

Gabriel stopped walking, " How can you dare to speak with me, bastard !" Gabriel was angry and exploded with power. He was in the 1st layer rang 6 cultivation level, he was one of the strongest youths of the young generation.

Haytam directly ignored him and began to walk to the library again, then he said:" You know that you can`t do anything against me, my parents can kill anyone in this kingdom if something happens to me."

Gabriel heard what Haytam said and calmed down, but then he thought that nothing will happen if he killed Haytam and nobody found out. Also he gained his QI and he punched against Haytam.
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Haytam who didn't saw the punch was beaten and then he fell to the ground

Haytam had a wry smile: " Did he had no logic in his head?"

He felt pain in his whole body, but he resisted and said to the system:" System heal me and give me some power to beat the shit out of this bastard."

Haytam felt that the wounds caused by the punch were healed and he could stood up again. Then he said to Gabriel: " You think that I am easy to kill, well take this!"

Gabriel looked shocked to Haytam, who was beating him. The punch was very strong, more than his. So he tried to dodge the Punch, but Haytam was too fast and hit him in the face.

Gabriel instantly fainted, his face was bleeding and nobody would recognize his face again.

Haytam continued walking to the library and in a short time he found it. It was an enorm Building in white with a lot of dragons designs. It had a 10 meter gate, it was magnificent to see. Over the gate was a signboard with the word "Library" written. The word gave him a majestic feeling, it had a strong aura.

Then he walked to the gate and walked in.

"WOW it`s incredible", said Haytam. He was impressed about how the library looked like from the inner. The 1st floor had only mortal books, like stories, maps, stories and geographies. The 2nd floor had the martial arts and cultivation manuals, it was only for the cultivators in the clan, the mortals were not allowed to go there. The clan had not restrictions for the cultivators, they give anybody that what they want, but if they infiltrate something to the outside they will be exterminated. The 3rd floor was only for the clan master, nobody knew what there was.

Haytam liked the books in the library but he was too lazy to read books, so he asked the system: "System, can you scan the library and pick up all the books here?"

=Yes, master. Scanning the books 1%, 2% ,...

Master, I have picked the most important information, manuals and secrets of the clan.

do you want to integrate that all in your brain?=

Haytam was astonished, never in his most savage imagination thought he that it will be so easy. He directly confirmed: "Yes"

Suddenly he had headache and he felt dizzy, but after a few seconds he felt normally back.

Now he knew more than before: " So I`m in the GI continent, which has 4 big empires : Alkebula, Europa, Merica and Assuwa Empire. Every empire has a lot of vassal kingdoms, they are divided in 3 grades. 3rd rank kingdoms has 4 cultivators in the 5th layer, 2nd rank kingdoms has 3 cultivators in the 6th layer and 1st rank kingdoms has 2 cultivators in the 7th layer."

"Wow, also this world has a very strict system of division. I`m lucky to be in the 1st grade Kingdoms of Lions and my parent are 2 of 3 7th layer cultivators in the kingdom." , said Haytam after thinking about his situation.

Haytam wanted to cultivate too and make his parents proud of him, so he asked the system: " System, why am I not able to cultivate?"

= Master, after scanning your body and soul I found out that you was been suppressed by the heaven because of your talent=, responded the system quickly without emotions in the voice.

Haytam couldn't believe that the talent of the Haytam before was so shocking, that the heaven suppressed it by itself.

" So how can I cultivate now?", asked Haytam worried.

= Master, it's easy for me. I can purify your body to the top and repair the meridians in your body . With that you will have meridians, blood, bones, veins and flesh of the first human ever, that means your body will be perfect without any restrictions in your cultivation. Your talent will be better then humans with ancestral bloodlines, because nobody can be so perfect like a pure human. Master, please confirm the transformation=

"Yes", confirmed Haytam so fast he could.

=Master, please go back to your room, because while the transformation of your body you will be sleeping=, said the system. Haytam went rapidly back to his room and than he felt asleep immediately.

= The master has to grown, he is still to weak= Said the system after Haytam lost consciousness.

2 weeks after he lost consciousness, he woke up. He felt like a new person, his body was so light and he had so much energy, that he couldn't believe that this body was the same as before he slept. What Haytam didn't knew was, that his body was like a 3rd layer cultivator as a mortal.

"Haytam, I was so worried. What happend to you?", his mother came in the his room so fast and hugged him so strongly that he couldn't breath. She was crying and under her eyes was completely blue. She didn't sleep the last days, because she was worried.

To calm her down, Haytam said: "Mom, I`m fine please don't cry anymore. I don`t want you to be sad.". Haytam felt very guilty to made his mother sad. At this moment he knew one thing and he was determinate, he will protect his parents till the end, then the original Haytam was a part of him too, also he had feelings for this parents too.

"Mom, don`t cry. I will never do it again, forgive me please." , said he again. After a few moments his mother stopped crying and looked at his eyes, then she asked:" Why I feel that your aura have changed, after you woke up?"

Haytam was surprised that his mother noticed the change so fast, then he wasn't prepared to respond her. But suddenly she takes his hand and a few moments later she was so happy and laughed so loud and said: " My son can cultivate. I knew that this day would came."

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